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How to set speed dial on Android?

Modern smartphones allow you to dial a room in a matter of moments. For this you just need to know how to use the corresponding function.

Speed dial appeared in the days of push button phones. Many contacts then you could set your key — from 1 to 9. Holding the button for one and a half seconds led to dial the corresponding contact. Something similar is implemented in the Android operating system. But here's a quick set may differ, depending on the version of OSes and form of the original shell.

the Most common speed dial

Often the smartphone manufacturer offers to use a virtual keyboard that serves to dial the number. Its number keys can be responsible for calling the specific contacts. It remains only to assign to the contacts of certain keys. Let's see how to do it.

Step 1. Go to a preinstalled app "Phone».

Step 2. Go to the tab "Kontakte».

Step 3. Tap on the vertical three dots located to the right of the search string.

Step 4. Click on the item "speed dial».

Step 5. You will be taken to a window where you can set speed dial. By default, the digit 1 is assigned for voice mail preview, typically this item can not be changed. And here are the numbers from 2 to 9 free. Moreover, sometimes the manufacturer of the smartphone allows you to assign subscribers to more complex combinations — for example, on 27 or 49.

Step 6. Assign the call to the desired key. To do this, select the figure in the left column, and the right, start typing the name of the subscriber. If a contact has multiple numbers, you will be prompted to choose one of them. Also you can do without entering a name — just click the "Kontakte", then you will proceed to the appropriate section, where you can only choose subscribers.

Step 7. To remove the contact from speed dial by clicking on the "minus».

This example is based on the use of a smartphone produced by the company Samsung. On the other phones your actions may be slightly different. for Example, if you have a smartphone based on MIUI (version 10 and above), then do the following:

Step 1. USn app "Phone" and tab "Call" click on the icon in the form of three strips (the icon may differ depending on Android version and other features of the device). Then go to the menu Advanced settings.

Step 2. Locate "Quick set" , and assign contacts to numbers for quick dialing.

Now, to use the speed dial function, enough to run the phone and then do a long press on the number you assigned to the contact.

Quick dial in favorites

Some devices don't have a speed dial as such. Instead, their app "Kontakte" features the likeness of the section "favorites". In particular, you can see that the smartphone Nexus 4. To add contacts to this section requires simple actions:

Step 1. Go to the app "Phone».

Step 2. then Visit the tab "Kontakte».

Step 3. Tap on the contact you wish to add in the "speed dial».

Step 4. Press asterisk, which is in the upper right corner. It was empty and now is filled — it means that you managed to do all that is necessary.

Step 5. Go to the tab "speed dial", in order to ensure that the selected contact is included in this section.

Step 6. Removed contact from the "speed dial" in the same way — you need to click on the asterisk.

Speed dial on Android can be implemented in different ways. But in any case it helps to reduce the time required to dial certain contacts, therefore we recommend to use this feature!



  • On the smartphone DIGMA CITI Z400 3G installed according to the recommendations of customers for a quick set. When you exit to the main window and press «Phone», there is information that there is no speed dial numbers. I have not completed?

  • speed DIAL in the phone JINGA FRESH 4G
    Very specific algorithm for fast dialing, which does not exist in other phones. To understand it, had to contact the service center.

    Here is a quick set of impossible if the contacts are saved on SIM and not phone. The procedure for this is as follows (I write very detailed, for same «dummies», I):
    1. Cause the LIST of CONTACTS
    2.In the list click on the top icon «three vertical dots»
    3. In the dialog, press «IMPORT-EXPORT»
    4. Activate the icon «FROM USIM», then «NEXT»
    5. Activate the icon «IN PHONE», then «NEXT»
    6. In the list of contacts put a check next to the desired and confirm «OK»
    7. You will see that below the contact, which you just confirmed, there will be another one with the same name. If you click, it will open with icons at the top of this new contact will have an asterisk. While it is clear (not lit). If you accidentally tap an old contact, then asterisk will not be there.
    8. CLICK a star — it burns — this means that the contact was in the folder «QUICK CALL»
    9. Now, when you turn on your phone and tap on the icon «handset», you will immediately get this «quick» folder and you will see there your favorite contact.

  • All clear. But I have another problem. Smartphone Moto G to your favorites rooms Tab «quick set») are continuously added recently dialled numbers. If they are removed, they remove from the contact list.