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Increase sales with every email you send.

From promoting new products to collecting customer feedback, email is the most efficient and cost-effective channel technology businesses use to grow and nurture their customer base.

Email marketing was made for product launches.

Upsell and cross-sell new products to your entire prospect and customer base. When Adobe Acrobat launched its Acrobat Library, they included helpful ways and support options to get started.

Grow your sales channels.

Whether you have one or multiple sales channels, use email marketing to grow and nurture those relationships. Resy, the online restaurant reservation company, uses email marketing to expand both its restaurant and consumer channels.

Use customer feedback to innovate.

Collect customer feedback to refine your user’s experience. IT Helpdesk provider Spiceworks sends a survey to its audience to better understand how they can improve.

Keep your customers up to date.

Share your latest company and product news in a regularly scheduled newsletter. The project management tool Basecamp sends a monthly newsletter full of team updates and product improvements, like their recent iOS release.

Add value to new customer relationships.

Sending useful tips and tricks makes a great first impression. Design software company Atomic automatically sends a welcome email to each of its new customers with useful best practices from their team of experts.

Get started with mobile-ready email templates.

Using Campaign Monitor’s rich selection of email template designs you can create your ideal email marketing campaign. Best part, no coding required.

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Email is an essential marketing and engagement channel for us. It allows us to deliver crucial value on both sides of the marketplace.Anna Mandelbaum, Marketing Coordinator, Resy
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