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the Best browsers for Android

Any modern smartphone comes with pre-installed browser. But not always it meets the requirements of the buyer.

This is why many people prefer to download a browser for Android with support for additional features and higher speed. But first you have to decide what the browser is, in fact, need to install. To help in thinking needs our selection. It mentions the best browsers for Android. Some of them you'll like!

Google Chrome

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

The undisputed leader of various charts. Browser correctly handles any page. Are recognized, even those which are laid out with any problems! The application also allows you to sync smartphone with the computer, borrowing bookmarks, passwords and other information from the desktop version of the browser. And computer if Google Chrome is eating much memory, that about the mobile version of this will not say.

The only disadvantage of this product is the lack of the ability to get rid of advertising banners. If the Creator of the site wanted you to feed is, he in that nothing is amiss. The reason for this lies in the fact that most such units are purchased from Google will not be the company to harm itself?

UC Browser

A very fast browser, existing since the days of Symbian. Main difference is native support for AdBlock. This extension tries to block all ads, whether banners, pop-UPS or videos. It is adapted under the USssian realities, therefore it is best ad blocker there is in the USnet.

The application UC Browser has a function «Turbo». When using code sites is compressed on the servers of the creators of the browser. As a result, his boots in shorter time — when access to the Internet through the mobile operator, the difference is really noticeable. The browser is geared for lovers of video in the program menu it is possible to access a variety of movies, trailers, anime, clips and other videos. So you can forget about the tedious search!


Developer: Yandex Apps
Price: Free

What properties should have the best browser for Android? He is obliged to quickly load a page, try to save your passwords and be able to correctly scale the text to fit the smartphone. All these can boast of Yandex.The browser, which was created by USssian developers. To speed up loading pages designed function «Turbo 2.0». A unique feature of the app is the ability to change the background. As a result you can change the appearance of tabs every day, focusing on your mood.

If you use Yandex.The browser on the computer, your choice! You are just interested in syncing bookmarks, thanks to which they will instantly appear on the mobile browser. Also be palatable to have a clever line — it opens the sites by their names, not giving you the search results if you do not wish to see them. In this line answers the simple words and provides translations of foreign words.


Developer: Opera
Price: Free

Which browser for smartphone is considered the oldest? Perhaps it is Opera. Another other games existed well-known Java application Opera Mini. And with the advent of Symbian operating system released the mobile version of the traditional Opera. Now they are millions of owners of smartphones based on Android.

As before, the browser is saving traffic and load faster pages. Well the application is implemented and the main screen, which is a haven for beautifully designed bookmarks. Any site in Opera browser, you can force the scale, in adapting screen smartphone. And yet the program is able to boast a minimal amount of RAM even with a large number of open tabs. In short, Opera is a fast browser, it ensures privacy and consuming the minimum amount of traffic.


Developer: Mozilla
Price: Free

a Mobile version of Firefox was developed relatively recently. But it has already managed to download more than 100 million people! Not this indicates a good quality of the product?

As expected, the app supports syncing with the computer version of the Mozilla Firefox browser, so you don't break up with their bookmarks, history and open tabs. As for proprietary features of the program, these include top sites, indicating most frequently visited resources. And Firefox supports installing add-ons through which you can use adblocker, download Manager and other useful functions.


The app was not found in the store. 🙁

This is a browser with Flash support displays even the old sites that have not moved to HTML5. The developers promise full privacy and security, as Flash does not go beyond the browser, so the technology does not allow the leakage of personal information.

The application is able to recognize user gestures. It allows you to navigate on the website without visiting the «Bookmarks». Also, the browser is interesting for its home page, which formed the tastes of the user. It can contain not only bookmarks, but also content. Not superfluous looks and news. Well, weak half of mankind should make the ability to change those, thanks to which the appearance of the browser is changed beyond recognition. Like Firefox, the application supports installing add-ons, which significantly increases its functionality.

Puffin Web Browser

Developer: CloudMosa, Inc.
Price: Free

Puffin browser is not as widespread as the above analogues. Meanwhile he has a number of interesting features that make it an excellent alternative. The first of these is access pages through cloud services — this increases download speed and allows you to encrypt the information. Particularly relevant is the last paragraph when using the Internet in public Wi-Fi networks. Another advantage of native support for Flash – this allows you to view videos on websites or play directly in the browser.

In addition, the program has some advanced settings – colour design, the screen size (to fit the diagonal of the gadget or expand for use on a PC), you can select the control method – a mouse, a keyboard, a the controller (onscreen version). Puffin have forced pop-up blocker, and save the traffic – you can disable it, to activate for continuous operation or mode only "modem" in which the gadget acts as an access point. An interesting possibility is the choice of location to store data – it can be not only internal or external storage, but cloud services like OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Duck Duck Go Browser Privacy

Developer: DuckDuckGo
Price: Free

Simple features browser DuckDuck created in order to protect user data. It's not just about kidnapping them by hackers, but the tracking sites. The app evaluates the built-in site trackers and allows you to understand how much data holders about their visitors. On the basis of the program is the safety rating for a given resource and notify user – you can then decide whether it makes sense to risk it or find info elsewhere. In addition, DuckDuck automatically blocks ads, allowing you to keep the performance of weak devices and improve the performance with a weak Internet connection.

A small number of settings kompensiruet the opportunity to choose a theme, set how often to reset passwords and data and to filter out the regions that will be searched – for example, you can choose only USssian or American sites. A convenient feature is to block unwanted content – security search can be completely disabled to work moderately or will block all data 18+. Interesting feature is the mode "fire" — a special button will completely clear the browser deletes your browsing history, passwords, and data on downloads from the network. The program has not loaded with unnecessary information, the interface is succinct, simple and beautiful.

Mint Browser

Software Xiaomi has a visually pleasing interface and broad functionality, which includes ad blocking, night mode and incognito, saving traffic and also allows you to adapt the look to suit mobile or desktop device. Also among the useful features the ability to download videos from some popular resources, for example, from VK or Instagram. The downloads window has several tabs such as photos, videos, music and share. This is useful if you need to quickly find a specific file type and not flipping full list. Also the app has a hidden folder with a downloads – access to it can be obtained after entering a password.

In addition, inside the application built tabs with popular videos from different resources and online games. If you need to pass the time with a toy, but to install it there is no desire, the browser from Xiaomi will come to the rescue. Overall this is a lightweight and robust app that leaves a pleasant impression. Minus – there is advertising that appears when using some functions.

Phoenix Browser

The Phoenix browser is a functional program with privacy protection, the ability to download videos from popular resources – YouTube, VK, Instagram and others. There is a built-in adblocker and pop-UPS, faster loading pages, private mode and the ability to remove the loading of pictures to save bandwidth.

It also has a night mode feature to quickly delete all user data built-in tool for creating screenshots, scanner QR codes, the convenient menu, bookmarks, built-in translator for foreign pages. In the settings you can choose to keep the story or delete after each output. Do not forget about the protected mode of use – when using other smartphone users will not be able to see what pages you visited and what is downloaded.