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How to know which processor is installed on an Android smartphone?

By almost all smartphone owners know how important it is for their mobile device processor. But not all know how to find information about him. Below we will discuss the easiest method of obtaining this information.

In the old days, we were absolutely not interested in information about what processor is running on our phone. Much more importantly, what functions it possesses. But now we live in the age of pervasive devices based on the Android operating system. These smartphones are very similar to each other in terms of functionality. But they are not always consistently work — here everything depends on the chipset. That's why now you need to know what processor is based that smartphone or tablet you have your eye on.

When and why?

The processor on the Android smartphone plays a very important role. He handles all of the team. More powerful than he is, the faster the device will solve those or other problems. Of course, your contribution makes a memory, but the role of the chipset is still much more important. So before you buy a smartphone, it is obligatory to learn about the name and the structure of the processor. Suddenly here we use some very weak Quad-core solution from MediaTek? In this case, it is not necessary to hold the device very high hopes — he'll have to slow down.

Is not extra knowledge such as this will be for those who have a smartphone already bought. If familiar with the characteristics of the installed chipset, then you can understand which games are worth to download from Google Play and which ones you should not waste your time. For example, the dual solutions are gradually fading into the past, but based on them the device can still be bought with it. If you have this gadget, you can forget about modern games with three-dimensional graphics. The only exceptions are mobile processors Intel — they are made by special technology, with the result that power is usually enough. But to find such chipsets every year gets harder, as the American company almost completely abandoned the development of this direction.

Types set of processors

a Mobile operating system from Google fully works only on chipsets using the ARM architecture. We already wrote about this in an article on the Android emulator on your PC. However, the same architecture can have very different processors. In the first place from each other they differ in the process. Most popular chipsets, made by the following process:

  • 28 nm — now it is thought that these processors are too large transistors;
  • 20 nm — these chipsets are the dimensions of the insides is considerably less, which positively affects energy consumption;
  • 16 nm — even more tiny transistors provide the processor almost maximum efficiency;
  • 14 nm — this process was introduced in the second half of 2016, executed chipsets in its power superior to all the competition.

It is believed that in the future the creators will be able to implement a 10-nanometer process technology, and further reduce the inside of the processor will not allow the laws of physics, if only not to change the structure of the chipset. However, current capacity smartphones and tablets are more than enough, therefore, to develop this direction makes no sense.

of Course, the mobile processors are not only the method of their creation. They have different there are other options:

  • cores — in the simplest chips used a single core, and in the most powerful ten and even more;
  • Clock rate — what this parameter is, the more powerful are the computational kernel;
  • Graphical accelerator or GPU — it renders the graphics in games and videos, in fact this kind of addition to the chipset with their cores and frequency.

it is Interesting that basically the processor determines whether the smartphone to support mobile networks fourth generation. Also, not all chipsets are able to recognize two or more SIM cards. And they differ in their cost — the latest and most powerful models cost smartphone manufacturers in the 50-60 dollars apiece!

To obtain information about the CPU installed

If you choose a smartphone and asking "How do I know which processor is built into Android?", I suggest you to go to Yandex.Market or some other site specializing in the display characteristics of the portable gadgets. Here you will find a mention of the model of the installed chipset. But in most cases here are still basic specs CPU — clock speed, number of cores and use the accelerator.

If the smartphone or tablet is already on your hands, you can do it even easier. To discover information about the installed chipset enough go to settings, choose the section "About phone", and then go to the menu "All the options".

Here displays information about the smartphone model, firmware version, RAM and processor. If that's not enough, try can download any benchmark. For example, is suitable for this purpose is AnTuTu Benchmark. But it evaluates all components of the device in connection with which the testing takes quite a long time. If you are only interested in basic information, then download CPU-Z - . This program initially displays only information about the CPU, although now it is possible to find information about some of the other components — for example, operating system version and amount of RAM.

Для отображения информации о чипсете при помощи CPU-Z - совершите следующие действия:

Step 1. Download and install the app directly through the online store Google Play.

Step 2. USn the utility, finding its shortcut on the desktop or in the menu.

Step 3. If you use Android 6.0 or a more recent version of the operating system, the software may ask you to give her permission to familiarity with the system data. Give it all required permissions.

Step 4. Next, you can navigate the tabs with different information. Chipset, its features and utilization are specified in the very first tab called SOC (from the word "Socket").

Вот и всё! Данная утилита, как и практически все benchmarkи, распространяется бесплатно, но во время её использования может отображаться реклама.


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