Overview of BQ-5707G Next Music

Smartphone марки BQ in one can not exactly blame – in a quiet sound. Alarms on devices BQ is better not to put on full volume, because you can Wake the neighbors, and some of them to work is not necessary. But despite the fact that most of the mobile phones of the company Bright & Quick very loud, they are missing one thing to be considered music. Namely, stereo.

Releasing BQ-5707G Next Music, the manufacturer has eliminated this gap. The target audience of the company are now and audiophiles. In this article, we'll explain why a true music lover will not be able to pass news from BQ for 6990 RUB.


  • Materials: plastic, glass
  • Operating system: Android 8.1
  • CPU: is a 4-nuclear MediaTek MT6580P clock frequency up to 1.3 GHz
  • Accelerator: Mali-400 MP2
  • Operational / user memory: 2 GB / 16 GB (free around 11.2 GB)
  • Slot memory cards: has, максимальный объём 64 Гб
  • Display: 5.7 inch, 1440×720
  • Camera: 13 m
  • Front camera: 8 m
  • Fingerprint: has
  • Navigation: GPS, A-GPS
  • Wireless modules: Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
  • Battery: 2800 mAh
  • Size: 74.8 × 155.5 × 9.2 mm
  • Weight: 185 grams

content and design

With the points view in the packaging and packaging Next Music is no different from other budget models BQ. The smartphone is put in a cardboard red-and-white box, inside of which along with the unit are:

  • The power supply (5V).
  • USB cable.
  • Manual and warranty card.
  • The coupon on a discount of 20% when you purchase accessories in the online store BQ.

is Also in a separate bag is the battery — on the model of the Next Music the battery can be changed.

BQ-5707G produced in 4 color options: blue, black, red and gold. For a review of the gold smartphone, and while we haven't seen other options in person, this design seems the most advantageous. The back cover is made of matte plastic, which is visually different from the metal can not be distinguished and which is not covered with fingerprints. Just above the logo in the back is a tiny shiny circle fingerprint sensor. Almost the entire front panel is occupied by the screen an aspect ratio of 18:9. The only thing that would hint on the budget status gadget is a significant case thickness (9.2 mm). But even when it is difficult to suspect that a smartphone with such a wonderful design can cost is only 6 990 rubles.

As for the location of mechanical items, there are no surprises. The power button and volume controls placed on the right side – while the left is completely empty. Bottom — charging connector and microphone on top – the headphone Jack.

I confess, your humble servant first opportunity to hold a smartphone, which would be in the presence of the fingerprint sensor was removed back cover but that's Next Music is. On the device there is no tray for the SIM card installed under the cover, like a flash drive. To extend memory, to "sacrifice" one of the SIM cards do not have.


, Next Music any special technologies sound enhancement could not be found. In the settings you can only find the slider for sound amplifier "BesLoudness", but this "pack-a-punch" fitted to most machines of the company BQ.

Musical a new smartphone called because he had 2 speakers. Both are located in the front – one closer to the top edge, the second to the bottom. Due to a pair of speakers provided stereo sound.

Sound действительно мощный и достаточно чистый – здесь не придерёшься. Производитель не обманул, поскольку смартфон ревёт, как раненый зверь, даже когда функция «BesLoudness" is turned off. But it is somewhat disappointing that we never found the equalizer as on the model Space X. Apparently, the EQ is a "trick" original firmware BQ, where Next Music, alas, denied.


HD-экран Next Music диагональю 5.7 дюймов, пожалуй, соответствует статусу самого устройства – то has среднего уровня. Качество изображения остаётся довольно высоким, пока не выйдешь на улицу при солнечной погоде. Тогда уже дисплей «меркнет», и даже при максимальной яркости его приходится прикрывать рукой, чтобы прочhas текст или разглядеть картинку.

Alas, music B-q is not supported by MiraVision technology, which we so enjoyed. In previous smartphones of the company, it is possible to adjust the contrast, color temperature and other image parameters on the screen.


Похвально, что производитель, сосредоточив внимание на музыкальной составляющей аппарата, и про другие функции не забыл. Основная 8-мегапиксельная камера с интерполяцией до 13 m не делает фотошедевры, но снимает достаточно хорошо, чтобы фото было не стыдно выставить на общий суд в Инстаграме.

У фронтальной камеры разрешение поскромнее – 5 Мпикс при интерполяции до 8 m. Но зато у селфи-камеры has вспышка, что для бюджетного сегмента – дикая редкость. Делать «себяшки» можно, используя дактилоскоп как клавишу спуска затвора. Это очень удобно – не приходится ломать голову над тем, как бы так изловчиться, чтобы палец не попал в кадр.

Performance and

Next Music – first smartphone company BQ, running Android 8.1 Oreo and that's why we wanted to test it so eagerly. Shell 8th Android from Yandex disappointed but not particularly surprised. In contrast, for example, from Space X (which has a proprietary shell), Next Music has a menu and is also available with one swipe to the control center.

seemed Strange that in the settings to one and the same function can be reached in several different ways. For example, "Adaptive brightness" are available straight in 2 sections: "The battery"and "Ecran". Defect or the convenience?

"Heart" of the device is a 4-core processor from MediaTek with a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz. Not to say that the top solution, but also not the worst of what is offered on the market. The smartphone pulls 3D games (e.g. World Of Tanks) – though not at the highest graphics. Tasks easier – for example, play HD video or run a 2D arcade game — it clicks like seeds.

Built-in memory, Next Music bit is 16 GB. But let's not forget that the smartphone above all music – that's enough, at least for a few extensive discography. If memory will be enough, you can put the flash card MicroSD with a capacity of up to 64 GB.


One of the main advantages of Android 8.1 consider energy efficiency. In that apparatus with Oreo live longer easy to believe. How else to explain why our Next Music with a battery capacity of only 2800 mAh with moderate use quietly endured the day?

With a 40% charge smartphone predicts 4-day battery life – although here we are certainly talking about the standby mode. In this mode, the gadget is really almost does not lose energy. If the device is lying on a shelf for a day out in the order of 5-7%.


BQ-5707G Next Music phone player for the price of a player. Gadget is great not only for music listening speakers but for watching movies and atmospheric rollers. An important advantage of the device is fresh operating system Android 8.1 Oreo, thanks to which the gadget is able to operate without recharging, even with modest on-Board capacity for the battery.

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