Choosing the best micro SD card for Android

we Present to your attention review of the microSD card from Samsung, which can be used with Android devices and as an independent flash drive.

Samsung EVO Plus 256 GB is the best microSD card for normal users. It has an impressive capacity, fast speed of writing and reading data, and is also suitable for storing video in 4K resolution.

to suit Samsung EVO Plus 256 GB

All. No, seriously. For microSD card price $95 not so much. Especially, considering its specifications (capacity, speed of writing and reading data). It is unlikely that after purchase you will need another one, additional card. If you take pictures, record video and suffer from lack of space, it will definitely come in handy Plus Samsung EVO 256 GB.

Fast speed writing and reading of data is not just an extra feature, thanks to the instant you will be able to write whatever she wants and as fast to access the necessary information. The interesting thing is that you can install it in any Android device, if it has a slot for microSD.

Should I now bother to buy a microSD card

Yes. The last couple of years, microSD cards have not undergone any major changes. The only thing that happened — there are new classes of devices that can store high-resolution images and other 4K HDR content. Samsung EVO Plus 256 GB is one of the best cards from Samsung. Therefore, as long as the phones don't start to record 6K content (and it will happen again very soon), you have no real reason not to buy microSD.

  • Impressive memory capacity of 256 GB
  • Fast speed writing and reading data
  • Protection from water, temperature changes, magnetic and x-ray beams
  • There are less expensive alternatives
  • Is unlikely to be useful if you rarely take photos and record video

The choice of the majority

Samsung launches microSD cards of different classes, each of which is suitable to perform certain tasks. A standard EVO is a budget flash drive, while the EVO already Select a higher-grade and has a more quick speed. After the EVO goes Plus, and her card Endurance PRO and Pro Plus, which is unlikely to be useful for ordinary users.

Map EVO Plus class — the Golden mean, which is a perfect balance of price and quality. It is perfect for those who need additional storage, which could be used to store photos or high resolution video, documents, archives and even music. High read speed means that all files will open quickly, and the music played without any problems.

If you are looking for a high performance microSD card, which could be used as extra storage (and which is compatible with Android devices), Samsung EVO Plus 256GB is a great option. She has affordable price, it is quite powerful and fast.

In addition to the high performance microSD cards from Samsung have good build quality. I still use the same card that I bought along with the Galaxy S5 in 2015. Now, she's standing in the Galaxy S8 and still works perfectly.


Not surprisingly, one of the best alternatives for microSD cards Samsung EVO Plus — Samsung EVO Select. In addition, a good option is fairly inexpensive and fairly fast Lexar Professional 1000x.

If you take pictures on your phone or use it for shooting video in 4K resolution, then Lexar Professional 1000x can be a great alternative to the Samsung EVO Plus 256 GB. It is worth noting that it comes complete with a USB-A the reader crispy you can use in order to connect the card directly to the PC and transfer your pictures.

With the price of only $34, it is unlikely she will be able to beat the Samsung EVO Select with a storage capacity of 128 GB. Although advertising slogans promise a high speed writing and reading data, it is unlikely it will be the same as the EVO Plus. However, this is quite a good microSD card that can handle 4K video.

A total of

The undisputed winner, we believe Samsung EVO Plus 256 GB is a great volume of memory and fast writing speed, read data. It is perfect for regular and advanced users. If you are looking for just a microSD card that could be used for media storage on the phone, then it makes sense to look for some alternative.