Best keypad phones

This article will introduce you to the best push-button phones that can be found on store shelves.

, the History of mobile communications started with a push-button phone. They were in great demand during the fifteen-two decades. And only in the late 2000s they began to replace smart phones with touch screen. Fully but the button did not disappear so far. There is a large number of people not wanting to switch to touch controls. It was created for them, today's rating, which included the best phones physical keyboard.


  • Display: 2.8 inch, 320 × 240 pixels
  • Battery capacity: 2000 mAh
  • Weight: 135 g

Price: 1 990 rubles.

The novelty from domestic company INOI at first glance looks simple keypad phone, but if you look at it closely, it appears that this is an interesting device for small money.

INOI 283K — it is a smart phone which based on the KaiOS, the operating system designed for push-button models. In addition to the standard SMS and phone calls the user gets the opportunity to use WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Google services, games and other apps from the store KaiStore. Thanks to the efficiency of the OS and a fairly capacious battery, the phone will survive 12 hours of active communication, and in the standby mode, the autonomy is one and a half weeks.

To ensure stable connection use 3G network or Wi-Fi connection, and GPS module allows the phone to act in the role of Navigator. In addition, INOI 283K will appreciate the shock-proof case, high-quality display, support two SIM maps and the ability to put memory card up to 32 GB. Working on new MediaTek MT6572 chipset, has 4 GB of memory and 512 MB of RAM. There is a simple camera – 2 MP rear and 0.3 MP front.


  • A good autonomy.
  • Shockproof case.
  • Support for popular applications and games.
  • 4 GB of its own memory.
  • high-Quality display.
  • Radio works even without earphones.
  • The support for 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS.


  • A simple camera.


220 Nobby

  • Display: 2.4 inch, 320 × 240 pixels
  • Battery capacity: 1000 mAh
  • Weight: 65 g

The price: from 1 100 rubles.

A simple mobile phone made in two bright colours red and yellow. This makes it preferable to select the female sex. He would like to see a woman of age or a Junior high school girl, which she used to go with a smartphone. The model has got a good brightness and image quality of the matrix, and also small weight. The casing is plastic, but not slippery.

Производитель не стал гнаться за тем, что не нужно в подобной технике и не внедрил сюда интернет или камеру. Если посмотреть на прочие телефоны рейтинга, то камера если и есть, ее статус «чтобы было», а не для реальной фотосъемки. Аналогично было принято решение с интернетом – кто в 2019 году пользуется им в кнопочном мобильнике. Модель получила 32 Мб памяти, можно добавить 16 Гб на флешке, есть FM радио без подключения гарнитуры. Аккумулятор 1000 mAh, хватает на 2-3 дня активных бесед. Устройство рассчитано на 2 сим карты.


  • The bright colors of the housing.
  • Well holds communication.
  • Compact size.
  • You can add the memory to use the phone as a player.


  • For its price the device is great.

2518 BQ Only

  • Display: 2.8 inch, 320 × 240 pixels
  • Battery capacity: 1000 mAh
  • Weight: 66 g

Price: 1 590 rubles.

BQ 2518 Only is a stylish and slim phone with minimum features and quality IPS the screen. A small battery provides approximately 3-4 days of work, which is pretty good. The device works with two SIM cards and allows you to put microSD 32 GB, which is useful to those who plan to use the device as a player.


  • high-Quality display.
  • A very stylish appearance with multiple color options.
  • The radio is working without headphones.
  • The battery life is 3-4 days.
  • Sensitive microphone and good sound quality (but the speaker is pretty quiet).
  • The memory card you can put your own ringtones.


  • Is not very user-friendly menu.
  • In the set mode SMS no T9.
  • Unpleasant melody on SMS and cannot be changed.

Alcatel 3025X

  • Display: 2.8 inch, 320 × 240 pixels
  • Battery capacity: 970 mAh
  • Weight: 108 g

The price: 2 290 rubles.

A flip phone from a company Alcatel has a lot of positive feedback. Users report quality build, good sound, simple and logical menu that keypad devices are usually a sore subject. Own is 256MB, you can put a microSD up to 32 GB. Camera 2 MP takes modest even by the standards of push-button devices. The device supports 3G, but not much point in this case in this. The battery is 970 mAh battery lasts a very short time, so for those who are looking for a standalone mobile phone this model is not exactly suitable.


  • Good build.
  • high-Quality large display.
  • user-friendly interface.
  • Is the indicator of events.
  • The backlit keyboard.
  • A bright flashlight


  • Only supports a single SIM card.
  • A weak autonomy.
  • The camera is weak, even for push-button phone.

3586 Tank BQ Max

  • Display: 3.47-inch 480 × 320 pixels
  • Battery capacity: 2500 mAh
  • Weight: 185 g

Price: 1 700 rubles.

3586 Tank BQ Max – это недорогой телефон с емкой батареей, большим экраном и громким динамиком. Он получил брутальную внешность и достаточно тяжелый, поэтому больше понравится мужчинам. Аппарат рассчитан на две сим и позволяет поставить memory card до 64 ГБ. Среди приятных моментов – мощный двойной фонарик и радио без наушников (разъем для них не предусмотрен). Камера одна – 0,3 Мп, ее наличие носит номинальный характер, так как снять что-либо с ее помощью невозможно.

it is Worth noting that the device has a rubber and metal plates, and the plug connector for charging, but no protect the body from shock or moisture is not declared, so we should not conduct experiments with his survivability.


  • A powerful flashlight.
  • Loud speaker.
  • The radio is working without headphones.
  • Big battery.
  • The custom button on the case.


  • a Very weak camera.
  • Long charges.
  • There is no headphone Jack.
  • Uncomfortable lock.

Digma LINX A230WT 2G

  • Display: 2.31-inch, 320 × 240 pixels
  • Battery capacity: 6000 mAh
  • Weight: 226 g

The price: 2 800 RUB.

To describe the characteristics of this model make much sense, as they are quite typical. Therefore, you should immediately go to the moments that set the gadget in comparison with others.

The model received protection IP68, armored housing, built-in radio VHF, huge battery capable of ensuring autonomy for 1-1,5 weeks and with the function Power Bank. The phone will be a godsend for those who love extreme sports, or often a long time goes to the outdoors, where there is no access to the benefits of mankind.


  • Security IP68.
  • Great autonomy.
  • VHF radio.
  • Great Assembly.
  • because of the weight of the device is not too convenient to carry in your pocket, we have holder on the strap.
  • Great speaker volume.


  • The radio with a small radius of action.
  • When used as storage low impact energy charging device.

8110 Nokia 4G

  • Display: 2.45 inch, 320 × 240 pixels
  • Battery capacity: 1500 mAh
  • Weight: 117 g

The price: from 4 600 rubles.

After his return to the company Nokia I started to do not only smartphones, but also mixed a touch-tone telephone. Controversial for the reason that there are many models, they are virtually indistinguishable from one another or from competitors, but the most unpleasant — expensive. Of course, price affects the name of the company and, in fairness, as Nokia best of all is that in principle it is possible to buy in USssia among push-button devices. However, periodically, the mobile phones of the Finnish company there are interesting instances.

Model 8110 4G, as the name implies, was not just the support of the Internet, but even the speed of 4G. It may seem that what is needed, surely filling the sad, everything will slow down. But no, the engineers of the brand understand what he was doing and put serious enough by the standards of push-button telephones chipset — Qualcomm MSM8905 with 2 cores at 1.1 MHz. It was complemented by a RAM of 512 MB, which is pretty good on the background of traditional 32 MB all other representatives of the rating and let the buyer drive 4 GB.

The surprises don't stop there. The phone has Wi-Fi 802.11 n and Bluetooth 4.1. As the cherry on the cake – camera at 2 MP. Of course in 2020, it sounds ridiculous, but again – the phone button. Most members of the segment over. Do not forget, model is a slider button that is hidden behind a sliding cover. There are two colors – yellow and black. The phone supports 2 SIM. Included are his headphones – a nice change. Battery lasts for a couple of days of work.

This device has been created for those buyers who for certain reasons need push-button device, but I want not only to call, but something to photograph and get online.


  • The support for Wi-Fi and 4G.
  • The interesting case design bright designs.
  • A great display.
  • a Powerful hardware for its segment.
  • Good by the standards of push-button phones camera.
  • 4 GB of internal memory.


  • is Not the application working correctly.
  • High price.

Philips Xenium E580

  • Display: 2.8 inch, 240 × 320 pixels
  • Battery capacity: 3100 mAh
  • Weight: 144,5 g

Price: 4 490 rubles.

For those who lead an active lifestyle Xenium E580 will be a great option. He got the metal back cover, good screen and comfortable keyboard with backlight. The model is designed for two SIM cards and supports microSD up to 32 GB. Due to the capacious battery you can talk about 40 hours, and in standby mode it lasts for 100 days. An interesting option is a function of the power Bank to charge other devices require OTG adapter. Camera – 2 MP, there is a bright flash that can act as a flashlight.


  • good build Quality.
  • A long work from the battery.
  • Clear menu.
  • The function of power Bank.
  • Good quality speaker.
  • Phonebook for 1000 numbers.


  • The weak camera.
  • Good player.
  • No T9 when typing SMS.
  • Radio only works with headphones.

Nokia 5310 (2020)

  • Display: 2.4 inch, 240 × 320 pixels
  • Battery capacity: 1200 mAh
  • Weight: 88,2 g

Price: 3 990 rubles.

Популярная музыкальная модель from a company Nokia переиздана в 2020 году. Телефон уже анонсирован и в ближайшее время появится в продаже. Он получил два фронтальных динамика, удобный плеер, кнопки управления музыкой на корпусе и поддержку радио без наушников. Аппарат выпущен в классическом корпусе и тех же цветах, что и первая версия. В остальном это довольно типичный кнопочный телефон с минимальным набором функций и автономностью около 8 часов во время разговоров. Устройство доступно в версии с одной или двумя сим.


  • The classic appearance of music phones from Nokia.
  • Convenient operation.
  • Dual front-facing speakers.


  • The high price tag given the features.
  • Modest autonomy.



  • Push-button phone is usually the phone is one of the two. The other smartphone. Manufacturers break down our hands, but don't want to do normal knopochki. Don't need it camera! (still the camera is horrible and on a small screen and not make out). It is not necessary the Internet! ( there is a smart phone, because the pages now require 4 cores for normal viewing) And only need: at least 2 SIM cards, strong reception, clear sound, neverworldly display (monochrome is better), large phonebook (at least 1000) with a decent long contact name and necessarily(!) the ability to edit this mass of contacts via computer, the ability to work with both 3pin 3.5 mm headphones + vstr. microphone and 4pin headset, I don't need to knopochka.

    • Do not judge all by itself! All in their own way! I like knopochek — the one and only! First smartphone — the phone on the day well, a maximum of three days will last long without charging! Second on a smartphone you can send all sorts of malicious things that knopochek just ignore it! Third, not everyone needs constant access to the Internet and social networks! Apparently You decide that I can't afford to buy a smartphone… You are very mistaken, you can even buy an Apple iPhone X and even on credit! I just need a phone for calls and Internet I have a laptop or computer… a regret that the manufacturer no longer manufactures phone models such as I have, for 7 years of operation have repeatedly dropped your phone he is still alive, though the 5 mega-pixel camera no longer works! Would have changed it but a decent dialer no!!!

      • You are absolutely right! And most importantly,it is not necessary to invent anything new,everything has already been done for a long time. Just released the old version of Nokias and Samsung with slightly improved functionality. So no,trying to sell some dense crap. Menu quite vague,the camera slipped to 0.3 MP,speakers wheezing,slot charge under мicroUSB…no Words,some letters!

  • Push-button cell phones better, easier and more enjoyable smartphones with touch screen. Do not understand why it was necessary to invent touch screens? In the Nice Past, In Terry the 1990s and early 2000s, NO SMARTPHONES AND OTHER TOUCHSCREEN DEVICES WAS NOT, AND ALL PERFECTLY LIVED WITHOUT THEM! I wish to get back to those Better Days.

    • And then the 90s, then? let's go back even further into the past, will hunt, cook over a campfire and walk in the skins))) you do realize how crazy you sound?

  • Excellent keypad phone Nokia-301. A good 3 megapixel camera (2048x1536) as it is not present, it is in online stores. Smartphone bought only because many friends use instagram watsom that the full version is available on smartphones with Android. Always use Нокиа301, and so, in the evening to see the house.

  • I start to think how to make the smart buttons, but somehow it crookedly turns out.
    10 Years ago was better.
    Is it not possible to take Simbian 9 (it's on github is being opened), to understand and use it or a modification of it? As far as I know Simbian easily runs on 500MHz, 64 MB of RAM. Energy accordingly too does not eat.

    why the Heck this KaiOS (and his likes), which is essentially Android 4? He's power needs such as a simple office computer and electricity the same.

    The manufacturers of microchips are also well done. There is no documentation. Buy expensive chips on which OS you can run, but we are cheap we are going to do, you will tell