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How to remove contact on Android?

the Android Operating system, like any other, is not perfect. Therefore, users may experience various problems, including saved numbers. In this guide we will explain how to delete contacts on Android, how to get rid of double contacts and fix other problems address book.

How to delete phone number in Android

Remove контакт из телефонной книги проще простого. Для этого выполните следующие действия:

Step 1. USn app Kontakte (also can be called People depending on OS version)

Step 2. Press и удерживайте на контакте, catорый необходимо удалить, до появления контекстного меню.

Step 3. Click the "Remove", and then confirm your choice.

How to delete contacts from SIM card

to delete the contacts from SIM card you first need to set their display. The sequence of actions is the following:

Step 1. USn app Kontakte.

Step 2. Click the "Menu" smartphone.

Step 3. Opens the application settings, click the "Display».

Step 4. Select the "Kontakte SIM карты" to "Included».

Step 5. Go back to the app Kontakte, find it in the list of numbers that appears the contacts are the SIM cards (they will be displayed with an appropriate note), select and delete them in its sole discretion.

the Batch delete contacts

to Select and delete every contact from phone book Android separately is a time – consuming and boring if the numbers in the phone few hundred. So you can use the batch delete:

Step 1. USn app "Contact" and click "Show more" (the three dots). In the context menu, select "Settings".

Step 2. Here locate the item "Group delete". Press Select all, and then click on the icon in the form of a basket. If necessary, you can delete only contacts of a particular group. To do this, go to the appropriate section.

On older devices the procedure will be slightly different:

Step 1. USn app Kontakte.

Step 2. Click the "Menu" smartphone.

Step 3. Click the "Opera, Firefox, Dolphin».

Step 4. Click the "deleting».

Step 5. You return to the app Kontakte where will be able to set the checkboxes next to the desired room and remove them with a click of a button.

Why do I have double contacts

Installing different firmware on a smartphone with the subsequent synchronization of data may result in double contacts on Android. As a result, the book numbers can grow to obscene proportions, and the user will always have to Wade through the jungle of the same contacts. To partially solve this problem by using the merge functions duplicate:

Step 1. USn app Kontakte.

Step 2. Click the "Menu" smartphone.

Step 3. Click the "Opera, Firefox, Dolphin».

Step 4. Click the "Merging duplicates».

Step 5. ОС предложит найти дубликаты контактов и объединить их. Click the "Join" to run this operation.

How to delete duplicate contacts on Android

You can also remove duplicate contacts, using the funds of the service Google or third-party applications, for example, a Duplicate Contacts. Consider both options.

Google Kontakte

Step 1. Start a browser and go to the address

Step 2. Enter data from your account Google.

Step 3. Click the "to Find similar contacts».

Step 4. Select the duplicate contacts and remove them.

Duplicate Contacts

Step 1. Install and run app Duplicate Contacts.

Step 2. The program will scan the contact list and will show on a smartphone duplicate numbers.

Step 3. Select and delete duplicate contacts.


Any problem arising with the smartphone, is easily solved, if you know what to do. In this tutorial we told you how to delete contacts on Android; also, on our website you will find solution of other issues associated with address book – how to copy contacts from Android to computer, how to transfer contacts from Android to Android game, how to recover deleted contacts on Android, and others.


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  • Hello !
    please Help to find a program for Android
    for editing and deleting the extra contacts
    The native program does not work
    ApowerManager writes that cannot delete contacts
    as MyPhoneExplorer read on the forum.
    The desired program with the client on the computer
    that would be easier to edit and delete the extra contacts
    very necessary.
    Many thanks in advance

  • I Wanted to remove the excess nesobrannost Google — it is with the networking example (balance, personal account, etc.), have used the last paragraph of the Duplicate Contacts, but withdrew all contact, had to restore, but contact was restored fully, so this did not work «garbage»……………… 17 extra contacts, networking, which Google has provided, I don't need it

  • And who needs this crap? And who didn't know? Where is the answer to the main question: how to delete a contact (name) which is generally no room! But sticking in the phone book! Where the answer is?

      • I don't believe that this is due to synchronization always occurs. Viruses — this program, which duplicates itself. Especially after brushing(highlight all duplicates — deleted), they are restored.

  • I Have a problem,the operating system Android-one contact with 2 numbers,the second number fell off as unnecessary,maybe a colleague's room just no longer relevant,I don't know what to do,how do I delete this junk room,tell me.

    • Здравствуйте! Войдите в приложение «Kontakte» на смартфоне, выберите контакт и нажмите «Изменить» (или «Редактировать»), после чего удалите ненужный номер и сохраните изменения.