the Best wireless headphones for phone

I want a modern smartphone – get ready to send your favorite headphones with a 3.5 mm plug on a distant shelf. Alternatively, need to buy wireless headphones but which to choose?

Countless Internet memes about confused in the pocket of the wire will apparently soon come to an end – after all, increasingly popular wireless headphones for phones. Indirectly, this has contributed to Apple, which released in 2016 iPhone 7 without the usual all music 3.5 mm connector.

headphones and headphones began to be sold quite a while ago, but music lovers have abandoned them because they sounded much worse than wired options – quality partially lost during the transmission via Bluetooth. But as you increase the number of mobile devices with USB Type-C instead of the traditional 3.5-mm connector manufacturers acoustics began to work seriously on the sound of his Wireless equipment. As a result, in 2019 wireless headphones in no way inferior to wired.

This article will tell you on what aspects you should pay attention when choosing the wireless headphone, and recommend relevant and accessible models in USssia.

How to choose wireless headphones for your smartphone?

The key selection criteria of wireless headphones are the following:

  • form factor. Sales are false, insertable (ear) and full-sized headphones. Liners have compact size and are great athletes, but worse sound, because practically do not capture low frequencies. The audiophile is better to pay attention to full-sized headphones that are in addition to the wonderful sound can boast decent battery life.
  • Weight. It is logical that headphones weigh more "ear", but their weight in any case shall not exceed 200 grams, otherwise the user will feel uncomfortable. Alas, for audio equipment until relevant is the ratio: the better the sound quality, the greater the weight.
  • Autonomy. Naushniki – не смартфоны: они должны быть способны «прожить» без подзарядки 5-7 дней. Это касается по крайней мере накладных и полноразмерных моделей. «Капельки» придётся заряжать чаще – ввиду компактности они просто не могут вмещать в себя ёмкие батареи.
  • data transfer Technology. Is only a hundredth of models of wireless headphones connected to a smartphone via infrared channel – the other 99% use Bluetooth. Better to take a device with Bluetooth 4.0 – this will be slower to discharge.

You should pay attention to additional criteria – say, whether headphones or the built-in moisture protection threshold.

to See the parameters characterizing the sound quality (for example, the range of supported frequencies), it is meaningless – dry figures do not say anything. The tastes of individual fans, so if you buy better headphones to listen to and easy to solve, like their sound or not.

Top overhead wireless headphones

To our rating the best Wireless headphones of 2019 includes the following models:

Bose QuietComfort 35

Price: 15 800 rubles

With the points view веса вариант от компании Bose является далеким от идеала. Naushniki весят целых 310 граммов, даже для полноразмерных это немало. Зато QuietComfort могут похвастать эффективным активным шумоподавлением, превосходным звучанием – независимо от того, какого стиля музыку предпочитает меломан – и поддержкой NFC, which for headsets rare. From obvious minuses only price: you need to love music, to spend on headphones at least 15 thousand roubles.

Sony MDR-XB650BT

Price: from 4 500 rubles

Sony MDR-XB650BT – лучший полноразмерный вариант для тех, кто не готов тратить внушительную сумму на покупку беспроводных наушников. Японская компания, славящаяся своими девайсами мультимедиа, и в этом случае не подвела: звук у модели MDR-XB650BT великолепный, басы глубокие и насыщенные – благодаря фирменной технологии Extra Bass. Naushniki отличаются замечательной автономностью (до 30 часов непрерывной работы), небольшим весом, поддержкой NFC, а также привлекательным матовым дизайном.

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT

Price: 5 800 rubles

From Sennheiser is a great inexpensive model, for example, headphones HD 4.40 BT. The key advantage is the versatility. Due to the fact that the headset supports AptX and "covers" a wide range of frequencies (18 to 22000 Hz) it is equally nice to listen to music of different genres – from hard rock to easy "pop". So on the product Sennheiser now wrong to hang the label "headphones for the rocker".

Users important advantage of the HD 4.40 BT consider excellent noise reduction. But the quality of the microphone there is criticism – judging by the reviews, the interlocutors of the owner of the headset can hear bad.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

Price: from 24 990 rubles

the Company Sennheiser, the legend of the market of acoustic and recording equipment, also sells wireless headphones. Moreover, the Momentum Wireless sound is not a bit worse than the wired counterparts, even low-frequency component "level", the bass is very juicy.

Эффектный дизайн также можно внести в число достоинств модели. Naushniki выполнены из металла, кожи и диковинного материала Alcantara Italian faux suede. Probably, it also caused the "exorbitant" price Momentum Wireless. The high cost is the main drawback of headphones from Sennheiser.

Marshall Major II Bluetooth

Price: 4 100 RUB

The main "chip" of the headphone from the company Marshall is an excellent autonomy – 30 hours they can go without recharging. If you listen to music for an hour a day, it can be a month to forget that the device needs a recharge. Charging takes very little time: just 3 hours and the battery is filled "to the brim"!

Важное достоинство Marshall Major II Bluetooth – необычный дизайн. Naushniki, как и прочая техника фирмы Marshall, выполнены в ретро-стиле — обшиты экокожей и оснащены позолоченными штекерами.

Naushniki Major II Bluetooth лучше всего подходят для прослушивания рок-музыки.

The top best wireless in-ear headphones

Plantronics BackBeat GO 3

Price: 3 890 rubles

Naushniki Go 3-го поколения от Plantronics могут похвастать наличием эффективного встроенного аудиокодека, который обеспечивает превосходную детализацию звучания. Даже с низкими частотами проблем нет – BackBeat GO 3 достоверно воспроизводит весь диапазон вплоть до 20 Гц. Naushniki идеально подходят для спорта, так как имеют покрытие P2i, гарантирующее влагозащиту.

If you order the Plantronics BackBeat GO 3 to Incorrect, they will cost much cheaper.

Beats Wireless BeatsX

Price: 5 850 rubles

Beats headset deserves a presence in our rating though, because it is equipped with a chip from Apple. In addition, the headphones are great battery life (8 hours without feeding) and the support function of C Fast Fuel. How useful is this feature? Even before the run if you found that BeatsX "sat", you can simply put them on charge for just 5 minutes – and you will be able to enjoy your favorite music for 2 hours.

Samsung Level U

Price from 1 999 rubles

a Product Samsung can be considered the most spoken headset. Level U provided 2-MIC noise reduction system, making the speaker's voice is transmitted as clearly as possible. For listening to music headphones fit is no worse than to talk – although audiophiles may still be disappointed.

«Плюс в карму» Level U за необычный футуристический дизайн. Naushniki имеют гибкий шейный обод из уретана, который не только обеспечивает удобное ношение, но и прячет в себе ёмкий аккумулятор.

Meizu EP51

Price: 1 390 rubles

Weight наушников от китайской компании Meizu – a little more than 15 grams. They are almost imperceptible, though made of aircraft aluminum that ensures their durability. Thanks to the reliability and ergonomics EP51 positioned as sporty.

With the points view звучания наушники от Meizu дадут фору большинству других «капелек». Девайс оснащён технологией обработки звука DSP, которая гарантирует сочные низкие частоты. Знаменитая технология AptX тоже на месте: она отвечает за то, чтобы при передаче музыки посредством Bluetooth качество не терялось.

Philips SHB5850

Price: from 1 550 rubles

We were praised for the compactness of the product from Meizu, however, even his headphones from Philips will give odds. SHB5850 weigh only 12 grams, it is a record indicator for the market. Impressive sound while they can't guarantee – but, oddly enough, features a good autonomy. Battery lasts at least 10 hours of continuous music listening.

Apple Airpods 2

Cost: 11 180 rubles

For those who use Apple technology and I am glad to associate any device with a familiar ecosystem, a good choice would be AirPods 2nd generation. With the new chip W1 speed data transfer between the headset and the connected device has reached the lightning. The sound quality has not changed, however, headphones have got several features to improve voice calls and communication with your virtual assistant Siri. Battery still lasts for about 5 hours, but now together with headphones you can purchase a case for wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Price: 7 490 rubles

Samsung succeeded not only in the field of home appliances and smartphones. Plug Bluetooth headphones Galaxy Buds absorbed all the latest trends. They are protected from moisture, instantly establish a connection and support wireless charging function. Their full potential will reveal one of the last Samsung: all models Galaxy S10 have the function of reverse power, which can be used for charging Galaxy Buds.

Lightweight body houses the battery for up to 6 hours of battery life. Along with updating the headphone has got useful features such as voice activation assistant Bixby the possibility of equalizer settings with your voice. Hold your finger on the touch panel, you can activate the acoustic transparency, in which music from the speakers does not interfere with hearing surrounding sounds.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Price: 14 750 RUB

Powerbeats Pro not attract too much attention flamboyant design or bright color. They look flashy, a perfect match for the Apple ecosystem, and have protection from moisture and sweat. It is a reliable accessory that can be worn in the gym, at the stadium in transport and on the street in any weather. For owners iPhone and active training is what you need.

Sony WF-1000XM3

Cost: 16 550 rubles

Naushniki WF-1000XM3 от Sony обладают стильным и элегантным дизайном. От полного заряда они проработают минимум 6 часов, а если активное шумоподавление выключить, то автономность продлится еще на два часа. Аксессуар обладает действительно хорошим звуком, тона качественно сбалансированы, басы глубокие и насыщенные. Инструменты для детальной настройки звука находятся в фирменном приложении Sony. Там же на выбор предлагаются 9 различных пресетов и возможность создать собственный профиль, а также отрегулировать громкость звука в режиме акустической прозрачности.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless True

Cost: 7 390 rubles

Any of the disadvantages of True Wireless Momentum is lost on the background quality of the music being played. 7mm drivers deliver the cleanest sound of any genre in the entire class of wireless headphones. Frequency range 5 – 21 000 Hz. Of course, the acoustics of such level cost will not be cheap. But this accessory is premium everywhere: protected from splashes and sweat, and plush case with a fabric cover has the function of canceling noise.

Master&Dynamic MW07

Price: 24 990 rubles

the First truly wireless earbuds from Master&Dynamic combines road design and powerful audio technologies. For finishing MW07 used acetate and stainless steel. On the background of the plastic models these headphones immediately catch the eye: they look expensive, they are nice to touch.

The sound is almost flawless. Treble is crisp and clear, the bass is pronounced and dense. A short time of operation compensates for silver case: he several times to fully charge the battery of the headphones in just 45 minutes.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100

Price: 7 600 rubles

For active users who need a truly wireless training, there is an accessory called the BackBeat Fit is 3100. It will force a new look at old tracks, but not at the expense of high-or medium frequencies (here they are far from ideal), but at the expense of bass. Fans of "heavy" sound is a good first step to test this model.

In the accompanying app, you can configure the controls work of the voice assistant, sync with Spotify and start the timer. Nominal battery capacity is enough for 5 hours of work. Charger case increases the figure 2-3.


Companies such as Sennheiser and Sony, just can't afford to sell the audio low-quality – sounding full-size wireless products these "dinosaurs" of the market will be satisfied even the fussiest of eaters.

The same, alas, cannot say the same about the headphones-"the ear". From the impressive list of such devices only Meizu EP51 and Plantronics BackBeat GO 3 sound really decent – the other is designed for a lowly music lovers and athletes, for whom the rhythm is much more important than the melodic component.

are Excluded from the collection

Jabra Elite Active 65t

Price: 9 990 rubles

The Jabra Elite Active 65t – a pair of extremely comfortable Bluetooth headphones with protection from water and dust. The sound quality on the b + (to find fault you will find is that the music fans who are familiar with acoustics Bose or Sennheiser).

A free companion application allows you to adjust all sound settings, including the ambient noise level to set equalizer settings, and select your preferred voice assistant. Built-in battery lasts 5 hours. This time can be extended in 3 times if to carry the case to recharge.

to Buy the Jabra Active Elite 65t

Bragi The Headphones

Price: 10 990 rubles

Accessory with the unpretentious name of Headphones from German company Bragi got rid of the technical bells and whistles of its predecessor. This was done in favor of autonomy, a more stable connection and ease of use. As a result, Bragi Headphones The ranked among the best Bluetooth headphones quality of music being played. Many owners are not satisfied with the tight buttons on the right earphone, but that's nothing: more serious disadvantage is that the case cannot charge the device without connecting to a power source.

to The Headphones By Bragi

Mobvoi TicPods Free

Price: 16 990 rubles

Many Apple fans would like to see AirPods not only in white or black, but even in some of the original color. But alas, Apple takes a classical rigor.

But there is Mobvoi TicPods. They are available in 3 variants – black, white and orange-red. However, the more they will be useful to users of Android and not the iPhone because they have an Assistant work with Google and Alexa. If you compare these headphones with AirPods, but there is a difference in price. TicPods are 5 thousand cheaper. Differences for the worse if there are, they are minor. The autonomy is acceptable, compact case extends it to 18 hours.

Buy Mobvoi TicPods Free

Sol Republic Amps Air

Price: 11 990 rubles

For the great sound does not always have to pay exorbitant amounts. Sol Republic regularly confirms it. Despite the dominance of the bass in the standard audio profile, driver Air True Wireless Amps are set up for accurate reproduction of mid and high frequencies. The result is a well balanced in all respects sound.

Case Amps Air covered with matte rubber. Controls little. More precisely, they are almost there: on each earpiece there is a button to trigger the voice assistant, start/pause a track or to respond to voice calls. For those looking for a long-running wireless headphones, there's good news and bad. Built-in Air Amps battery is enough only for 3 hours, but complete case-the battery will increase this time by 15 times. It can be recharged not only the ear, but other devices as well.

КупитьSol Republic Amps Air

AirBeats YE-106

Price: 890 rubles

AirBeats Headset YE-106 can hardly be called wireless fully — with Bluetooth works only one earphone, the second set is connected via cable. For listening to music AirBeats still not the best option, but for conversation – exactly what you need.

The incredible compactness of the device is both a strength and weakness: YE-106 gives the owner a minimum of inconvenience, but if the headset somewhere sapropelite, on his quest will have to spend a lot of time.

Buy AirBeats YE-106

Parrot Zik 3

Price: 15 100 rubles

At the Parrot Zik 3 embodied several interesting solutions – both design and technical. The device looks very unusual, it is assembled exclusively from premium materials – the frame is aluminium, the cups and the rim covered with genuine leather with a pattern. If you select the earphone under the bag, the question of buying a different model there is nothing to lead.

The Parrot Zik 3 can boast of an electronic alert system – if on the phone someone calls, the machine says the caller name (as recorded in the directory of contacts) or number. It seems non-trivial and the solution is to remove all mechanical buttons with case – control headphones are made by swipe on the touch pad present on one of the cups.

Buy Parrot Zik 3


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  • At the store the consultant said that Plantronics — one of the best. Now already use. Took via Craigslist — much less happened, and a win-win for the delivery. Previous wired took average price or settled for those that came in the kit with a smartphone, so the difference in sound was visible directly. Recommend.

  • I would buy a full-sized headphone, I am embarrassed by their appearance and cumbersome. Sound quality is on the second place. Buy ear. Last time I left especially happy — on Craigslist for the sale took those that you have at the top labeled interface extension. Imperceptible to the ear, noise isolation is better than my standard or Chinese, the sound too.