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Best apps for SMART TV

Smart TVs based on Android TV features a branded online store Google Play, so it is possible to install many different games and programs. The latter is necessary not only for recreation and entertainment but help in the work of the TV, solve the user's problem and make many useful things.

We have collected in one place the best apps for smart TV. Some of them online cinemas, and other various services, utilities and other useful programs. In the rating there is a free app, and there are those that require a subscription. Pay attention to it.


One of the most popular subscription services for smart TV Megogo. The application has a nice and convenient interface, huge database with movies, TV shows (Amediateka), sports games, cartoons, TV shows and more than two hundred TV channels. All programs are available for replay for 14 days.

The subscription service and different price. It all depends on the chosen tariff. The first week or two free (depending on stock), and in addition there is often give discounts and beneficial offers on subscriptions, and various additional features.


ivi — slightly less popular than Megogo, but still worthy of the attention of the subscription service. In stock modern a nice interface, huge database of TV channels, movies, series, cartoons and documentaries. There is a powerful built-in search, easy selection of genres, themes, trends, mood and so on.

Ivi subscription costs money, but the first two weeks of its offer for 1 ruble. Depending on the chosen tariff have the ability to watch movies and TV shows not only in HD but in Full HD and even 4K surround sound 5.1.


The application for watching movies on the smart TV, the Premier has a database of TV channels, but also stands a huge library of USssian TV series and entertainment programs, reality shows and other content. The service even has its own exclusive TV shows and movies.

At Premier have subscription, but some of the content provide to watch free. And in the application as simple as possible, but convenient and modern interface, it is possible to save movies and TV shows to your favorites and even save time viewing of the episode and the movie to return to the same point later.


At "Rostelecom" there is a private Wink app, which functions resembles ivi, Megogo. There also are hundreds of TV channels, an impressive database of movies, TV series and other entertainment content.

The subscription costs money and depends on the amount of content they offer. The first 7 days are free, to have enough time to try all possibilities and take necessary to understand it or not.


In addition to the obvious YouTube app, which many owners of "smart" TVs, most likely downloaded one of the first, we recommend you to pay attention to the version. If you have children, the presence of this program is the best option for watching cartoons, educational and entertainment programs.

The children will not be able to access other content via a recommendation or search, as it happens in the normal version, because nothing but children's content here just yet. You don't have to put the protection of children or to think about the parental controls, as they are simply not needed.


Along with watching videos and television channels on smart TVs can listen to the radio and newfangled podcasts. This can be done using the popular app Radioline.

60 users have access to thousands of online radio stations from 130 countries. They are organized by category (music, sports, news, podcasts and so on), working in live broadcast or recorded.

In Radioline there's a handy search by names, countries, genres, theme and mood. Any radio station or podcast, you can save to your favorites.

Torrentium TV

If you're used to torrents and don't want to pay for a subscription, then the smart TV has an app Torrentium TV. This is a local torrent client with a built-in player. The main feature of the app is the ability to play the file without waiting for it to load.

Is already downloaded content is stored in the memory of the TV and gadget with SMART TV and displayed in a comfortable library with a nice and minimalist, but a bit outdated design. If you want you can subscribe for updates on any torrent trackers and watch movies with subtitles.

VLC for Android

VLC for Android is probably the best audio and video player for Android for SMART TV. Program love the versatility and "omnivorous" formats (MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, OGG, FLAC, TS, M2TS, WV, AAC, etc.), and for simple and clear design, though it would not have long to update.

Is available easy the distribution of files in the library (genre, album, artist), working with subtitles, LAN, and streaming services. Has its own equalizer and supports "picture in picture" (does not work with all models of "smart" TVs).

Dr. Web

Is useful Android apps for smart TV are represented not only by the services for watching video. For "smart" TVs also have anti-virus software and one of the best can be called Dr. Web for Android TV. This kind of gadgets are also prone to malware, theft of personal data and so on.

The antivirus helps to check smart TV the presence of this software and configures the firewall protection against intrusions by hackers. There is also a scanner "holes" of security, who will advise the necessary actions and will close the most important weaknesses of the system.

The Android TV Remote Control

Using the app Android TV Remote Control your smartphone can be turned into a remote control for Smart TV. For this you need to connect the device to the TV through this same app and Wi-Fi operate the TV with the screen device with a digital panel with buttons and D-pad.

Is available and a voice search or text input with the virtual keyboard, which is much faster than doing it with a normal remote. However, you still have to get used to, for the first time touch controls may seem unusual.

TV Bro

TV Bro — universal browser for all models of smart TV. If the built-in version of the LG, Samsung, Sony or any other firm is not satisfied, then you can download third-party. One of the most popular such applications is TV Bro.

The program excellent optimization of images for different screen diagonals of TV sets, voice search, supports tabs, and a list of popular sites. Available built-in download Manager and optimize your bulky web pages.

Pixel Fixer

The Pixel Fixer app helps to find the screen dead pixels and does it with a quick drawing multi-colored shapes and at the expense of high-speed cyclic shift of colors of each pixel. Thus the program brings the matrix to its original state.

At work about half an hour restores buggy or corrupted pixels, but in some cases you need to leave it running for a few hours and some models of smart TV it can not help.


Is known to the program AIDA64 in addition to PCs and smartphones, there are Smart TV. Here it also displays detailed information about the hardware part of the smart TV, shows its characteristics, the list of installed applications and codecs, processor model and frequency, cache, cores, RAM size, network information and so on.


For Smart TV Android TV is already available for many different free programs on all occasions. Installed apps your smart TV able to replace a play station, a computer, a tool for surfing the net, downloading, listening to and collecting music, movies and TV series. And this is without the access to a huge number of TV channels, children's entertainment content, radio and podcasts.