Sennheiser launches jubilee promotion: when you buy headphones second – in gift

In 2020, well-known manufacturer of audio equipment celebrates 75 years, and in honor of this event the official online store Sennheiser is offering a series of commemorative and promotional.

So, From 31 July to 31 August when buying wireless headphones CX 150 BT, 350 BT CX, M2 IEBT, CX Sport, HD 350 BT, in the store you can get the gift wired earphone CX 100.

Sennheiser HD 350 BT headphones closed type, which can boast an impressive time on a single charge – up to 30 hours. Supported fast charging using USB-C.

Sennheiser CX 350 BT and Sennheiser CX 150 BT – new this year, which provide an excellent balance of sound, reliability and convenience. The key difference between the models – the presence of buttons access a voice assistant the CX 350 BT.

Naushniki Sennheiser M2 IEBT Black обеспечивают акустическую точность воспроизведения музыки, а также оснащены комфортным targetelem the type of "collar".

In turn, CX SPORT headset gives users a clear sound, and headphones will never fall out of your ears thanks to an ergonomic holders.

to learn More about this campaign from Sennheiser can be found the link


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