The portal AliExpress just a few years has reached global popularity, and the company Alibaba has increased the price to 231 billion dollars. How did you manage to make such rapid spurt? Will talk about the pros and cons of the fabled online store.

Go on AliExpress

marketplace AliExpress is the brainchild of well-known Chinese entrepreneur MA Yun and one of the companies that make up the Alibaba group. In fact, it is not the Internet store and e-the "Bazaar": there is going to many sellers that compete with each other. The person who wants to buy Chinese smartphone, on AliExpress you will find a lot of offers of the same product, though great cost.

Among USssians AliExpress popular outrageous – according to 2015, the online trading platform is among top 10 most visited sites in USssia. The reason for the popularity is simple: low price. One of the main principles of the "guru" of the company, MA Yun – to bet on buyers, not burdened with excess money, namely the "provincials". Residents of small towns are part of an impressive army of customers, AliExpress.

website Design

On the portal AliExpress've heard even those who are on it do not buy. Curve translation on the website has become a "byword" — it strongly ridiculed by the social networks. To fix this issue in no hurry, despite her obvious – perhaps because the cards drawn up properly, will "is not the same" AliExpress.

This is unfortunate since the only drawback of the site. The design of the portal is too simple, even primitive.

Бросается в глаза то, что сотрудники Alibaba не позаботorсь о каком-либо новогоднем оформлении (обзор производился за 3 дня до начала 2017-го), тогда как, например, портал M Video fully adapted to the Christmas theme. Despite the fact that the Chinese celebrate their own New Year, usually coming at the beginning of February, a considerable part of the clients are foreigners, for whom this holiday has a special meaning.

The start page in USssian > is overloaded with: the greatest attention is paid to the new service "MALL", which gives the opportunity to distribute products via AliExpress and USssian "businessmen". The portal claims that the service "MALL" offers the USssians a lot of advantages, including faster delivery and warranty service. However glossed over, that the prices in the MALL are not significantly different from retail, but the low price has always been the decisive argument in favor of AliExpress. In addition to "the MALL" on the start page of the hosted collection in the spirit of the "hots », «quality Mark», «Feedback». In каждую из этих underборок goods "stuffed" completely unsystematic – near the clothing are cosmetics and baby backpacks.

In the review of the portal "Euroset" we noted a high customer focus online store. The portal AliExpress in this respect the complete antithesis – it seems here nobody cares about that really need to the client. With the points view the quality of website design AliExpress loses not only "the Euronetwork", but, for example, a well-known online store GearBest. The last defeat of the most painful, because GearBest all the more seriously claim the laurels of the best seller of Chinese goods and aims to move AliExpress "on the throne".

Range of products and a directory

Set sufficiently for sure, how many smartphones are sold on AliExpress is very difficult because this is the trading platform, куда продавцы постоянно приходят и откуда периодически уходят. Эксперты заявляют о нескольких десятках тысяч доступных гаджетов, поэтому с точки view ассортимента AliExpress значительно обходит любой российский интернет-магазин, будь то "Connected" or «M Video», и даже хвалёный GearBest, где в продаже находятся 50 тыс. мобильных устройств. Inпрочем, for sureе количество и не играет роли: какое бы название смартфона пользователь ни вбил в поисковую строку, результаты обязательно появятся. Мы, например, попытались найти экзотическую для российского рынка модель UMI Z и обнаружor, что купить смартфон этой модели можно аж у 7 продавцов!

by Clicking on the picture of the product, the user is in the card catalog. Card leaves a good impression thanks to its high information content.

In верхней части карточки видны название магазина-продавца, количество лет работы на рынке, а также доля положительных отзывов в общем их числе. Эксперты не рекомендуют вести сотрудничество с магазинами, у которых последний показатель ниже 96%. Inыбранный нами продавец – Guophone Digital Store – barely passes on this requirement.

Encouraged by the presence of a huge number of photos of the smartphone from different angles: some of them are placed to the left of the main image, the part — below the specifications.

an enumeration of the characteristics of the goods is right under the main image, and it's convenient – on GearBest, for example, the visitor has to descend almost in the footer of your website to know what are the parameters of the smartphone. However, the cards "Ali", there is a disadvantage: they do not contain video reviews devices – what can boast of GearBest.

Price and available payment methods

Prices on AliExpress was really low in the "dollar for 30 roubles," because the Chinese "dealers" initially determine the cost in U.S. currency. Then prices converted into rubles at the current exchange rate. After the dollar rose almost two-fold, to buy for "Ali" was not as profitable as before: prices stayed below retail, but not so much that discount could offset the disadvantage in the form of a six-week delivery.

To compare prices AliExpress reasonable only with GearBest and similar shops – it is clear that domestic retailers will lose. We use the same model UMI Z and we draw a parallel:


UMI Z on AliExpress

UMI Z on GearBest

the Average price

17 551 ruble

18 493 ruble

the Number of sellers



Из этого сопоставления понятно, почему AliExpress – всё ещё «царь горы». Цены гаджетов на «Али» ниже, а предложений больше. Inпрочем, on GearBest действует программа, благодаря которой покупатель может получить скидку на товар, если найдёт его cheaper – мы рассказывали об этом в review GearBest. So maybe the contender for UMI Z will be able to buy a smartphone at GearBest for the price stated in the catalogue AliExpress. You don't look at such programs, we can say that the prices on AliExpress are the lowest for the USssians, despite the strengthening of the dollar.

As for ways to pay for the item, the AliExpress offers many opportunities:

  • credit card. Trading platform works not only with Visa and Master Card but with a Maestro.
  • With electronic wallets. Supported "Yandex.Money", Qiwi wallet, WebMoney.
  • From the mobile phone account. To pay so holders will be able to SIM cards MTS, Tele2, Beeline, MegaFon, but not subscribers Yota.
  • Via Western Union.
  • A Bank transfer. This is a useful way for those who have a Bank account but no credit or debit card.
  • in Cash. Заказчику приходит на номер телефона СМС-сообщение, в котором содержится код платежа. По этому коду можно совершить оплату наличными в салонах сотовой связи, на почте России or в отделениях компаний, специализирующихся на международных переводах.

Any other online store, but AliExpress does not provide so many different ways to pay – including GearBest, which is not friendly with electronic money.


delivery of goods from AliExpress is free, если осуществляется силами почты Китая. Однако заказчику придётся запастись терпением. По заверениям портала AliExpress длительность бесплатной доставки – 15-50 дней, но надеяться, что гаджет придёт через 15 дней – совершенно бессмысленное занятие. Если пользователю повезёт, заказ он получит через 1.5 месяца после оформления заявки. In противном случае заказчику следует обратиться к карточке товара, где указан лимит срока ожидания, установленный продавцом.

If the seller does not fit, the buyer is entitled to claim the full amount back. Inпрочем, этой опцией мало кто пользуется по ряду причин: first, deadline expectations are usually quite large, and the seller is "time", second, the money is returned not also immediately, and for 15 days.

The client can reduce the waiting period of the product, if you use paid services of the postal companies. EMS gives the orders in 10-20 days, FedEx for 4-8 days, SPSR – about 1 week. The cost of the services of these companies is not fixed and depends on the price and weight of your order.

Useful option AliExpress is built-in tracker packages, thanks to which the customer can always be aware of where his purchase.

According to the tracker, the order goes from China to USssia about a month, the remaining time is spent on internal delivery.

unfortunately, the built-in program to track orders AliExpress are not always able to provide the customer with accurate and detailed information. For example, the service "Deposita?" is a much more functional tracker.


Несмотря на довольно невзрачный дизайн сайта, AliExpress остаётся ведущей китайской торговой площадкой, и, судя по всему, продолжит быть ею ещё долго. Inот ряд преимуществ, которые позволяют AliExpress «возвышаться» над конкурентами:

  • Low price. The goods on AliExpress are cheaper than on GearBest, and much cheaper of the week in USssian Internet-stores.
  • a Lot of payment methods. AliExpress accepts electronic money, which most online stores disregards.
  • Inнушительный ассортимент. At "Ali", the buyer will find gadgets of even the most obscure of Asian producers, though most likely from different sellers.
  • Inстроенный трекер посылок. With this program, you can track the approximate location of the parcel.
  • free shipping. When referring to China post, the customer won't pay anything.

From AliExpress there are also disadvantages:

  • "Curve" the site. Even if you ignore the completely ridiculous machine translation, is not to say that AliExpress is a portal that good time.
  • Long delivery. The buyer should not expect that the product will bring him sooner than a month after ordering.
  • Marriage. In интернете множатся негативные отзывы, в которых покупатели высказываются, что получor от AliExpress совсем не то, чего хотели.

However, the attractive force of the economy is doing its job. AliExpress can not afford to take care of your website, because this marketplace has long earned a strong reputation of the store, where everything is fantastically cheap.

the experience

Did you gadgets portal AliExpress? Write about my experiences with this store in the comments! We look forward to your feedback!