the Best cables for fast charging

How many gadgets with rechargeable batteries, as many people are dreaming of a speedy charging process. The latest enhancement in this area has become the technology of Qualcomm Quick Charge of 4+, but it is not even able to charge the phone quickly, if the power is going through a slow cable.

For this material we selected the best models of charging cables from known manufacturers. But it should be noted that Qualcomm is not the only player in the field of charging. Make sure that the selected accessory conforms to the specifications of the charging technology used in your device.


Cost: from 1 200 RUB.

Anker's в числе лидеров по производству power и зарядных кабелей. К своей работе компания подходит ответственно. Если не хотите тратить много времени на выбор зарядного аксессуара, остановитесь на Anker's PowerLine III Plus и не прогадаете. Это кабель с интерфейсом USB-C / USB-C. He is certified by the USB-IF, it has a comfortable length of 1.8 m, has a high strength and can withstand 35,000 flexion. It is a sustained supply of power up to 60 watts.

Еще одно изделие Anker's для высокоскоростной зарядки – кабель USB-C / USB-C Thunderbolt 3 с сертификатом Intel. Он обеспечивает питание с максимальной мощностью 100 Вт и скорость передачи данных 40 Гбит/с. В нем заявлена обратная совместимость с chargers USB-C old generations. The disadvantages can be attributed only to the length of only 0.5 meters.


Price: 3 600 RUB

Accessories от Belkin знакомы многим обладателям техники Apple. Если вы ищете наиболее быстрый зарядный кабель, выбирайте Belkin Thunderbolt 3: он поддерживает скоростную зарядку до 100 Вт, его можно использовать не только со смартфонами, но и с ноутбуками, у которых есть функция питания через USB-C. Также это изделие подходит для подсоединения внешних мониторов с with 4K resolution. Length 0.8 m


Price: 900 RUB.

Perhaps in the world had one thing that do not let be Amazon. Production charging cables the company has entrusted its sub-brand AmazonBasics. Among many items there accessory USB-C / USB-C double braid, a data transmission of 10 Gbps and a power output 5V 3 A. the strength not to worry: the product can withstand up to 2000 of flexion to 95 degrees at the base.


Each of the above variants had a Type-C interface on both sides, but AmazonBasics products of another plan, e.g., cable with double braid USB-A / USB-C. It is available in length from 0.3 to 1 meter and four different colours. His output – 5V 3A, and the data transfer speed when connected to a computer achieves 10 Gbit/s.


Cable Matters

Price: 400 RUB

Этот бренд не пользуется такой известностью, как Belkin или Anker's, зато его продукция очень доступна в цене. Cable Matters USB-C / USB-A обладает сравнительно низким показателем передачи данных (максимум 5 Гбит/с), но при мощности 5 Вт зарядка мобильных устройств пойдет гораздо быстрее, чем в обычных условиях. А позолота на контактах придает дешевому аксессуару вид брендового.



Price: from 990 RUB

The Apple copes with the production of complex devices, and in accessories does not lose face.

A two-meter USB-C / USB-C is by the way not only to power the latest iPad, but for the MacBook. The cable is produced in white color without structural reinforcement to protect against flexing.

To charge iPhone, iPod, or other devices with Lightning you can choose one of two options – USB A / Lightning or USB-C / Lightning. This is the fastest charging cables for Apple smartphones in length from 1 to 2 meters, compatible with the charging adapters Apple 29, 61, and 87 watts.

Another option is the Apple Thunderbolt cable 3 / Thunderbolt 3. It provides data transfer speeds up to 40 Gbps and charging power up to 100 watts. The length is 0.8 meters. Important feature – support Daisy chain up to 6 Thunderbolt devices.

Source: www.androidauthority.com