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the Best camera for Android

Many smartphone owners are used to shooting a standard application which has only basic functionality.

They are not even aware that it is possible to download camera for Android, which will have much more possibilities. Most often, these programs delight and higher quality picture. In this article we will talk about the best applications of its kind.

If you go into Google Play, and you will find a huge number of utilities designed to improve the quality of the images or give them any effects. One-camera app can turn your image into a drawing on paper and another to save it in RAW format, that is often not capable of standard «Camera». If we decided to consider all these tools in one article, it would be incredibly voluminous. So we divided the material. With the other parts you can find at the following links:

Here, we examine the application of the camera that are working to improve the photos or the provision of a large number of settings.

Camera MX

Developer: MAGIX
Price: Free

Surprisingly, almost every program from Appic Labs Corp. quickly gaining the love of many owners of smartphones and tablets. That Camera MX was downloaded more than 10 million people. The creators of this product have tried to simplify the interface. There are not many interfaces that complicate the process of framing. Instead, all the necessary settings located in the top panel. In particular, clicking the button gives you access to exposure, flash, effects and other parameters.

Download Camera MX можно в том случае, если вы любите экспериментировать над уже готовыми снимками. Дело в том, что это бесплатное приложение дополнено мощным редактором изображений, который позволяет добавить всяческие фильтры и рамки. Также в данный продукт встроена функция Live Shot, создающая так называемые живые изображения (недавно нечто подобное появилось на смартфонах Apple).

The program can be used to select the best personnel. The fact that it is able to quickly take six pictures, of which then selected the best photo. However, the quality slightly suffers, so better not to hurry, making single «shots». The app is capable of video, including HD.


  • Built-in the editor with lots of filters and frames.
  • The ability to download the app for free.
  • Good quality photos.
  • A large number of settings.
  • The function create «live» pictures.
  • A simple and user-friendly interface that does not interfere with the shooting.


  • Is too small, the effect icons in edit mode.
  • Problems with the autofocus on some devices.
  • The lack of panoramic photography.

Rating: 6/10

Camera Zoom FX

Developer: androidslide
Price: 259,00 ₽

Another program for the camera which is focusing on a number of settings. With its help, the smartphone owner can use the many options that are familiar only to the owners of SLR and system cameras. And then there's voice activation, which turns out to be very useful when you want to take a picture of yourself with the rear camera.

The utility is able to boast a burst mode — the developers claim that the Camera Zoom FX produces 10 frames per second. But in fact, this parameter directly depends on the capacity of the built-in mobile processor. Do not forget the creators and the timer. However, if you have voice activation you will need it only in a very noisy place.

The main «chip» Camera Zoom FX is the ability to create your own filter. Of course, there are preset effects — they are used in that case, if the person does not want to lose time creating his creation. Yet it is impossible not to note that the application is able to specify in the tags of the picture navigation data. For some reason, many developers of such programs about this feature, forget it.

This app is only available for money. But you don't have to watch ads and get upset because of the limited freemium functionality. Fortunately, developers often run sales, and in connection with which the application can grab much cheaper than the usual cost.


  • The ability to save pictures in RAW format (on which devices).
  • A very fast burst mode.
  • Good quality pictures.
  • The presence of a timer and voice activation.
  • The mode of panoramic shooting.
  • The ability to use hardware keys.
  • Наличие продвинутого the editorа.


  • Problems with the video on some smartphones.
  • Requires the purchase of the paid version.

Rating: 9/10

LINE Camera

If you want to improve the camera on the phone, but also to a wide range of possibilities editing, it is recommended to install LINE Camera. Here from traditional photography to make such a frame, which would have envied even the owner of a SLR camera. In addition to the average improvement by changing contrast and other settings available, overlaying all sorts of jewelry. In particular, it can be stickers, frames and various effects. Do not forget the creators and red eye removal.

Japanese developers in plenty trouble over his creation. They've added more than 5000 stickers, making the decoration of pictures depends on your imagination. Curiously, if you bother, then you can create your own stickers! Speaking of which, the functionality of the camera itself can not be called limited. There is a timer and grid display, and many other auxiliary functions.

- Camera app is distributed free of charge. But if you wish to get all of the stickers and effects, you have to shell out.


  • Is distributed free of charge.
  • A huge number of stickers and frames.
  • The presence of almost all the popular filters.
  • Exciting ways to edit your photos.
  • Competently implemented camera functionality.


  • All the functionality is decent money.
  • the Lack of video.
  • Problems on some devices.

Rating: 7/10


Developer: Ads
Price: Free

Another camera for Android, which has both paid and free versions. The program is designed only for photographing, the functional editing is minimal. The application has a large number of various settings, many of which are familiar to owners of full-fledged cameras. For example, using Camera can make a good HDR shot. And even better they are panoramic images.

The on-screen grid helps better to frame the picture, not filled up the horizon using the rule of the Golden section. Available here and shutter speed setting. Like you need the burst mode, which almost instantly made some photos — then will only have to choose the best. It should be noted that the application is capable of capturing video.

In the free version the number of modes will only work for 30 days. After that, you will need to purchase the PRO version. Fortunately, it is quite inexpensive


  • High-quality photos and videos.
  • The essence of most of the modes are clear even to the beginner.
  • The availability of HDR-video (requires Android 4.3 or more recent version of the OS).
  • user-friendly interface.
  • The presence of time lapses.
  • Shooting in RAW format, if supported by the device.


  • The almost complete absence of editing functions.
  • Is only a 30-day trial period.
  • Hangs on some devices.

Rating: 5/10

Manual Camera

Developer: Geeky Devs Studio
Price: 239,00 ₽

We cannot say that this is the best camera for Android. But it definitely allows you to squeeze out of the existing module. The fact that the main task of this application is the provision of manual settings, as implemented in the SLR and system cameras. For these purposes, the utility uses the appropriate API, which is embedded in the operating system. Of course, the fresher version of the OS is, the more settings will offer the program. To assess the capabilities of utilities for your smartphone allows special version, which is distributed for free. As for the main version, its price is about 239 rubles.

Application interface is very simple. On the left side are the main settings — ISO, shutter speed, white balance, exposure and others. When you click on a particular icon popping up a special virtual scroll wheel, rotating which changes the selected parameter. Well, the transition in the advanced settings is carried out via a separate icon, located next to the shutter button. In this section you can order the application to give camera images geotagging. The program can save images in uncompressed RAW format.


  • The choice of exposure time, ISO and other important parameters.
  • User-friendly interface that almost does not interfere.
  • Save in RAW format, if supported by the device.
  • The presence of a timer and the ability to mute the shutter.


  • You cannot adjust the aperture.
  • Manual configuration is not available on all smartphones.
  • the Application is a tangible money.
  • Отсутствие встроенного the editorа.

Rating: 5/10

How to improve the camera on Android?

In this series we have considered only five apps-camera, designed for the operating system Android. But believe me, there are much more! And almost every week there are new programs of this kind. Now if the leader is Camera Zoom FX, it is not excluded that tomorrow higher quality images and greater functionality will delight another application.