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How to add memory to the Android smartphone?

Each user at least once faced with the lack of permanent memory. How to solve this problem?

Cheap smartphones definitely have some disadvantages. In particular, many models have insufficient memory. Because of this ever starts trouble with installing applications — the system displays a message that the program is not enough free space. How to solve this common problem? How to increase memory on smartphone?


This article is about the non-volatile memory, which is retained even after power off. To memory are described in a separate article.

Before buying a smartphone may seem like 8GB constant memory is enough. But in fact, more than half of this volume will be occupied by the operating system. And yet we must not forget that some applications do not support transfer of their file memory card. For example, a customer of taxi service Uber weighs more than 100 MB, while on an external drive to transfer this program it is impossible.

В связи с этим не рекомендует покупку смартфонов, имеющих всего 8GB постоянной памяти. Более того, сложности в использовании предполагают даже девайсы со вдвое большим объемом — они тоже регулярно заставляют задуматься над тем, how to clean memory on Android.

memory Card

the easiest way to add memory to the smartphone or tablet by installing a card microSD. However, this is not always possible, some devices assume such complexity:

  • the Device may not have a slot for a memory card — in this case about installing the replacement drive will have to forget;
  • the card Slot memory can be combined with a second SIM-card — in this case, the user will have to make a difficult choice between increased memory and extra SIM cards.

By inserting a memory card there is nothing difficult, simply place your drive into the corresponding slot. The smartphone will detect the card instantly. In the future, it is recommended to visit the Camera app, selecting as the location of saving photos and videos to the memory card.

Before you buy a microSD specifications of the smartphone, which will indicate the maximum storage capacity supported by the system.

USB stick

To increase the phone memory of Android may be at the expense of the ordinary USB memory stick. However, to determine the connection of such an accessory only device support OTG. To enquire about availability or lack thereof by reading technical specifications or installation of the program OTG Checker.

the Drive is connected to tablet or smartphone through a micro-USB connector or a USB Type-C. Still need the OTG adapter, which costs about $ 100. After connecting, the system should automatically detect the flash drive, offering read its contents. If not, then try to go into My files or some other file Manager that can work with the connected drive.

Now there are so-called OTG memory stick. They do not require an adapter, because their composition is already present plug micro-USB or even USB Type-C

Of course, to carry in your pocket a smartphone with a connected flash impossible. We can say that this is a temporary way to expand permanent memory. External drive can be connected, for example, to watch a movie or solve some other similar problems.


There are now many cloud storage, which provides services completely free of charge. At least on a free basis, you can count on 10-20 GB, and sometimes even greater amount of free space. In particular, it is recommended to use "Google Photos". This application provides disk space to store photos. That is, in the future, you can delete these images from memory to the smartphone, thereby freeing place.

Another useful cloud service is Dropbox. Compared to competitors it does not provide a very large amount of memory, but the store here can be absolutely any files. Another advantage of Dropbox is the support service a variety of other applications. For example, this could saved pictures, and all sorts of backup.

The use of cloud services is important, even on smartphones with a huge amount of private memory. And as for budget android devices, these clients need to install in the first place. Now the "cloud" allow you to even play the video in streaming mode without downloading it to your device. This makes the service even more useful.

The restriction of all sorts to Dropbox and "Yandex.Disc" is the need to connect to the Internet. In tight traffic or somewhere in the forest these services become practically useless.


It was three of the most simple way of adding memory. Smart programmers will state that any smartphone has some hidden the permanent memory that is reserved by the operating system to fit your needs. Theoretically, part of this volume may be unlocked. However, it is too difficult, require root , and skillful actions with the computer. Yes, and not all smartphones can do that trick, not to mention the meager amount of memory. Much easier to use a microSD card or the good old USB flash drive.


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