Best phablets 2019

the feeling when size matters.

Like it or not, but the producers continue to move upwards diagonally. Smartphone with a large screen makes familiar things more convenient. It's more comfortable to watch videos and play, and when typing you have to fix fewer typos. Such smartphones (also called phablets) are high-capacity batteries, therefore the time of functioning longer than compact devices.

The latest flagship phablet appeared on the market is a massive 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Max Pro from Apple. Several mobile phones with a diagonal of more than 6 inches this year released Samsung. Including Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy Note 10 Plus. All of them belong to the premium category. Of more affordable offers the most alluring looks of the Samsung Galaxy A50. Its main advantages – it's massive at 6.4-inch AMOLED screen and the structure of the rear camera. Competition for him is Moto G7 Power with a diagonal of 6.2 inch and battery life 5000 mAh.

About these and other cool smart phones 2019 will tell you, our new review. If your preference is more modest, look through other materials on our website: there is a collection of compact gadgets with actual characteristics.

iPhone 11 Pro Max (6,5”)

Price: from 100 000 roubles

Front iPhone 11 Pro Max looks painfully familiar. No cosmetic differences from last year's iPhone XS Max: diagonal still, the resolution is not changed, even the unibrow and she remained in place. But inside the improvements is complete. The main changes affected the camera. Optics iPhone 11 Pro Max consists of three lenses – wide angle, telephoto and superzerocool. The latest iPhone offers the widest range of shooting modes.

Its strength is not only physical components but also in software. Revolutionary advances Apple in the field of computational photography became the basis of the shooting capabilities of the iPhone 11. Among the functions of the camera were upgraded Smart HDR, a fundamentally new night mode, and is preparing to release additional image processing technology based on machine learning called Deep Fusion.

All these software improvements analyze the scene automatically fix the lighting and enhance detail. The user only needs to press the shutter button and: no worries about too dark or peresvecheno frame. We can say that the new iPhones are as smart as and powerful.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (6,8”)

Price: 89 990 rubles

Samsung Engineers managed to cram into the Galaxy Note 10 Plus 6.8 inch dynamic AMOLED, almost without changing the dimensions. In addition, the smartphone has got a big battery on 4300 mAh battery with fast charging capacity of 45 W, slot microSD cards and a digital Pen S Pen, which can be used as additional input on.

This is not all. On the rear panel is a Quartet of lenses for all occasions, from portraits with shallow depth of field to landscapes with a wide angle. Switching between modes is done with the touch of a button. Maybe it's not the best of the flagship cameras, but it is truly universal and meets the high reputation of the series Note.

Google Pixel 3 XL (6.3”)

Price: 42 000

6.3-inch Pixel 3 XL saw the light last fall. At the time of release it was met by severe competition in the face of iPhone XS Max, Galaxy Note 9, and many other plamenov with a large display, which managed to come out until October. In order not to lose face, Google has trained Pixel 3 XL a few tricks based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Pixel 3 XL knows how to sort selfie good and bad (it does feature the Top Shot), perfectly removes in the dark with Night Sight and uses AI to improve the pictures when zooming. If the user does not want to accept a call from an unknown number, instead talk to Google now: it is in Pixel 3 XL feature Call Screen. Charger dock Pixel Stand will turn the smartphone into a makeshift install Google Home.

Line Pixel's updated to the fourth generation, but even then Pixel 3 XL remains one of the best phablets 2019. The coolest feature of this smartphone is reflected in a younger version of Pixel 3a XL, which on average costs 8 Grand less.

Samsung Galaxy A50 (6,4”)

Cost: 16 990 rubles

Samsung Galaxy A50 – owner of the almost edge-to-edge AMOLED screen with a cutout-type Infinity-U, triple rear camera, battery 4000 mAh and 4, or 6 GB оперативной памяти. Мощно? Еще как. Приятно, что цена всего этого удовольствия в максимальной конфигурации 6/128GB не превышает 20 тысяч.

For comparison: the Google Pixel 3a with similar capabilities, and slightly more high-end camera is 1.5 times more expensive.

Line Galaxy A does not apply to premium, however, the office does not look budget. Moreover, its characteristics will envy some flagships. A headphone Jack and a separate slot for a memory cards will delight those who appreciate classic practical technology.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (6,4”)

Price: from 63 990 rubles

Galaxy S10 Plus inherited diagonal from Note 9. But the size of the S10 Plus got a little more compact, and all because of the design of Infinity-A: double front facing camera placed in a special region in the upper right corner of the screen. Ultra slim frame with rounded edges are also present, they have already become a hallmark of the line.

The space inside the enclosure used to the maximum. The battery on the 4100 mAh battery provides 12.5 hours of heavy use. The nominal capacity is sufficient not only for the device itself, but also for charging other devices using the technology of wireless power Samsung PowerShare. Next to the battery is located the top Snapdragon 855, the memory chips with a maximum capacity 12/1024 GB, camera sensors (dual rear and triple front) and a headphone Jack. The fingerprint scanner embedded in display.

OnePlus 7 Pro (6,6”)

Price: 42 990 rubles

Oneplus 7 Pro was a deviation from the usual course of the company. Previously, OnePlus has released the device exclusively with number indexes. OnePlus 7 with Pro marker, as expected, has some additional features that the basic version do not exist. OLED screen increased to 6.67 inches, the resolution up to QHD+. Selfie camera is moved on the sliding module. The phablet runs on Snapdragon 855 with a huge stock of RAM – to 12 GB.

Along with these options has grown, and cost. To Apple's price tag OnePlus is still far away, but if you think that the latest technical innovations unworthy allowances, look at the OnePlus 6T last year: it is cheaper, it also 8GB The RAM, but the display is a little smaller (6,41”).

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (6,7“)

Price: from 83 000

This device in our stores you will find. Go after him in the United States, South Korea or any other country where there is existing 5G network. Get ready to pay at least $1299 (83 thousand), and then at your disposal will be the first the Samsung with support for 5G. For the most part this is a standard Galaxy S10, but with additional cameras and increased to 4500 mAh battery.

On the huge display with a diagonal of 6.7”, you'll see the finest details of movies, and the benefits of a bigger battery, you'll appreciate it when you start to download large files over 5G. Download lightning: a half-hour the movie in high quality download five seconds. However, the power consumption is increased, and a large battery partially makes up for it. Sad thing: everything that makes the Galaxy S10 5G unique, in USssia it is useless.


Moto G7 Power (6,2”)

Price: 14 999 rubles

Large, but inexpensive smartphones also exist. For example, Moto G7 Power cost less than 15 thousand equipped with a 6.2-inch display with a sweetheart neckline. This is the real marathon runner in the world of phablets: the battery has a capacity of 5000 milliamp hours. Smartphone up to 15 hours of Internet surfing via LTE. Other specs also look decent: 632 energy-efficient Snapdragon processor, 3 GB RAM, dual camera and pure Android. If the priority is the autonomy, the Moto G7 Power – what you need. In this regard, among the phablet it has no competitors.


P30 Huawei Pro (6,4”)

Price: from 57 990 rubles

Four cameras on the rear panel as a hint that we face a powerful camera phone. The way it is. Each lens in the P30 Pro is busy with his task. Main 40 MP with Super Spectrum combines multiple pixels into one sensor for unprecedented detail. Lens periscope type has a five times optical zoom for lossless zoom (when you zoom up to 10x zoom is activated hybrid). Superzerocool will manifest itself in landscape photography, and time-of-flight camera poshamanit bokeh in portrait.

A photographer's dream, and only. P30 Pro managed to see the light before the confrontation started Huawei and the U.S. government. The smartphone has officially supported Android. If nothing will change (hope so), then P30 Pro will get an update not only to Android 10 and Android 11.

Google Pixel 3a XL (6“)

Price: 34 900 rubles

Pixel 3a XL got an excellent 12.2 MP camera from his older brother Pixel 3 XL. The cheaper cost was due to the replacement of a top-end CPU at a slower Snapdragon 670. Otherwise, both the XL-model of the third generation model is very similar to each other.

Owners Pixel 3A XL Google guarantees 3 years of system updates and gradual introduction AI-Pixel Line features such as Call Screen and Night Sight. There is one parameter that the Pixel 3A XL outperforms its premium counterpart — it is autonomy. The combination of energy-efficient chipset with battery at 3700 mAh battery makes this smartphone one of the most "long-playing" in the category of phablets.

As for standard Pixel 3A — this is also a great smartphone at a low price, only to the club phablet and it is as a diagonal of "only" 5.6 inches.

iPhone XS Max (6,5”)

Price: 89 990 rubles

Here all of Apple's standards – beautiful, powerful and expensive. This model became a guide Apple in the category of phablets. It's hard to believe, but the iPhone XS Max 6.5-inch OLED screen, and the dimensions are the same as iPhone 8 Plus. In terms of performance it is one of the powerful smartphones: chipset A12 Bionic to the nines makes many Android flagships. Do not forget about the improved camera, an updated portrait mode and over 11 hours of battery life.

iPhone XR (6,1”)

Price: from 49 990 rubles

IPhone XR – youngest of family of iPhone 2018. He took over a large part of the chip iPhone XS and XS Max, only contain them in a smaller enclosure. In size it is between the iPhone XS (5,8”) and iPhone XS Max (6,5”). From the XS series features display technology: it is a LCD and not OLED. 3D Touch is missing, the main camera one, frame a little thicker, and to enhance the design instead of stainless steel used aluminium.

И тем не менее iPhone XR считается флагманом, так как в его состав входит A12 Bionic. Производительность данного чипсета сравнима со Snapdragon 845, который стал частью лучших прошлогодних plamenov на Android.

G8 LG ThinQ (6,1”)

Price: 54 500 rubles

It wasn't such a breakthrough like Samsung S10, but there are innovations that deserve attention. For example, holes for speakers do not exist: a clear rich sound comes straight out of the OLED-display technology: thanks to Crystal Sound. Dual rear camera uses artificial intelligence and achieves the greatest effect when shooting food and nightlife scenes. Inside is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, therefore system LG G8 ThinQ is not far behind from its competitors.

What LG shouldn't do is to overload the flagship of the useless features like face recognition technology palm. Who needs it when there is a Face ID and the fingerprint scanner? But at least G8 ThinQ is cheaper than the same Samsung or iPhone, so some of his shortcomings can close your eyes.


Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (6,2”)

Price: from 45 990 rubles

a Large display and decent stock performance has last year's Galaxy S9 Plus. Its display is 0.4 inches longer than the standard S9, the amount of RAM increased to 2 GB and the rear camera includes an additional sensor that allows you to shoot with a shallow depth of field.

Regardless of which version of the S9 you choose, your order will be fantastic AMOLED and powerful technical stuffing. But if S9 Plus you already have and want something more, look to his successor: Galaxy S10 is equipped with a wider screen (6,4”).

Asus ROG Phone (6”)

Cost: 54 990 rubles

the Explosion of popularity gaming smartphones a bit distracted public attention from Samsung in side the Razer. Then the Taiwanese Asus заявили о себе, как о производителе игровых мобильников. Смартфон ROG (то есть Republic of Gamers) имеет разогнанный процессор Snapdragon 845, OLED-экран с частотой обновления 90 Гц и 8GB оперативной памяти. Игровая направленность смартфона ярко выражена в его дизайне: медные вставки, резкие линии и острые углы цепляют взгляд с первой секунды. По краям рамки находятся дополнительные элементы управления – сенсорные зоны Air Triggers, которые выполняют функцию игрового контроллера.

As a regular cooling under load is not enough, Asus has developed for this smartphone mobile cooler Aero Active, as well as cover which does not hinder installation of the cooler.

In General, all the main features relate to gaming. As the camera phone of Asus ROG Phone does not possess. And for those who do not want to openly demonstrate their passion for the game, his appearance will seem too pretentious. But in most aspects it is a balanced and thought-out cell phone.

Sony Xperia XZ3 (6”)

Price: from 39 990 rubles

a few months after the release of the Xperia XZ2 Sony представила следующую в линейке модель – Xperia XZ3. От предшественника ее в первую очередь отличает дисплей: 5,7-дюймовый LCD сменился на 6-дюймовый OLED. Увеличился аккумулятор. Благодаря этим несложным изменениям Sony наконец-то удалось выйти на уровень премиальных plamenov от Samsung Apple и Google.

Something XZ3 is not enough, and some frankly unnecessary. For example, the dynamic vibration in practice not be of any use, and the touch-side surface cause false alarms.

Razer Phone 2 (5,7”)

Price: 32 990 rubles

second Diagonal Razer Phone скромная по фаблетным меркам: всего-то 5,7 дюймов. Тем не менее это панель 16:9, а это значит, что в портретной ориентации смартфон предлагает более широкий формат изображения по сравнению с большинством современных plamenov.

Толстые рамки и массивные решетки динамиков создают впечатление, что смартфон уже года два как устарел. Но судить только по этим двум параметрам будет ошибкой. По факту это мощный игровой мобильник на Snapdragon 845 с 8GB ОЗУ, батареей на 4000 mAh с wireless charging. Like all Razer products it got colorful RGB-logo Chroma.

In the smartphone of this level I would like to see better camera, but still, it's a gaming device, not a camera phone, so expect it a masterpiece photo is not necessary. The emphasis is on productive iron and the refresh rate of the display – here it reaches 120 Hz.


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