How to clean your laptop keyboard?

It takes months and keyboard of a new laptop doesn't look as fresh as on the day of purchase. Each day it settles the dust, skin oil, drops of drinks. The spectacle is unpleasant, so without regular cleaning can not do.

The longer the equipment is operated, the more it is polluted. This affects not only aesthetics, but also functionality. In this article we have collected the most important tips about how to bring order to the laptop keyboard. From it you learn not just about surface cleaning, but also disinfecting.


Cleaning keyboard – it's not five minutes. In addition, the laptop requires delicate handling. With a desktop PC, everything is easier: when an external keyboard is broken, it can be easily replaced. But if you fail the laptop keyboard, the consequences will be much more serious. So:

  • Free workplace. Allow plenty of time.
  • If the laptop contains important data, do not be lazy to backup. This is a mandatory measure in any manipulation with components.
  • Make sure the laptop is unplugged and it is disconnected all accessories, including USB keys.
  • Unplug the laptop. It is desirable to completely de-energize it by removing the battery.

How to clean laptop keyboard from dust and small litter

Dust everywhere. It naturally settles on the surface of the keyboard, is hammered into the gaps between the keys and into the cracks of the hull. There also penetrates and debris of food crumbs, hair, pet hair etc. This kind of contamination easy to remove the easiest to get rid of it will help the cleaner.

Not the usual vacuum cleaner for the floor, and the little mini-unit. This hostess collect in the kitchen the spilled sugar, and the laboratory personnel and DIY-crates tidy workplace. Mini vacuum cleaner has various attachments. To clean the keyboard you need the one with the narrow nose.

In principle, and will fit a normal large vacuum cleaner, just to maneuver it will be harder and will have to use a low thrust to his trash inadvertently suck and half keys. And don't forget the soft brush to collect dust.

A can of compressed air – a variant not the most bad, but we would not recommend it, because our goal is to pull the dust out, not to drive it deeper. Therefore, the best solution is a mini vacuum cleaner.

How to remove keyboard grease stains

These spots have a characteristic luster, because the reason for their appearance – sebum on the palms. Your contribution makes this habit to sit down at the laptop immediately after eating, without washing hands. Just a dry microfiber cloth grease stains are not removed, but deal with them on ur household eraser – sponge polymer based on melamine.

Wet the sponge, let the water drain out that excess has not penetrated keys. Area gently wipe contaminated sites. Can be cut from sponge small pieces for convenience. Melamine sponge works like an eraser and will eventually wear off. Too zealous is not necessary: melamine – abrasive material, when strong pressure is applied on the plastic will scratch.

Economic eraser cleans all – steel, tile, glass, wood and even textiles. But some Housewives do not like it for toxicity. If melamine sponge was not at home, clean your keyboard with rubbing alcohol or special cleaning fluid for electronics.

How to disinfect the keyboard

In view of global events is now much attention is paid to disinfection of premises and owner. The keyboard can also be a breeding ground for infection, if you are working in a crowded office, at school or in the presence of sick people. But in the home periodic disinfection will not be superfluous. Once we set about cleaning thoroughly, we'll deal with this issue.

Need antiseptic liquid (preferably based on isopropyl alcohol) and cotton swabs. The presence of isopropyl alcohol in the composition of the liquid is important because other types of alcohol are aggressive and can wipe the dirt off the keys with the paint and applied symbols.

Soak a cotton swab, wipe each key on the surface and sides. The process is long and tedious, so to speed it up sticks you can replace the round cotton pads that are commonly used for removing makeup.

How to remove sticky spots from liquid

To spill drinks on a laptop is dangerous, so you can even lose the computer. Aesthetics expire: sweet tea, coffee, soda and beer leave sticky spots. Watch them unpleasantly, and to touch even more.

If the drink is spilled just, act quickly. First and foremost unplug the unit and remove the battery. For a day or two the laptop will have to be left alone, while the remains of the liquid inside to evaporate. It is likely that after this it will not turn on or displays a problem (refuse something from hardware, the OS will start to work correctly). Then you have to resort to the services of the workshop.

The spray is not as dangerous. Most of them remain on the surface and is removed with tissue paper. Sticky, old stains can be removed with alcohol, cleaning fluid or melamine eraser.

To get moisture from under the keys, will have some trouble. The problem is that laptop keyboards have a different design. On some devices the keyboard is removed entirely, and the process is easy: simply follow the instructions on YouTube. In some cases, to separate keys requires a special puller. There are keys that are generally not designed for removal.

If you know a safe way to remove the keyboard from your laptop, be sure to use them. Under it you will find contaminants that could not be removed with surface cleaning. Remember: brute force is not necessary, the desired accuracy and care. Avoid using tools which may damage the latch. If you do not want to risk the laptop you can always trust the professional at the service center who will disassemble and properly clean it sane amount.