How to delete a Facebook page?

Describe all the nuances of the removal procedure the personal and public pages in Facebook with the new version of the design.

Users in USssia most often have an account on Facebook purely out of curiosity – to understand what kind of a beast, about which so much is said. Then, not having dealt with an unusual interface, throw an account or thinking about how to remove that personal data was not mentioned on the Internet.

In this article we will give detailed instructions on how to block Facebook account on a temporary basis and permanently.

What a Facebook page is different from the account?

But let's start with learning the basics, because users often get confused and can not distinguish between an account in Facebook from page. It's the "VK" everything is simple and obvious – on Facebook between a page, profile and account, there is a difference.

Account basis. Account the user gets at the time of check – specifies when email, phone number and password. The account is assigned a personal profile – it is also called a personal page. This is the page on which appears information about the user.

one user can be in only one account and profile.

But the public pages under your profile, it can create as much as necessary. So if you want to leave Facebook altogether incorrect to use the expression "delete page". Correct option – "delete account".

How to delete Facebook account for a while (deactivating)?

the Option of deactivation for those users who expect to return to Facebook. If the profile is deactivated, to find pages related to it, nobody can. But the user can recover the account at any time and retain access to the messenger.

We will examine the deactivation procedure version Facebook with a new design. To temporarily remove a profile, do the following:

Step 1. Open the main menu and click on partition "Settings and privacy».

Step 2. In the section "Settings and privacy selectSettings».

Step 3. In the settings you will need section "Your information on Facebook».

Step 4. In this section you will find the item "Deactivate and remove" (most recent) and click the "to Watch».

Step 5. A window will appear which will offer you a choice between deactivating the account and it is permanently deleted.

Click deactivate account and click on the "to Continue with your account is disabled».

Step 6. At the final stage, you need to specify the reason for leaving (1). Are you select any of the suggested reasons (except "I have another Facebook account»), social network will react and tell you how to solve the problem without deactivating. At this stage, Facebook works great with objections and negative users.

In the same window, you can opt-out of receiving notifications from Facebook (for example, the fact that you were invited to the event) by putting the jackdaws in the field (2). You can also specify that you want to keep access Messenger (3). After I put all the checkboxes, click the "Deactivate" (4).

the Profile will be temporarily blocked. Your name will continue to appear in lists from friends, but personal information access nobody gets.

If you were only one of the administrators of a business page, that page will not disappear from sight when you deactivate your account.

How to delete Facebook page from my computer forever?

If you want to burn all bridges and leave Facebook without the possibility of account recovery, have to disappoint you: fail. Even after you have permanently deleted the account to restore access to the page within 1 month. When the month ends, the account will eventually disappear, but during those 30 days you will still appear in the friends lists.

The first steps in the complete removal of the account – same as when it is deactivated. Only at the 5th stage, you need to select deactivate permanently delete your account. Then click the "Continue with the deletion of account».

The social network will offer you alternatively, deactivation and tries to seduce, while maintaining access to Messenger. In addition, Facebook will recommend to make a copy of the information before deletion.

click Here "Delete account».

In the next window, enter the password and press the" Continue". Curiously, Facebook does not even asks for a reason why you decided to leave.

The last step, confirm what you know about the 30-day period. Hit "Delete account».

After that, the screen will appear to alert that the permanent deletion is scheduled.

How to remove Facebook from your phone via the mobile app?

Facebook, unlike most other social networks, leaves the user the option to remove the account via the mobile app. How do you do it?

Step 1. Go to "Settings».

Step 2. In settings expand "Settings and privacy" select "Settings»

Step 3. Next page progralti to "blockYour information on Facebook" and click the "Manage your account».

Step 4. Next, go to the "Deactivate and remove».

Step 5. Make a choice between deactivation and permanent deletion of the account. Since in this section we are talking about removing, we will go down this path. After selecting, click "Continue with the deletion of account».

Step 6. Before you finally say goodbye to Facebook, it is recommended to download a backup of the information from the profile to the phone memory – the social network provides the opportunity (1). You can also check which applications you have registered with Facebook. Access to these applications will be lost.

After you check it out and download, click on the "Delete account" and say goodbye to the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg forever.

How to delete a business page?

A business page on Facebook is necessary for the promotion of goods and services as to offer services from a personal page is strictly prohibited. For such administration Facebook instantly sends in the ban.

to Delete a business page will be able only if you are the only administrator. We need to do so:

Step 1. Find the "Your page " to the right and select the page you wish to delete.

Step 2Eraseon the Page", then click "Page Setup».

Step 3. Scroll down the settings list partition "Total" to the end. The last point is "Remove page". Click on it.

Step 4. Confirm that you want permanently delete business page.

The page will be deleted in a few seconds.

How to cancel deletion of the page?

To cancel you need to log in using their credentials within 30 days after you request account deletion. The screen will display the following window:

Click the "undelete " and have your profile fully restored.


Facebook is so simple user will not let go. Even if you run the procedure to permanently delete your account, you can cancel it within 30 days. To do this, simply log in under your credentials. So if you are not confident in your willpower, you will have before you remove to change the data account and forget them.

Alternatively, complete removal of account Facebook provides the deactivation. This is pretty handy option because the user will retain access to messenger, but will protect themselves from different kinds of useless alerts. "Deactivated" account, you can return whenever you want, so deactivation is the best option for those who want to relax away from the noise.