Smartphone Highscreen

Highscreen is a smartphone brand owned by the company «Haisken Smart». Until 2012 the company has worked on the so-called OEM-scheme, popular with USssian retailers still – she just bought in China ready devices and put a brand.

But, since 2012, the company began to develop gadgets (the first model was Yummy), the development carried out by USssian specialists, and produces models in China.


what features of the smartphone Highscreen?

Ключевой элемент маркетинговой стратегии «Хайскрин Смарт» — это конкурентная ценовая политика, сочетание доступной цены, качества и современных технологий. Smartphone Хайскрин всегда стоят дешевле, чем аналоги от более известных компаний.

models Highscreen catalog has other features:

  • All the gadgets Developers have slots for two SIM cards and a slot for a card MicroSD.
  • most of the gadgets of this brand is able long to work avtonomno due to the capacious battery. For example, one of the first full-length models Boost 2 packaged with two batteries, one of which is the capacity reaches 6000 mAh. At that time, representatives even stated Boost 2 in the "Guinness Book of world Records" as the smartphone-survivor — without access to a power outlet he could "live" up to two weeks.
  • Many of the latest models Highscreen continue to be produced with high capacity batteries have a NFC, and for navigation are almost always used and GPS + GLONASS

a review of the disadvantages of gadgets Highscreen

The first disadvantage is the difficulty of buying accessories. The range is not always present genuine accessories, therefore, often consumers select the appropriate options on the well-known Chinese website. Although, it should be noted that often the manufacturer installs the devices covers and/or protective films.

In addition, Highscreen smartphone with a great battery, have a considerable size because of this factor, so they can hardly be called miniature, and for fans of aesthetics, preferring style big battery, some models may not like it.

the Official store Highscreen

review of the smartphone Highscreen Spade

the Principle to produce phones with multi-core processors was picked up and the company Highscreen. Not to be outdone by its competitors, it has developed another brainchild Spade...