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Alcatel now will not be able to satisfy the tastes of mobile "gourmet", but if you need to buy a budget device you should refer to the catalog of this company in the first place.

The consultants salons have a great trick that allows them to sell the Alcatel smartphones like hotcakes: they just tell customers that Alcatel is a French firm, therefore, and gadgets their French. This argument works very well with those clients who frown in disgust at the word "China».

nothing really French in smartphones Alcatel no. Even back in 2004, a division of Alcatel engaged in the production of mobile technology, has teamed up with Chinese firm TCL — all push-button phones , and "smart" devices released after this point, a native of China. The main couple was just TCL and Alcatel has only a brand famous and successful from a marketing point view.

The fact that the Alcatel smartphones are manufactured in China, should not confuse the buyer – on the contrary, it is due to this gadgets at reasonable prices. About the actual lines of Alcatel and the most notable of the smartphones the company this article will tell.

What line of smartphones Alcatel operate in 2017?

Alcatel – holds the record for the number of lines in smartphones, the company has them already 6:

  • A. This is the most recent line – first devices A-series appeared only in 2017. Now the line includes a completely dissimilar smartphones, but most of them has a common feature – a huge display with a diagonal of 5.5-6 inches.
  • U is a line for people who can not imagine life without selfie.
  • Shine. Smartphone Shine until only one is Lite model. Key features – premium glass and metal design at low price.
  • Idol – the most advanced and functional smartphones Alcatel. This line is considered the flagship. Devices Alcatel Idol usually have very thin hulls and contrast IPS-display awesome quality.
  • Popbudget smartphones, intended mainly for teenage audience. A characteristic feature of the design of the vehicles line – rounded corners.
  • Pixi – line extra low-cost devices with functionality corresponding price. Note that the border between Pop and Pixi lines began to blur: the most expensive Pixi is now worth almost 6 thousand rubles — then as the Pop smartphone can be bought for 4 thousand.

the Most notable of the Alcatel smartphones, we will present in more detail.

The available

Alcatel Pixi 4 4034D

  • Chipset: Is a 4-nuclear MediaTek MT6580M, 1300 MHz.
  • Screen: 4 inches, resolution 800×480.
  • Battery: 1500 mAh
  • memory: 512 MB
  • Built-in storage: 4 GB

Price: 2 368 rubles

On the market a few smartphones costing up to 2 500 roubles – and those that can boast of even and Android version 6.0 out of the box, generally just a few models. One of those is Alcatel Pixi 4 4034D.

About the merits Pixi for a long time do not have to talk – it is clear that the most fastidious can hardly pass by. Among the advantages of the gadget in addition to the minimum rates should include a surprisingly powerful processor. 4-core "rock" Pixi from MTK is able to accelerate up to 1300 MHz. Exactly the same clock frequency listed in the specifications of the majority of the devices Alcatel – even those that cost 10 thousand rubles.


  • a Variety of color options.
  • The minimum cost.
  • Support 2 SIM cards.
  • Good for in excess of the budgetary device chipset.


  • The small screen with a funny by today's resolution.
  • Boring and banal design.

Other cheap smartphones: One Touch Pop Star (5070D), Pixi 4 (5) (5045D), U5 (4047D), U3, Pixi 3 (4) (4013D).

To the American

Alcatel U5 HD

  • Chipset: Is a 4-nuclear MediaTek MT6737M, 1300 MHz.
  • Screen: 5 inches, HD resolution.
  • Battery: 2200 mAh
  • memory: 1 GB
  • Built-in storage: 8 GB

Price: 4 690 rubles

Alcatel was awarded a budget model U5 HD great cameras – 13mp rear and 8MP front. The front camera is provided with flash – as "Sebaste" you can do it even in low light conditions. Young users will certainly appreciate the many effects selfie – for example, the popular effect "Mask", which allows to the smartphone screen to transform into a pirate, a bear, a zombie.

Alas, with the exception of U5 HD cameras more and really have nothing to brag about – for all other characteristics is quite primitive budget gadget.

To buy is the HD model. U5 easy, though a little cheaper, but its screen is no good.


  • Достойная selfie-камера с большим количеством фильтров и эффектов.
  • Support 4G.
  • Support 2 SIM cards.


  • Mediocre autonomy.
  • a Small amount of user memory.
  • Overpriced – for the same money you can buy a gadget with the best features.

Другие selfie-смартфоны: A7, A3, A3 XL, Idol 4S.

Modest "handsome"

Alcatel Lite Shine

  • Chipset: Is a 4-nuclear MediaTek MT6737, 1300 MHz.
  • Screen: 5 inches, HD resolution.
  • Battery: 2460 mAh
  • memory: 2GB
  • Built-in storage: 16GB

Price: 7 990 rubles

Model Alcatel Lite Shine presented at the the exhibition 2016 IFA, where it definitely was a success. The smartphone is fully consistent with the assigned manufacturer's epithet ("shining") and looks absolutely fantastic. The visitors had opened their mouths in astonishment when they were told that this gadget – budget.

a Secret design Shine Lite lies in the fact that the casing does not contain a single gram of plastic. And front and rear side of the device is covered by a robust 2.5 D glass Dragontrail — at the front there is also an oleophobic coating. Frame is made of metal.

Due to the fact that the smartphone is made exclusively from premium materials, it has significant weight over 150 grams. However, you have to agree to this sacrifice worthwhile to go for such a stunning design!


  • Is an excellent build and premium design.
  • the Presence of fingerprint sensor.
  • Vivid HD display with oleophobic coating.
  • Low price.


  • The chipset is not the most productive – characteristics the processor the gadget is not far from Pixi 4.
  • The device supports only 1 SIM.

The biggest

Alcatel A7 XL

  • Chipset: 8-nuclear MediaTek MT6750S, 1500 МГц.
  • Screen: 6 inches, resolution FullHD.
  • Battery: 4000 mAh
  • memory: 3GB
  • Built-in storage: 32GB

Price 13: 000

Если модель Shine Lite стала экспонатом IFA 2016 года, то гаджеты A7 Alcatel представила на такой же the exhibition годом позже. Простой A7 ничем толком не запомнился, а вот A7 XL впечатлил – он действительно огромен!

The smartphone is provided with laminated 6-inch IPS display covered with Dragontrail glass. The screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixels (FullHD), and this is great progress compared with the A3 XL device, which is nicknamed "the killer eye" for the display is the same diagonal with HD resolution. Despite the large size, the A7 XL very easy to operate — and besides, the cute and cuddly to the touch. The device has a classic metal design that apparently never goes out of fashion.


  • Capacious battery, and support fast-charge to fill the battery halfway from scratch in just 40 minutes.
  • Ultra-fast fingerprint scanner, reacting for 0.2 seconds.
  • The support of technology improve sound Dirac.
  • The metal case.
  • Support LTE Cat 4 – the Internet speed on A7 XL up to 150 Mbps.
  • Modern Android 7.1 out of the box.


  • Impressive weight — 175 grams.
  • Significant thickness — 9 mm. In such a case it would be possible to fit an even more capacious battery.
  • A mediocre rear camera. Resolution 12 megapixels will not help if you are using budget sensor — as in the case of A7 XL.

Other smartphones with large screens: XL A2, A3, XL, POP 4 (6), Pixi 4 (6).

The music

Alcatel Idol 4S 6070K

  • Chipset: 8-nuclear Qualcomm Snapdragon 652
  • Screen: 5.5 inch QuadHD resolution
  • Battery: 3000 mAh
  • memory: 3GB
  • Built-in storage: 32GB

Price: 14 489 rubles

On the sound Idol 4S worked such "luminaries" as JBL and Waves – therefore it is logical that this smartphone is one of the most musical on the market today. Device from Alcatel is equipped with two speakers and a professional audio technology Waves, making it sound significantly louder and cleaner than most other mobile devices.

A curious feature of the apparatus is the so-called reversibility; what side device is not turn, the right audio channel will remain on the right and the left on the left. Here all the glory of symmetry. For example, speakers located on the front and rear faces, so if you put Idol 4S on the screen, the music won't sound muffled. Microphones placed in the upper and lower parts of the body – as a result, talking on the smartphone Alcatel possible, even holding it upside down.


  • A quality headset from JBL in the kit.
  • the Presence of музыкального диспетчера Waves MaxxAudio, позволяющего настроить звук под конкретные наушники.
  • The support for the VR headset.
  • A large amount of memory. This parameter Idol 4S favorably with model Idol 4, in which the amount of ROM half.


  • Is missing the fingerprint sensor.
  • The autonomy of the smartphone leaves much to be desired.

the best of the Best

Alcatel Idol 5

  • Chipset: 8-nuclear MediaTek MT6753, 1300 МГц.
  • Screen: 5.2 inches, resolution FullHD.
  • Battery: 2800 mAh
  • memory: 3GB
  • Built-in storage: 16GB

Price: 11 693 rubles

Paradoxically, the best smart phone Alcatel Idol 5 we recognize the gadget that is on the verge of separating budget and mid-price segments. The device does not contain any sensational technology, but boasts of a very high quality build and attractive design. Housing cast, made of aluminum, the battery is not removed. Due to the minimal thickness (only 7.5 mm) and 2.5 D-Dragontrail glass with oleophobic coating smartphone looks modern and not "lost", even if you are on the same shelf dazzling bright Shine Lite.


  • Premium appearance.
  • The presence of fingerprint sensor.
  • The support of digital sound optimization Dirac.
  • the Presence of уникальной клавиши Now, определять функцию которой пользователь может сам.
  • Support "Redundancy application", which the user can "login" in social networks and the messengers on the device under two accounts at the same time.


  • The endurance of the mediocre.
  • The camera despite the resolution at 16 megapixels, shoots not the best way.
  • The slot for a SIM card combo – will have to make a choice between SIM 2 and memory stick.

To be called the best smartphone deserves the Idol 5S, which sounds better, and the user memory has more. However, at the end of 2017, this device is not for sale nor in the USssian retail nor in the official online store Alcatel.


In the directory of smartphones Alcatel 2017 no expensive machine – perhaps manufacturer desperate to fight for "a place under the sun" in the premium segment. But the position of Alcatel in the budget segment is a very strong line, Pop and Pixi for sure will soon become legendary.

From Alcatel has a good chance of success in the medium price segment. The company provides users at competitive prices bright smartphones with distinctive design — and this is different from many Chinese manufacturers who are capable only of churning out boring and trivial the units.


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