Smartphone Doogee

Doogee – a young Chinese company, founded in 2013, a major concern KDV is engaged in manufacturing of telecommunication equipment. The group has numerous plants and research laboratories; each of products meets the international certificate ISO 9001.

the Company Arc responsible for the production of "smart devices", is prolific: for the first partial year of existence, it has released 6 smartphones, and next – as many as 20!


Line of smartphones Doogee

All smartphones manufactured by Doogee, divided into 4 line:

  • FFlagman. Models in this series belong to the premium class, but have a very modest cost. The flagship of the current directory F5 only costs $ 150, and this despite the fact that the body is made of expensive material – alloy Liquid Metal, which has high reliability and resistance to corrosion.
  • YArkie. These smartphones stand out interesting design and youth-oriented. For example, the model Y100X Nova has the minimal side of frame (1 mm), as well as an interesting location for the volume control on the back.
  • XExtra-budgetary model. Innovations in these devices do not meet, but for the price they are very functional. For 55 dollars you can buy a 4-core X3 with graphics accelerator Mali.
  • TDolgozhitel. In 2016, the Windows will appear T6 with the battery in MA and 6250 Pump Express technology, thanks to which the smartphone's battery can charge other devices.

are There any disadvantages of mobile phones Doogee?

To identify the shortcomings that are common to all smartphones Doogee, it is not easy, as the company skillfully classified the device and can now meet the needs of any population. Judging by the reviews, the weak point of the smartphone – camera: in particular, the devices of the series X just will not allow you to make a good selfie their front camera resolution usually does not exceed 0.3 m and is suitable only for Skype. However, you need to make allowances and price – Doogee smartphones are among the budget options in each of the segments.

Best smartphones DOOGEE

Company DOOGEE produces good smartphone sold at a low price. But which ones are the best?

DOOGEE X70: copy iPhone X for $69,99

If you like iPhone X, but no money for such an expensive machine should pay attention to the latest DOOGEE X70. New looks as the flagship of Apple, but it costs only 7% of it...