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How to upgrade WhatsApp on Android

If you have installed old version of WhatsApp, you will not be able to make and receive calls, receive and send messages. To use messenger, you must upgrade it.

On Android this happens automatically if the device has enough free space and you have not previously disabled this feature. If WhatsApp does not update itself, then we'll show you how to do it manually.

Update via the Play store

So how to update watsup on Android through the Play store can be different, we recommend to do it step by step in the following order:

Step 1. Launch the app Play store and on the main screen click on the Show more (located in the line search), or swipe to the right.

Step 2. In the opened menu, select "My apps and games".

Step 3. Navigate to "Update".

Step 4. Locate "WhatsApp Messenger" and click on it.

Step 5. You will see the main application page with detailed information. Press "Update" to begin the download of the latest version.

Step 6. If the device does not have enough free space, you will be prompted to remove other applications from the list. Select the unwanted and click "Continue".

note: if the device does not have enough space, but you don't want to remove the application then try to get rid of unnecessary media files (e.g. photos, music) or move them to a the cloud.

Step 7. On the page of WhatsApp in Play store click on the Show more (in upper right corner) and turn "AutoUpdate" to continue to update the app manually.

You can use WhatsApp as soon as the update is downloaded to the phone. Usually installation takes less than one minute (the exact time depends on the speed of your Internet connection).

reinstall the app

If you upgrade watsup on Android does not work due to bugs or other unforeseen issues, then just try to reinstall the app via Play store. So the device will immediately downloaded the latest version of messenger. How to download the updated watsup:

Step 1. Launch Play store and in the search bar, type "WhatsApp Messenger" to pass to the main application page.

Attention : before uninstalling app make sure to enable in the settings of data backup, if you want to keep the history of the conversations and call log.

Step 2. Click on the "Delete" to start the uninstall messenger.

Step 3. In the pop-up window, press OK to confirm the action and wait for removal.

Step 4. Without leaving the page, press "Set" for the free download messenger.

If you reinstall watsup on the phone, then further update it will not have, because the Play store is loaded the latest version of messenger. After that you can continue to use the app.