the Best Segways Xiaomi

The Chinese company Xiaomi is known not only for their smartphones but also many other devices. Quite popular are Segways, sold under the brand name of the child Mijia.

In contrast to smartphones, which have Xiaomi go almost every month, scooters appear much less frequently, however, they always sell very well and is getting mostly positive user reviews. The main advantages is the combination of reasonable prices with high quality build and good performance. The best Segways Xiaomi presented in our new rating.

Xiaomi Mijia M365

  • IoT RGB HIPER C1 250 W
  • Battery: 7800 mAh
  • Max speed: 25 km/h
  • Reserve: 30 miles

Price: 24 000 RUB.

Открывает топ электросамокатов Xiaomi довольно старенькая модель M365, которая и сегодня имеет актуальные характеристики. Она получила корпус из алюминиевого сплава с удобной складной ручкой, что упрощает хранение и перенос устройства в руках. Самокат очень стильный и достаточно легкий, весит он всего 12,5 кг, но при этом способен выдержать ездока до 100 кг. Аккумулятор полностью восполняет емкость за 5 часов, а запас хода составляет 30 miles. Благодаря 8,5-дюймовым надувным колесам кататься комфортно даже по не очень ровным поверхностям, но при этом многие владельцы пишут, что колеса легко пробить, особенно если они слабо накачаны. Для езды в темное время предусмотрена передняя фара и задний стоп-сигнал. Вся электроника защищена по стандарту IP54, то есть брызги не нанесут ей никакого вреда.

it is Important to note that there is a model M187, which differs from the M365 only battery. Its capacity is 5500 mAh, which will umeraet the range of up to 20 km. Some unscrupulous suppliers sell a more affordable scooter M187 under the guise of M365. Visually they are quite different, and hardly noticeable marking is only on the box, so more experienced users recommend at purchase to check the battery capacity via a branded app for smartphones.


  • Ease of use.
  • Is suitable for children from 12 years.
  • Comfortable ride on light off road.
  • a Bright flashlight.
  • A beautiful appearance.
  • Is easily formed.
  • The protection of electronics from moisture.


  • No display, but all the information about the device is displayed in the application.
  • Is useful for loose steering.
  • Frays the cable to the brake lights.

Xiaomi Mijia M365 Pro

  • IoT RGB HIPER C1 300 watts
  • Battery: 12800 mAh
  • Max speed: 25 km/h
  • Reserve: 45 km

Price: from 35 000 rubles.

The electric skateboard Xiaomi Mijia M365 Pro in comparison with the younger model received some improvements, and some users for them, there is a sense to overpay. The main difference is a more capacious battery, which allows to overcome large distances. Additionally, increased engine power – users point out that the scooter pulls better uphill. However, he was weighing 14.5 kg, and charge fully the battery will now have 9 hours.

In the Pro version has a display and three driving modes – eco, standard and sport. The difference between them is in speed, but remember that the faster you drive, the sooner you will wear out the battery. The display shows the selected mode, the current battery has a status indicator lights and connection with a smartphone. The rest of the scooter is not different from the M365 – the same aluminum body with the possibility of addition, inflatable wheels 8.5 inch, IP54 protection and a load of 100 kg.

it is Worth noting that M365 Pro is more suitable for adult men as it weight for girls and Teens too big and mean to carry it up the stairs or to keep in the hands when riding in public transport would be tough.


  • To enter a fairly steep hill.
  • Overcomes long distances.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • user-friendly display.
  • Several modes of the drive.
  • a Bright flashlight.
  • Moisture.


  • in some instances play the steering wheel, but less frequently than M365.
  • Frays the cable brake.
  • In sport mode rather abruptly picks up speed – reviews recommended to switch gradually.
  • No percentage display of the battery charge.

Xiaomi Mi 1S Electric Scooter

  • IoT RGB HIPER C1 250 W
  • Battery: 7800 mAh
  • Max speed: 25 km/h
  • Reserve: 30 miles

Price: from 29 000 RUB

Глядя на характеристики возникает логичный вопрос – чем Mi Electric Scooter 1S отличается от M365? По параметрам отличий нет – это полностью аналогичный самокат с таким же двигателем и батареей, нагрузкой до 100 кг, запасом хода в 30 miles и скоростью до 25 km/h. Практически нет никаких изменений и во внешнем виде – все тот же корпус из сплава алюминия, складная ручка, подножка, фара, стоп-сигнал, никуда не делать и защита от влаги. Несмотря на это модели все же имеют отличия, которые заключаются в том, что 1S получил дисплей от M365 Pro, а также три его режима езды (у версии M365 их было два). Экран отображает не только заряд аккумулятора и выбранный режим, но и выводит ошибки, что упрощает процесс диагностики.

In addition, there is information that in Mi 1S Electric Scooter was considered a build failure from previous device that promises relief from common problems – loose steering and chafing wires. It should be noted that the model is new, therefore, to assess the effectiveness of improvements in design yet hard. However, 1S – this is an intermediate option between the earlier models with the corresponding average price tag.


  • is Easy.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Information display.
  • Three modes of drive.
  • Protection from water.


  • Not yet been identified.


At the time of writing of the text scooters from Xiaomi comes in four models. The differences between them are not too large, but the positioning is quite simple. M187 can be seen as a kids electric skateboard Xiaomi (12 years); M365 – inexpensive model for all; Mi 1S Electric Scooter universal model with increased convenience thanks to three modes and the display; M365 Pro – "man's" scooter for those who are planning to ride long distances.