What kind of MacBook it is better to buy in 2019?

The wider the range MacBook, the harder the flour, the choice of the buyer. Still, the price «Apple» laptops such that err does not.

First guidelines on choosing a MacBook was not necessary, since the range of Apple laptops was limited to only 2 models. The main selection criterion was the amount of money that was available to the potential buyer. Little money – take Air, lots and Pro.

Is now a headache of the buyer increased, because the range has expanded. There are several compromise solutions – in particular, the "midget" MacBook (just) and the model Pro 13 no Touch Bar. The paper will present current models and help you choose the best MacBook.

Than a MacBook air laptop is better than usual?

Before heading to the store for a MacBook, ask yourself a question: do you understand why you need the "Apple" device? It is better to carefully weigh all the "pros" and "cons", since buying a MacBook – not a cheap pleasure. For the money that will be spent on the most simple laptop from Apple, you can purchase very good and powerful device with Windows on Board.

Why, then, users prefer products from Cupertino? It has a number of advantages:

  • The operating system MacOS. Proprietary "OSes" Apple – closed, no virus it is not terrible. MacBooks are very fast and maintain speed for a long time (since the system is not clogged).
  • Keyboard "butterfly". Modern MacBooks have keyboard type "butterfly", characterized with a "plus" low tension controls and ease of print (compared to traditional "scissors"). Users who have tried the "butterfly", saying that to return to "scissors" then not so simple.
  • Mobility. MacBook laptops are lighter, easier to carry. Record the model number – just the MacBook. He and a kilogram weighs.
  • energy Efficiency. Some of the models Apple can hold a charge for 12 hours – almost like smartphones.
  • The brand. Even if a person convinces himself and everyone around him that a MacBook takes an assistant job, surely he's still the first thing I will post a photo to Instagram with the coveted "Apple" on the lid of the device.

the Main drawback of the MacBook is a minimum quantity of programs and games adapted to iOS. Second in importance is, perhaps, a small number of ports. The MacBook, for example, only one port (USB Type-C) – and one for recharging.

What MacBook to choose in 2019?

Say you decided to stay with "Apple" tablet and found the money for its purchase. Then, you will have a pleasant headache – to pick a MacBook. On each of the models that are sold in 2018-2019, we will briefly describe below.

MacBook Air

Air is a suitable option for someone who doubts whether after Windows to get used to the MacOS, its characteristics and closeness. This model is cheaper than the other, because it is considered somewhat outdated. MacBook air you can buy for 65-70 thousand.rubles.

Air is a very light laptop, weighs about a kilogram. He has ports in sufficient quantity (a couple of regular USB) and a slot for SD card (which greatly simplifies data transfer, e.g. from the camera). But with the screen, alas, the problem: its scope at present look too large and funny resolution – 1440×900 pixels. The keyboard is also modern not call — "butterflies" here does not smell, keystroke, according to user reviews, unusually large.

Most likely, in 2019 the Air will become a part of history and will disappear from the display. Therefore, those wishing to buy cheap MacBook should hurry.


The dimensions of the MacBook released in 2016 – the most compact. It weighs even less than Air – only 900 grams. The laptop to name >

Even if you compare just visually, you know that MacBook – a newer, better product than Air. "Baby" looks neater, its small screen limits. And when he's not using it, you will be convinced that Apple just over a year (Air released in 2015) has taken a big step forward. For the MacBook, comfortable keyboard of the type "butterfly" and high-contrast screen with a resolution of 2304×1440 pixels. In addition, MacBook different passive cooling, thanks to which works silently.

The main drawback of this model we have already mentioned – there is only one port USB Type-C. But this is a logical consequence of the compactness of the device. Note also that the much more expensive MacBook Air model will have to pay about 100 thousand rubles.

MacBook Pro 13

With the MacBook Pro is not so clear as with the models described above. In this series, a lot of modifications, which differ not only in memory but also on the diagonal of the screen, the presence / absence of the Touch Bar, year – and, as a consequence, the price.

Apple sells 3 options 13-inch laptops (except for Air):

  • MacBook Pro 2015 (price – from 106 thousand).
  • 2016 MacBook Pro without Touch Bar (price – 119 thousand rubles).
  • 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (the price is 149 thousand roubles).

Touch Bar is the touchpad, which replaces a number of keys F1-F12 on the latest models of Apple laptops.

Do not rush to hang on a 2015 model label "old" and refuse to purchase! This device has good functionality and reasonable price. MacBook Pro 2015 is the same as "the kid" MacBook, but this:

  • Has a screen larger diagonal (13 inch vs 12).
  • Is equipped with a powerful processor – at best modification i7 3.1 GHz.
  • sufficient number of connectors (2 USB, HDMI, a slot for the SD card).

However, this model is not so easy to travel – the laptop weighs over 1.5 pounds. In addition, the MacBook 2015 difficult to find in the shops – apparently, in 2019 it will be altogether impossible task.

2016 MacBook Pro without Touch Bar can hardly be called alternative to the MacBook — because of the large difference in price (about 15 thousand rubles). But this "Apple" laptop, many users find a best view the ratio of "price – functionality". Pro model 2016 easy to distinguish from the "predecessors" — Touch Pad they have just gigantic.

This may seem strange, but the new Pro model on several criteria even slightly inferior laptops released in 2015. They have no USB ports and slots for SD card – only the USB Type-C. in addition, the new models the battery is less capacious – not 5800 mAh battery, and a total of 4300 mAh. The laptop battery life only 5 hours of battery life. Perhaps for these reasons, users in 2019 will remember the MacBook Pro 2015 with nostalgia.

will also mention the differences between models 2016 Macbroom without it. More of them than you probably think:

  • Laptop with Touch Bar has 4 Thunderbolt ports (Junior model only 2).
  • You have a device with Tabara has fingerprint (Touch ID).
  • MacBook touchpad more powerful (at least on the figures) – it has Intel Core I7 processor with a clock frequency of 3.3 GHz. The model without Tabara processor frequency below 2.4 GHz.

The design, of course, also important. Touch Bar — an image thing, thanks to which the laptop look special. That's only worth it for such visual delights to pay 20-25 thousand rubles? Leave this question open.

MacBook Pro 15

The flagship model impresses with design and functions to the same extent that scares its price. In the simplest configuration it is worth as a used car, the most "fancy" — as the apartment is in a remote province.

MacBook Pro 15 traditionally take the geeks, obsessed with performance, or successful entrepreneurs who have to work with large volumes of data and require the laptop to perform compute-intensive operations. For example, for rendering a video or in a recording Studio this machine will be indispensable.

To put MacBook Pro 15 Core i5 processors and Core i7 Broadwell architecture and clock frequency up to 3.1 GHz. For those who these data don't tell you anything, specify: stock performance laptop will last for several years ahead – about the update to think it is not necessary.

Amount of memory also varies and depends on the modification – 8 GB or 16 GB.

Outstanding performance – a key advantage of MacBook Pro 15, but it has other advantages. It's a gorgeous screen that is different P3 color gamut (color space is 25% wider than RGB), and loud speakers that do not sound worse than the speakers, and premium design. However, with all this, the laptop is inferior to the autonomy of other relevant models.

How much is MacBook in 2019: table

Without pretending to perfect accuracy, we have compiled a table of prices on MacBooks, current at the beginning of 2019:

128 GB

256 GB

512 GB

Macbook Air

77 990 rubles

107 990 rubles


109 990 rubles

133 990 rubles

Macbook Pro 13

From 109 990 rubles

125 990 rubles

168 From 990 rubles

Macbook Pro 15

204 From 990 rubles

236 From 990 rubles

Prices are taken from the official Apple website. If you examine the "Yandex.Market "be able to find stores that sell cheaper.


We will not give trite advice in the spirit of "choose, starting from the amount of cash". If you've decided to purchase a MacBook, it is assumed that you have a amount of 120-150 thousand rubles. Otherwise, the money is enough only on stale Air, from which you will not get the same pleasure as from the use of new models.

Best option to buy in 2019 looks MacBook Pro 13 2016 without Touch Bar, which is about 114 thousand rubles (in Re:Store). Эта модель вышла только в 2016 году, считается одной из самых свежих и выглядит со своим широченным тачпадом просто здорово. Но если вам не так важен год выпуска ноутбука, как его автономность и наличие разнообразных портов, лучше купить MacBook Pro 13 2015. Этот аппарат ещё и дешевле будет – на «Yandex.Marketе» вы наверняка сможете найти предложение за 100 тыс. рублей.

But the MacBook and MacBook Pro 15 to a greater extent specific. MacBook –"humble kid" and "ladies ' man", known primarily for its compactness. And Pro 15 — on the contrary, the device for serious people, ready to spend on quality equipment serious money.



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