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Dock smartphone: what is it?

Among the popular accessories for smartphones has long been included docking station. Let's look at their main features.

Every manufacturer tries to use his mobile phone more convenient. Great success in this field at the time the company has achieved Nokia. Some of its machines came with a docking station. This accessory allowed to be in the office chair and always see what is happening on the screen of the phone. It is interesting that now the docking station for the smartphone takes about the same task. This accessory is usually as simple as possible. But this does not mean that it does nothing to tell.

Main purpose

Most often, the docking station acts as a stand and charger. Smartphone neatly placed in its intended region, and a connector of the accessory is inserted into the appropriate connector. As a result, the apparatus is in a stable position while receiving the electric power from the connected AC adapter. If you install any app to the dock, then the screen at this point will display the time, date, weather and other useful info. It is very convenient to read them don't need to take the phone in hand. That's why the dock I love to use office staff — on the Desk next to a computer monitor such an accessory is most useful.

Some items are equipped with extra functionality. For example, it is enough to remember dock for Samsung smartphones. The most expensive of them (this, of course, about the Samsung DeX) turns the flagship of the in a full-fledged computer, allowing you to connect a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and Internet cable. Other accessories may have a built-in audio. This basically makes the dock a portable column. In many cases, these products are used to create a musical alarm clock.

Чаще всего док-станции для телефонов на Android имеют лишь одно посадочное место. Но существуют и уникальные гаджеты, способные одновременно заряжать сразу два или даже четыре гаджета. Купить такой аксессуар стоит в том случае, если у вас уже не хватает розеток для подключения сетевых адаптеров. Smartphone и планшеты в такую док-станцию кладутся боком, поэтому посмотреть на их экран во время зарядки не получится.

Dock for tablets

In the case with tablet computers under the term "docking" refers to a completely different accessory. Usually it is a removable keyboard which the tablet becomes a laptop. Part of this docking station includes additional connectors and battery. Versatile these accessories are not third parties they are almost never released. The easiest way to buy a tablet with a docking station, so as to buy it separately then it might not work.

Of course, not every "pill" exists in a version with a keyboard. Usually possess devices based on Windows, since they are most often used for typing. As for Android tablets, their dock complement very few manufacturers.

the details of the choice of

Если вы являетесь обладателем the flagship of theского смартфона от Samsung, то обратите внимание на DeX. Впрочем, этот гаджет может показаться чересчур дорогим. Да и не каждому человеку нужна возможность подключения его устройства к монитору. Если требуется лишь функция подзарядки, то для покупки рекомендуется универсальная док-станция для смартфона. Найти её можно как в китайских интернет-магазинах, так и в российской рознице.

Dock on AliExpress

Note that even versatile accessory in fact is not. For example, docking stations iPhone must have a Lightning connector. There are also products with connectors micro-USB and USB Type-C. Smartphone Samsung are most often used slightly elongated connector that also plays a role.

In case you have a smartwatch следует искать совмещенную док-станцию. То есть, она должна иметь две площадки — для смартфона и smartwatch. Если последние заряжаются беспроводным методом, то они тоже будут получать электроэнергию, находясь на соответствующей площадке.


Large and small manufacturers have created hundreds of different docking stations. In most cases, they repeat the functionality of each other, differs only design of the accessory. The choice is complicated only if you want to get the built-in speakers or something like that. In other cases, the search for a suitable instance does not take much time, and the purchase will cost only a few hundred rubles.

And you use a docking station for a smartphone? Or you similar products seem completely unnecessary? Share your thoughts in the comments.