NFC in the phone: what is it?

When reading the specifications of the smartphone, you can stumble on a mention of NFC. Let us find out what it is?

Every modern smartphone has several means of wireless communication. For example, LTE is used for data transfer through cellular networks. Bluetooth helps to connect the wireless headset. But what is NFC? The answer to this question is contained in this article.

What is it?

NFC is a method of data transmission for very short distance. That is, the radius of such connection does not exceed 10 cm this is the main difference from NFC, Bluetooth, beating at a distance of from 1 to 10 m. therefore, this function cannot be used for connecting wireless headphones and other similar purposes. The NFC module is geared for other actions.

the Technology is based on RFID — radio frequency identification. It turns out that in the first place of the NFC is to enable an electronic device to know what a gadget it had. But the implementation of the technology is that active does not necessarily have to be both. This must be the only device through which information is read. So now the big distribution has received a Bank card with the so-called NFC — it is passive, while the terminal is already equipped with active NFC chip (otherwise it just wouldn't be able to read the information).

Initially this technology was created for quick pairing between electronic devices. The fact that identification of an NFC happens much faster than Bluetooth — it's a matter of a few tenths of a second. Every smartphone contains a NFC chip with unique identification information. When you apply it, for example, a action-camera, then one understands that this is your gadget. As a result, the process of customizing an application for remote management considerably faster.

the Module operates at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. Large amounts of data through it not to pass, as the rate varies from 106 Kbps to 848 Kbit/s.

Which devices have NFC?

Gradually the NFC chip is receiving an increasing number of electronic gadgets. However, where its use may be limited by the software. For example, in iPhone module is present, but it is used only for contactless payments via a Apple Pay. For other tasks it may not apply. That is why the connection of wireless accessories for Apple technology is the old-fashioned way. At least, it was at the time of this writing. It is not excluded that in the future the "Apple" giant will revise its attitude towards NFC.

The active NFC chips found in the following devices:

  • Smartphone,
  • Plansheta (гораздо реже),
  • Cameras;
  • Camcorder;
  • Smart watch;
  • Fitness bracelets;
  • Payment terminals;
  • Gaming consoles (e.g., via NFC to pass information from the figures Miibo);
  • Audio.

with regard to passive NFC, they can be equipped by:

  • a credit card;
  • NFC-tags and key rings;
  • Travel;
  • Accessories для смартфонов.

of Course, this is not a complete list, as experiments with the technology continues.

What NFC is used most often?

We've already told you about one rather popular method, the use of NFC quick sync the two devices together. And if used often, the user connects the smartphone and the camera, now in most cases required for NFC quick definition headphones, smart watches, fitness bracelets and other useful phone accessories.

Also with the aid of implemented NFC contactless payment method. The corresponding label possess some Bank card. Moreover, pay for goods with a smartphone if the user was in Android Pay. The exception is Samsung Pay — this technology uses NFC instead of a special magnetic field (MST).

Another application is a relatively new wireless technology is label. They can be bundled with a smartphone, invest in a set with devices of a series "clever house", or sold separately. For example, NFC can be equipped with a smart lock to open it enough to put a smartphone or special key FOB. NFC label can lie anywhere on the table. In this case, the nature of its use is programmed by the user using a special application. For example, the smartphone near this mark can be configured to include a music player or some other action.

How to use NFC?

To use any wireless technology, there is nothing difficult. NFC is no exception to the rule. You just need to activate the chip in the settings. In the case of modern versions of Android this is done as follows:

  • Step 1. Go to "Settings».
  • Step 2. Go "Connection».
  • Step 3. Visit the subkey "NFC and payment».
  • Step 4. Activate the appropriate switch. At the same time, most likely, have to enable the function Android Beam.

That's all! If you want to pay for purchases with their smartphone, then get ready to visit the appropriate sub-section. You will also have to include the unlock pin or scan a fingerprint for security purposes, you will not provide any other choice.

In the future, as the user does not require any special actions. Wanted to purchase? Unlocked smartphone and put it to the terminal. Wished to set up a link with action camera? Launched the appropriate application, and applied to the camera of your smartphone. In short, all actions are simple and intuitive.


Now you know what is NFC. For the first time this technology has appeared in Nokia 6131, released in 2006. But then it failed to become popular, because the appropriate infrastructure is simply not there. Now NFC is present in the terminals, "smart houses" and all sorts of electronics. If your smartphone has a corresponding chip, you need to be happy. But sad because of his absence is not necessary — many people have never used NFC, without experiencing from it any inconvenience. However, the cost of the chip is becoming smaller. In this regard, the light appears a large number of low-cost smartphones with NFC-module.

And you have already tried NFC to work? Or in your hands until it was a device with such module? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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