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Sony – знаменитая японская компания, которая в 60-х годах произвела настоящую техническую революцию, выпустив первый портативный аудио плеер Walkman. Smartphone различной стоимости фирма начала выпускать с 2008 года в рамках линейки Xperia (название линейки остается неизменным и на 2016 год). SONY активно применяет в своих смартфонах уникальные мультимедиа технологии, позволяющие пользователю наслаждаться реалистичной картинкой и «живым» звуком.


What kind of technology can be found on the Sony smartphones from our directory?

In a number of unique innovations Sony enter:

  • Fotometrica Exmor. Representatives of the company explained that the Exmor RS is twice more sensitive than standard front-illuminated sensor. Due to the additional white subpixel images and videos are bright, even if the shooting is done in poor light conditions.
  • Technology Bravia Engine. This technology greatly improves image quality by:

— enhance the rich black color;

— zoom in sharpness and contrast;

— eliminate "digital noise", that is, image defects, caused by the imperfection of technology.

  • Technology Qnovo is the product of collaboration between the eponymous company and SONY. Qnovo allows smartphones last longer without recharging (2 days with constant use), increases the longevity of the batteries (500 to 800 charge cycles), as well as reduces charging time to a minimum. Technology new for Sony smartphones – applied it starts with a model, Xperia X, which was released only in 2016.

Overview of the advantages and disadvantages of smartphones from Sony

The quality of sound and picture on the Sony smartphones has always been at a high level that is understandable: the Japanese firm has been a pioneer in the markets for portable players and transistor televisions. It is the richness and modernity of multimedia functions SONY you say is the greatest advantage.

The disadvantage is often referred too austere and simple design gadgets. A typical mobile phone Sony is a rectangular strict monobloc — because of this design gadgets do not cause much interest in women. Second negative — fast battery consumption – the company is going to level through the integration of technology Qnovo.

Compact flagship, Sony Xperia 5 was released in USssia

At the beginning of September, the Japanese manufacturer introduced the flagship Sony Xperia 5. After a couple of months the novelty has officially come out in USssia and is already available in black and blue colors.

review of the Sony Xperia 10

Recently, the company Sony has taken part in MWC 2019, announcing three new phones, which have a longer screen than any other smartphone.

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