As found in the Spotify music that will appeal?

Sites offer terabytes of audio for every taste, and in your player for a month already goes in a circle a dozen old tracks? Isn't it time to look for a new one?

July 2020 in our country officially has the music platform Spotify. Among the many streaming audioservices audiophiles especially appreciate it: rich feature set allows you to quickly find music to their liking.

In most cases, these functions are tuned for the tracks that are similar to those that are already in your library. No matter you have certain preferences in genres or you don't limit yourself to one style app is guaranteed to pick up something new to your taste. This should be able to use multiple tools.

1. Playlist with similar songs

The first useful feature of Spotify is hiding in the side panel: this is the ability to create a playlist with tracks similar to those that are in one of your playlists.

Click, right-click on any playlist and you will see several options. Among them, the publication of playlist free, downloading for offline listening and the ability to share in social networking. There is also the option "Create a similar playlist".

This is a handy tool that generates a list of tracks based on the specified material. As an experiment, create a playlist dedicated to a specific genre or artist, then use this option to discover more musicians performing music of this kind.

As the basis for the search function uses a ready-made playlist and does not change existing playlist. To the list with new music, it is possible to apply this function to receive another batch of recommended songs.

2. Recommendations to playlist

Create a new playlist by selecting the appropriate option in the left side of the screen. Give it a name, optionally add a description and a custom cover. Add tracks by dragging and dropping or by using the option "Add to playlist".

When typed in the playlist multiple tracks, click on it and scroll the main window down until you see section "Recommendations". Sometimes it is minimized, in this case, you need to click on the arrow next to the word "Recommendations", and the contents revealed. You will get a selection of tracks associated with the current playlist: the same performers, the same age, related genres, etc.

If at first glance nothing interesting in the list was not, hit "Refresh" to get a new collection of recommended tunes. This feature helps to expand the playlist a specific musical style.

3. Music non-stop

In the non-stop music continues to play even when the current playlist ends: Spotify picks up the tracks, similar to those you have just listened.

In fact, the service runs a station-based listening session and it will play forever, until you unplug it or start one of your playlists.

To enable this feature in the desktop version of the app go to settings (located in the menu near your name at the top of the window), scroll down until you reach the section "Music non stop". To activate move the slider in the green position.

In the mobile version, go to the main page, click on the icon of a gear. Click Play, turn slider "Music non stop". That the regime worked, it is necessary that the option for repeat playback of a track, album or playlist was disabled. Give album or playlist to play to the end, and after that Spotify will select the algorithms you even more music.

4. Music friends

Despite the fact that each playlist can be shut away from prying eyes and ears (the option "closed"), Spotify remains a musical platform with social features. It allows you to share playlists across multiple services, including Skype and Tumblr. Note the panel on the right: there is a button "Find friends" and "Know that listening to your friends."

If you visit the PC version of the app for the first time, the panel with the actions of the friends will be on your right. If you have time to hide it before, reset via "Settings – display Settings – Show action friends." The keypad will return to its place, but when you reduce the window Spotify it could hide.

When you log in to the app from account Facebook there display tracks your friends are listening to from Facebook. Any activity of people you follow in the Spotify. Click "Find friends" to follow other users. Perhaps you have friends tastes don't match 100%, but information about what they like and what they listen to now, can lead to new discoveries in the world of music. Each track from this section contains information in which album or playlist it is in. You can always go there to examine the entire playlist.

5. More recommendations Overview

In Spotify under recommended tracks allocated a tab in the "Overview" section. There you can find new items of genre, compilations of classic tracks, new releases groups, and much more that the algorithms Spotify felt similar to your preferences.

The recommendations of the individual, and the more you use the app, the more accurate they will be. Don't forget to pick up the collection all that much, because after the weekly update old selections disappear.

6. Radio

The main purpose of Spotify to make music on request, but the function of radio is also present. We mentioned it when he talked about music non-stop. But it is not necessary to wait until the end of the current playlist: at any time go to the tab "Radio" from the left pane.

In Spotify there is a thematic radio to start a station based on tracks of any musician, press the menu button three dots on a page of the artist, group or album, select "go to artist" and specify one of the following: "To the radio by artist / playlist / track / album". There is another possibility – to choose a radio based on any playlist.

The function generates an endless stream of music that is associated with the original choice. But if you have no idea where to start, select "Radio" on the left sidebar to meet the recommended stations.

7. Third-party tools

If suddenly the built-in tools have not helped you and Spotify appear to be on the same wavelength, come to the rescue of an external service.

MagicPlaylist – a simple web app that generates a playlist by name only one track. You can choose the length of the new list: one hour, two, or three. If the playlist is liked, give it a name, select the type open or closed, then click "add to Spotify". It is imported into your library.

a Similar option Spotalike. It also creates playlists based on one audio track, only the import options in Spotify no. But on the plus side: since the service is powered by, the recommendations will come across the fresh tracks.

Spotify is a huge music world that can be explored endlessly

If earlier, the new tracks appear in your library only from time to time, now you know seven reliable ways to replenish their number. Did enough to hang in Spotify for a long time regardless of whether you are a supporter of a single genre, or listen to everything.