Which "musical" others? Is there among the miniature devices powerful and worth your money products? Is it possible to find right now selling the device in form-factor "clamshell"? All these and many other questions will be answered by the ratings of smart phones published on our website.


Our collections are different in that they are regularly updated. You can easily find out which phones are the best in the state for 2017. Especially for you, we broke all the tops for a completely different category. So you can get acquainted with a pull-out smartphones, which still exist, though they are difficult to see on the shelves. You will also learn about the most thin devices. Mentioned and push-button smartphones, it is still of interest to many people. Not forgotten us and ordinary mobile phones, not having in its composition any operating system.

for Any top 10 is intended to provide you with information about the best devices in its class. Reading the rating, it's much easier to make a purchase. You do not need to get acquainted with the reviews on a particular model, as the ratings of the best smartphones to acquaint and familiarize with all the positive and negative sides.

In the future, our section will be updated, and other devices associated with mobile technology. For example, right now you can read about wireless headsets, year after year is gaining popularity. But the greatest emphasis we are doing everything on smartphones, which have recently become very different. Some delight in its front camera, the other set is very capacious battery, and others very bad sound... in short, there is always a theme for the next collection, which pleases us and our regular visitors.

Best tablets to 10000 rubles

Five years ago, tablets were a popular device. With the increase in the diagonals smartphones, many people began to choose them, but there are many users who...

Best smart watches Samsung

Samsung is one of the best manufacturers of smart watches on the planet, as the company competes with the best devices on the market, including Apple Watch and Fitbit 5 Versa.

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If you want to increase productivity when working with a computer, the ideal scenario is to connect two or more displays to your PC or laptop. But what if you...

USssian smartphones

To the USssian manufacturers of electronics is accepted to be treated the same as the domestic auto industry – say, to copy they whale, but to create something worthwhile and its not them...

the Best laptops in 2020

whether you are Looking for a gaming laptop or lightweight ultrabook with excellent performance, find the device for your needs and budget can be difficult, because the market there are hundreds...

Mini PC: best nettop 2020

make Sure that your home PC is the mahina, occupying half of the table. Modern system block may have the size of the sandwich, and the power not to give full size...

Best smart scales

To watch my weight — always useful. Especially if you play sports and want to achieve their goals.

Mobile VR headset

more recently, mobile VR has slightly faded into the background. Just a few years ago just to insert a smartphone in the glasses was excellent and relatively cheap way...

Best smartphones in 2020

2020 is approaching the middle and it has left a lot of interesting smartphones. We will talk about the most recent and those that have not lost relevance in 2019.

Best Lenovo smartphones

the Interests of the Chinese Corporation Lenovo has long gone beyond the PC market – the company produces and is very distinctive mobile electronics. Which Lenovo smartphones...

the Best Nokia smartphones

The Nokia brand gradually returned to the smartphone market. So, you can get acquainted with the best models.

Best smart phones with AMOLED-display

AMOLED displays are the best type of the matrix of smartphones. The first devices were with them expensive models from Samsung. Today they are available in phones and other...

Best smartphones LG

LG – this is probably the main innovator of the mobile market. Smartphones of the Korean company, alas, often remain in the shadows of the flagships of other manufacturers, although many of its devices...