Siri from Apple: what can a program and how to use it?

Owners iPhone with iOS 9 – the big lucky. They can use advanced virtual assistant Siri. What can updated intelligent assistant from Apple?

Siri – personal assistant с искусственным интеллектом, присутствующий на всех современных аппаратах Apple. Изначально Siri была отдельным приложением, которое пользователи «яблочных» девайсов могли загрузить из AppStore. В 2011 году фирма Apple приобрела Siri, и мобильное приложение прекратило существование. Впервые assistant появился на iPhone 4S — as a component of the base software.

The adventures of Siri in USssia

The Apple developers before the release iPhone 4S portrayed Siri as a revolutionary technology. However, USssian fans of the brand Apple the new function was a disappointment – Siri just didn't know how to talk in USssian. Feature to support only a few >

Надежда на то, to Siri вскоре получит поддержку русского языка, у отечественных пользователей возникла после релиза beta-версии iOS 7. Голосового помощника научили читать имена, написанные на кириллице. У Siri на русском получалось произносить их достаточно нелепо, однако ранее программа даже и не пыталась делать этого.

With the advent of iOS 8.3 Siri finally officially mastered the USssian >

Really suitable for daily use Siri was only with the release of iOS 9. Updated assistant was smarter: he began to understand complex queries and process them much faster (manufacturer – 40%). iOS 9 was released 8 Jun 2015 – today USssian nick stopped to look at Siri as a fun but useless toy.

Качество работы Siri зависит не только от версии операционной системы, но и от модификации iPhone. Полноценно пользоваться Siri можно на iPhone 6-го поколения и более новых моделях. Проблема предыдущих моделей заключается в том, to они не способны достаточно эффективно отфильтровывать посторонний шум.

What can assistant Siri?

To explore the opportunities in intelligent assistant Siri will be able, just asking about it from him. Enough to ask the question: "Siri, to ты умеешь?" — and the screen will display a list of all major features and capabilities of the program.

Если пользователь попросит Siri выполнить операцию, которая ей не знакома, программа ответит, to не поняла (как на изображении справа). Однако такие ситуации – редкость: функционал современной Siri достаточно широк. Какие же задачи способна выполнять эта программа?

The route. The launch of the Navigator and manual address input line can take a lot of time. Much easier to activate Siri and ask her to make a route to the desired point. You can use the query like this: "Siri how to get to Lenin street, 56?».

Built-in browser of the iPhone is often criticized, but it is not so bad. Thanks to its capabilities, Siri can not only show you how to get to the address by the shortest route, but to answer how long it will take the road.

The creation of an alarm clock. The user needs to inform Siri, what time in the morning he needs to Wake up, and the program will set the alarm clock. You can specify not only a specific hour and minute but also the time period. For example, if the user applies the query "Siri, Wake me up in 30 minutes", the program will count down the half hour, starting from the current time.

Planning calendar. This feature is Siri "weight in gold" for business people. Thanks to intelligent assistant iPhone user can schedule a phone conversation with a business partner, to appoint or cancel the previously appointed a meeting, to adjust the time of the meeting – and all this without resorting to the built-in Calendar app directly. Siri is not just blindly captures the plans of the owner of iPhone – if, say, a telephone conversation and a meeting on the same time, the virtual assistant will inform the user about it.

Sending messages. Write SMS-message or e-mail using the tiny buttons on-screen keyboard is not very convenient – especially when T9 and tries to slip the word ridiculous and totally inappropriate in context. To dictate a text message – is another matter. The user who tried it for the first time, will probably be surprised at how great Siri understands USssian speech.

intelligent assistant From Apple there are other options — less useful but very funny:

  • Coin. What to do if you want to resolve the dispute by lot, and in the pocket of entirely bills? Clearly the same – to ask Siri flip a coin. The money from the iPhone, of course, will not fall – virtual assistant just to report, to fell: heads or tails.
  • The title. A IPhone can tell Siri to call himself "Great Emperor" or "ruler of the Galaxy" — and the assistant obeys. This is useful only for those who have delusions of grandeur – the rest of it just lift your spirits.

How to use Siri?

You can enable Siri in 2 ways. The first way is to press the "Home" and hold it until you see a blue screen and Siri asks what she can help ("What can I help you with?»).

The second method – voice activation: the user can simply say "Hey, Siri!" and the virtual assistant will begin to work immediately. To launch Siri is the second way was possible, you must proceed to configure a virtual assistant and activate the appropriate slider.

On the iPhone 6S and the latest models activate Siri by voice at any time. On iPhone 6 and older devices to enable the virtual assistant with the command "Hey Siri!" will be possible only if the mobile device is being charged.

After the program starts and the screen appears record sound (in tape recorders), it is necessary to dictate a command or question. For example, we ask Siri, "How much is 120 over 80?" — obviously, if she's a robot, you have to count faster than a human. The virtual assistant processes the voice command of the user and translates it into text that appears on the iPhone screen.

Then Siri thinks about the answer and gives it. The duration of "thoughts" depends on the complexity of the query – arithmetic intelligent assistant serves in a split second.

Siri uses the built-in apps of the IPhone to perform trivial operations. If the user wishes to obtain information that Siri is unable to give (for example, "How old are cats?"), the program will redirect it to the network.

By default, the virtual assistant uses the search engine Bing. If the user wants to contact another system, it should clarify this point – say, say, "Find in Google, how many years are cats". Then Siri will launch Safari and will bring in the search string query.

Примечательно то, to Siri способна обучаться. Если юзер «поболтает» с виртуальным помощником 1.5-2 часа, он непременно заметит, to программа стала понимать его лучше и выполнять требования быстрее. Siri нужно время, toбы приноровиться к особенностям произношения конкретного пользователя.


Несмотря на то to уже сейчас Siri достаточно эффективна и способна выполнять по голосовым запросам множество полезных действий, виртуальному помощнику от Apple есть к чему стремиться. Recent research показали, to Siri хоть и лучше распознаёт речь с акцентом, чем Alexa от Amazon, но вчистую проигрывает по этому критерию ассистенту от Google под названием Google Home.

The Apple is not going to stop to improve your intelligent assistant – Siri regularly receives new skills. For example, on iOS 10, the assistant can order a pizza at home user and to make money transfers through the service Square Cash.


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