How to choose an electric skateboard for adult city

Segways have become not the wonderful novelty for geeks, and a full transport for the city, which is relatively inexpensive, looks stylish, folds easily and without problems be transported in a transport.

In this article we will explain how best to choose an electric skateboard adult or young person about their views, what should be the wheel, and also explain other nuances and trivia that you were ready to buy and made the classic mistakes.

The power of the engine

Depending on the models and prices Segways differ in the parameters of motors which can be divided to 250 watts and more. The first category is suitable for adults with weight up to 80-90 kg, but it is better to choose them teenagers and girls. The higher the motor power, the greater the weight of the passenger, he will be able to translate smoother to drive and more speed.

So what is an electric skateboard to choose an adult? If your weight is more than 80-90 kg, pay attention to models with electric motors from 350 to 500 watts. In the case of weight of 100 kg and more, the right option would be 500 watts.

Has Segways on the 800W and even 1000W. Such models are suitable for fast extreme drive and speed will handicap scooter. But their price tag is significantly higher, and start power is significant, so such a model is not worth buying teenagers and women, because they most likely will not be able to hold them, when to move, and a smooth comfortable ride will not work. But the high power allows these Segways to climb the steep hill, with no problems to overcome curbs, pits and other obstacles.


The smaller the wheel diameter of the electric skateboard, the less power you need the motor to rotate, and therefore the battery consumption will be less. At the same time, models with small diameter wheels are only suitable for asphalt and is not intended for primers and other types of roads.

Based on this choose the Segways with wheels with a diameter up to 7 inches (200 mm), if you ride in the city on smooth pavement. If plans walking and riding on different types of roads, then pay attention to the options with wheels more than 7 inches (177 mm and above). The optimal solution is 8-10 inches (203-254 mm).

dimensions and weight

The choice of electric skateboard also affects its weight and size, so pay attention to these two indicators. However, if the dimensions most models are more or less the same, the weight may be different and this affects engine power, which "dances" its volume and weight, and wheel diameter and capacity of the battery.

The average weight — 11-13 kg. But it is understood that it refers to the simplest models 7-9 inch wheels and the battery is 12 Ah, which will last 15-25 km. But if you take the enhanced model with a higher throughput, larger diameter wheels and additional battery pack (extends the distance up to 45 km), the weight of the electric skateboard can reach 20, 25 or even 30 pounds.

As for the size, regardless of configuration, power, engine, wheels and battery capacity, almost all of them are equipped with a folding mechanism, so fold in seconds and take up almost no place.

In this form, the Segways are easily stored at home in the hallway or on the balcony, in the trunk of a car, carried by hand or in a pouch on the shoulder for short distances and are transported in public transport.

the battery Capacity

The choice of battery capacity for electric skateboard depends on your goals and weight. The model with the battery is 8 Ah (8000 mAh), the average power reserve of 14-17 km, and This variation is associated with the weight of the driver, so the lower it is, the more distance you can drive without recharging.

Segways battery 8 Ah recommended for users weighing up to 80 kg. do not forget an important detail — the specified reserve always divide by two, because you will most likely need to not only get away from route points, but will be back, so keep this in mind when planning a trip including the way back.

With a weight of 80 kg is recommended to consider a model with the batteries for 10-12 Ah and more. Then the reserve will need to constantly take into account the weight of the driver and worry about it.

If you live in a private house on the ground floor of apartment buildings or you can just take out or store the scooter in an accessible place, it is better to take the model with the highest possible battery capacity. Here we must also focus on the amount of money, but it is better to buy an electric skateboard with a minimum volume of 12 Ah. Ideally, 25 Ah, to forget about the charge and to travel long distances.

Also, do not forget that over time the battery capacity to decline by 5-20%, so the more she will have your model, so unobtrusively feel the wear and tear.

As a variant, it is possible to find a model with medium or basic battery, but with the option to install additional battery. Not all manufacturers of Segways provide such an opportunity, but, for example, the same Ninebot, this function received.


The most famous brand of Segways has at least one shock and it is usually located on the front wheel. But, if you liked a model with two absorbers (the second is on the rear wheel), then do not hesitate to buy, because their presence is necessary. Whatever soft wheel or a new smooth asphalt, to always travel in comfortable conditions will not work, though some very unpleasant experiences too. To overcome the roughness and coating type of tiles, pavers or gravel better with shock absorbers.

There is a model with four dampers (two per wheel), which you will not be riding a real pleasure. But here it is necessary to take into account the significantly increased price tag, plus 1-2 kg to the weight that someone will be critical. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to think well.

Additional features

Ideally, the electric skateboard should be on the front and back lights, trip computer and manual brakes. But depending on the manufacturer and model of all it may be mediocre or not provided by the equipment. It is therefore important to find a model where all additional elements are not just established but also implemented correctly.

For example, most Segways have headlights and rear dimensions, but many lights are mounted on the steering wheel and they provide no direction change hands. So they Shine poorly and more needed not for lighting the path for the driver, and to position the scooter on the road for pedestrians and vehicles.

If you want to have a spotlight for quality lighting, you'll have to buy it separately or choose a model where it is placed lower, near the wheels. In this case it is placed properly.

The important part of the scooter — brake, so choose to make them two. You can consider the option with one hand, and the rear will act as the foot brake on the wheel. Ideally choose the model with one hand brake, a foot and one manual disk brake placed on the rear wheel.

Also, note the speed knob. Most scooters this short levers mounted on the handlebars. But more convenient are the trigger levers at the base of the steering wheel or even a full handle speed as mopeds and motorcycles.

At each electric skateboard has a Board computer. They all show speed and other important parameters, including battery charging, display problem, on the lights, and so on. Check that the computer display was not too small and not shone on the body.

It is desirable that the indicators lit up or were themselves illuminated. Also see that displayed as much useful information that will definitely come in handy on the road.

A few models of Segways have a complete seat, but such is. Typically, these models are more expensive, so keep in mind that the curtains will once again pay.


When selecting the electric skateboard you need to consider a number of important features, including engine power, wheel diameter, dimensions,weight, battery capacity, the presence of shock absorbers, manual and disc brakes, adequate on-Board computer with display, headlights and rear dimensions. If you read this material, then definitely ready to buy the correct model. It remains to determine the exact weight and determine a budget purchase. Good luck!