Is not working headphone Jack? Here are 5 ways to fix it

Connected to a smartphone wired headphones, but they do not play? Very annoying, but all is not lost. There's a chance that you will be able to fix the problem on their own.

If the smartphone has a 3.5 mm Jack, you probably use it a lot. Because wired headphones are needed not only for the music but also to listen to voice messages in the chat, foreign words translator etc. Breakdown of audiokniga – the event is unpleasant, but unfortunately, fairly common. In this article you will find five ways how to fix broken connector on the mobile phone.

1. Make sure the headphones are OK

The first thing to check, do headphones themselves. Perhaps the problem is not on the side of the phone, and is connected with the connected device: something stuck to the plug, broke or frayed wire, damaged circuit. Very easy to check: plug your headphones into another device and not necessarily to the smartphone, suitable for computer, laptop, TV, etc.

Если звук так и не появился, считайте, что источник проблемы обнаружен. Naushniki придется изучить на предмет неисправности, а пока возьмите другие. Но если звук есть, значит дело все-таки в смартфоне. Далее мы расскажем, как это исправить.

There's also a chance that the headphones incompatible, but this happens very rarely, as modern wired headset universal.

2. Disable Bluetooth

Typically, when headphones are connected through the connector they are recognized and function correctly, even if at this point there is a pairing with a wireless headset, speaker or any other Bluetooth device. But it happens in reverse: an active wireless connection interfere with wired peripherals.

Open the Bluetooth settings. If the module is enabled, it is probably associated with any of the devices nearby. Unplug the module and connect to the phone wired headphones. In response to the silence? Moving on.

3. Clean connector

The headphone Jack just like any hole over time becomes clogged with dust, dirt and lint from the clothes. When debris will gather enough it will start to interfere with signal transmission.

Shine in the slot with a flashlight and look inside a foreign object or dirt. The next step is to clean the nest. This can be done in different ways, the easiest to blow inside or use a can of compressed air. This will help to remove most of the dust.

To clean the nest can and a cotton swab with a small diameter, but it should be done carefully, as a wrong move will damage the contacts, and the new breakdown is not necessary. A drop of alcohol or cleaning fluid will help get rid of dried mud.

After the procedure once again Shine a flashlight and see how the nest clean. If you are satisfied, try connecting your headphones again.

4. Check your audio settings and restart your mobile

Is the probability that it is not in the connector, and in the software of the phone. Open sound settings and check everything that can hinder playback in the first place is the volume level. Maybe you inadvertently turned it down to minimum. Smartphone is not so much the audio settings, so the problem (of course, if she lies here somewhere) you'll find quickly enough.

Alternatively, you can restart your smartphone. This measure solves a lot of different faults of the total podragivanija to screen flickering. Press and hold the power button until a menu appears reboot. Select "restart" and wait for the re-launch of the device. After that, check and see if the headphones sound.

5. Contact the service center

If the headphones work, but none of these measures have not forced them to play on this smartphone, so the problem is much more serious. There are two options – to carry a smartphone to a service center or repair it yourself.

The service will take from several days to several weeks. Plus the fact that it will be free if the device is still in warranty. Can help and insurance: the insured phone you need to contact the insurance company to confirm the fact of failure, and the damage will be compensated.

After the warranty period and in the absence of insurance, the smartphone will have to be repaired for the money or their own. Self-repair is complicated by the fact that in addition to soldering skills, you must have equipment to open the case. Therefore, it is best to entrust this task to professionals from the repair shop.

The faulty nest is not the end of the world, because you still have the ability to use a wireless headset. Of course, this is not the solution, but rather sending it to the back burner, but at least you can now play and listen to the file.


Services workshop are not cheap, and repair under the warranty means that you will have to leave the main phone. Let's hope that this will not happen. If you are faced with the problem of idle nests, tell us in the comments, did you manage to solve some of these methods helped. Maybe we missed something. In this case, please share your ways of dealing with failure.