Лучшие умные лампочки в 2020 году

Even a simple device like a light bulb, can be an important component of the system "smart house".

If you think the light bulb primitive thing and can't imagine how she can be smart, probably you will be amazed by the fact that in 2020, the market for smart lighting is estimated at $ 8 billion. Moreover, smart lighting is one of the most promising directions. Experts believe that in just 3 years the market will grow threefold.

In this article we describe the main differences between the smart light bulbs from the usual and present you a few models that are worthy of attention.

how is a smart light bulb from the ordinary?

Externally you probably will not be able to distinguish between the smart light bulb from those that are now screwed in your chandelier. It's all about the stuffing. Smart light bulb contains a number of modules, which greatly expand the functionality.

The owner of the gadget will forget where his home is located a light switch. Managing the gadget, it will be carried out with the help of your smartphone via mobile app manufacturer. The user can adjust the light bulb so that it automatically adjust the level of light intensity under external conditions. The intensity will fall as it approaches the night – so the light will be simulated inside the room mini-sunset. This is useful for the organism, which experiences less stress and secretes more melatonin – the person will be easier to fall asleep.

Smart bulbs optional react to sound or movement – again, the user can the options to activate and deactivate via the app. What are the benefits for the homeowner? For example, do not need to worry about whether you turned off the light in the bathroom or toilet. If there is no movement, the light will automatically turn off. In addition, it is a reliable protection against burglars. If someone tries to break into the house, the light will turn on and scare the thieves.

Do smart light bulbs a lot of different functions that need to be considered in relation to specific models. It is important that you at least roughly understand why Smart-bulb is 10-15 times more expensive than usual.

Where it is possible to apply smart light bulbs?

The idea of smart light as the gadget exclusively for the home too primitive. If it were true, the market for Smart bulbs would not be so impressive. Abroad, these gadgets are put in shopping centers, airports, hospitals and other places with high traffic. The lamp not only need to Shine – they have a number of other functions.

In New Caledonia (USA) on the streets are lighting poles that respond to anti-social sounds – screams, shots, broken glass. Bearing immediately starts recording audio and calls emergency services. In addition, she begins to glow more intensely, which is a warning signal for people: it's not safe. It looks smart street lights like this:

Cisco in Canada integrated technology "smart" office. Light bulb count the number of people in the meetings, indicate the availability of conference rooms or meeting and record the time during which the room is empty. The company's managers claim that light bulbs are a great help, and operate the statistics, according to which a quarter of employees in conventional offices is spending 30 minutes a day to search for available meeting rooms. Thus, the use of smart light bulbs contributes to increased productivity.

The design of smart bulbs

How is this magic bulb? In fact it consists of only 4 components:

  • Directly lighting device (led).
  • base (usually E14).
  • The aluminum hard case.
  • a Management system.

the Greatest interest represents a controlling system, as it provides the functionality of smart bulbs. The system contains:

  • The microcontroller (the CPU).
  • Module for wireless connectivity (wifi or Bluetooth).
  • Additional sensors.

Optional smart bulbs can be equipped with temperature sensors, motion, light, microphone and speaker, alarm clock, timer and even camera in 360°. There is information that soon there will be light with the gas gauge, she is able to call "an emergency signal" and to turn the air conditioning on full. It certainly will be a "must-have" for residents of all Soviet-built houses.

How to connect smart bulb?

If you have almost decided to buy this wonderful gadget, but fear that will not be able to connect, quick to dispel your fears: the connection is simple enough:

  • Screw the light bulb into the socket and turn on the light. By default, the lamp will glow white.
  • Connect to the gadget through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With Bluetooth, of course, it will be easier, so it's best to buy a light bulb with this module.
  • Download mobile app producer Smart-lighting and log in.

Next – proceed to the adjustment. You can configure scripts to design own schedule, adjust the brightness. Some of the bulbs even burst mode is – although this option does not seem so necessary.

Top-6 smart light bulbs

will Present you 6 models of smart light bulbs that you can buy in USssia. All of these models have positive reviews and high ratings on the aggregator "Yandex.Market».

Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb

  • Power: E14
  • the Shape of the bulb: {: Type}cap: candle
  • IoT RGB HIPER C1 9 W
  • Luminous flux: 600 LM

Price: 1 175 rubles

Smart light bulb Xiaomi has impressive brightness with low price. It provides a luminous flux of 800 lumens. So one bulb is enough to illuminate even a large room. Using the proprietary app Mi Home, you can adjust the color temperature and to configure the modes of sunrise and sunset for soft awakening and a quick sleep. Note that the bulb works with the 4 voice assistants, including popular USssian "Alice" from "Yandex".

Smart light bulb Yandex

  • Power: E14
  • the Shape of the bulb: {: Type}cap: 800 LM
  • IoT RGB HIPER C1 9 W
  • Luminous flux: 600 LM

Price: 1 190 rubles

Лампочка от российского «гиганта» по характеристикам и функционалу аналогична гаджету от Xiaomi. Пользователь может управлять ей не только при помощи мобильного приложения, но и через голосовые команды. Однако для этого нужно иметь под рукой любой прибор с голосовым ассистентом «Alice» — мобильный телефон или, например, «Яндекс Станцию». Соединение с лампочкой происходит через Wi-Fi. К числу недостатков лампы от «Яндекс» можно отнести то, что максимально интенсивно она светит белым – другие оттенки тусклее.

Yeelight LED Bulb Color Silver YLDP02YL

  • Power: E14
  • the Shape of the bulb: {: Type}cap: candle
  • IoT RGB HIPER C1 6 W
  • Luminous flux: 520 LM

Price: 1 287 rubles

Yeelight LED Bulb can be considered a smart lamp for party-goers. This gadget is able to synchronize with the music and change color in accordance with the rhythm in General, a necessary thing for the party. In functionality and price Yeelight LED Bulb similar to the bulb from Xiaomi, but from the point view the light flux is weaker than it is 600 lumens. But the advantages of the gadget, you can record efficiency. From Yeelight bulb consumes 15% less than analogues.


  • Power: E14
  • the Shape of the bulb: {: Type}cap: pear
  • IoT RGB HIPER C1 E14
  • Luminous flux: 450 LM

Price: from 990 rubles

IoT HIPER C1 RGB is the best option for those who prefer the E14 base. This is an inexpensive gadget that works with voice assistants Google Home и «Яндекс Alice». Он соединяется со смартфоном при помощи Wi-Fi, благодаря чему пользователь может управлять им из любой точки планеты, где есть интернет. У лампы от Hiper средний уровень светового потока (520 люмен), но зато класс энергоэффективности A+. За час она потребляет не более 12 Вт.


  • Power: E14
  • the Shape of the bulb: {: Type}cap: 800 LM
  • IoT RGB HIPER C1 6 W
  • Luminous flux: 4.5 W

Price: from 624 rubles

Philips ZeeRay – одна из самых дешевых умных лампочек. Функционал у нее, соответственно, тоже не самый богатый. Из недостатков – всего один цвет, отсутствие режимов заката и рассвета, невозможность отрегулировать цветовую температуру. При этом пользователи отмечают, что лампочка работает без нареканий и отлично синхронизируется с голосовым помощником от «Яндекс» «Alice».

candle gives a luminous flux of 450 lumens. It's a bit — for the lighting of the room is 18 square meters will have to buy 3 of these bulbs.

ELARI SmartLED Warm&Cold

  • Power: E14
  • IoT RGB HIPER C1 380 LM
  • Luminous flux: 10 W

Price: from 990 rubles

The main advantages of smart light bulbs from ELARI – durability and ease of use. According to information from the manufacturer, the light bulb will serve faithfully for 10 years. ELARI SmartLED Warm&Cold controlled through the app – using a smartphone, you can change the color, color temperature, and brightness. In addition, the bulb ELARI can be easily combined with the phone group. This is important because for room lighting of one lamp is not enough due to low power – need to buy four to six. Here lies the main disadvantage: the purchase of a set to cover "gonna cost".

The advantages and disadvantages of smart light bulbs

Summarizing, we formulate the pros and cons of using smart light bulbs. The advantages include the following:

  • Remote control. The user can control the Smart lamp from any point on Earth where there is Internet.
  • Flexibility. Change the color and intensity of light, adjusting color temperature – user won't even have to get up off the couch to do it.
  • Automation. The bulb can be set to live his life and self-organized artificial sunsets and sunrises inside the apartment.
  • Интеграция с «умным домом». Smart-лампу легко встроить в систему «умного дома» «Яндекса» — почти все представленные нами модели работают с голосовым помощником «Alice».
  • Efficiency. Smart bulbs use less electricity than their "dumb" counterparts, because they work on the LEDs.

We will show the shortcomings of the gadget:

  • High cost. Even the cheapest Smart bulb costs on average 10 times more expensive than usual.
  • The risk of breakage due to the complicated design. If a bulb burns out, throw it away. What is the smart light will cease to illuminate? Carry it in repair as something strange.
  • The risk of hacking. The bulb, which connects via wifi, can hack hackers. If this gadget will be equipped with a camera, the user will be under the supervision of strangers.

However, while high-profile cases where there was no forced entry. Smart bulbs have mostly positive reviews – users point out that the gadget was even more comfortable than expected, and that it is worth the money he asked for. The popularity of Smart bulbs will grow, so if you have savings and you think, how they multiply, you can consider it an investment direction.