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review the INOI 2 Lite 2019

In may 2018 launched the first smartphone brand in the Android — INOI 2 Lite. Almost half a year the company managed to sell more than 300,000 devices. INOI 2 Lite became the most popular model of the brand and the company decided to re-release, creating INOI 2 Lite 2019, which came to us for review. Today we will tell you what are the key differences INOI INOI and 2 Lite 2 Lite 2019.


  • Size: 73x10x144 mm
  • Display: 5″ (12,7 cm), 16:9, TN, 854×480 pixels.
  • Chipset: MTK6580
  • RAM: 1
  • ROM: 4/8, support memory cards up to 32/64 GB
  • The battery: 2250 mAh
  • camera: 5 MP
  • Front camera: 2 MP
  • Interfaces: Bluetooth: 4.0, GPS, A-GPS, Wi-Fi: 802.11 b, 802.11 g, 802.11 n audio Jack 3.5 mm
  • Connectivity: Dual SIM, 3G
  • OS: Android 8 Go, without shells

INOI 2019 Lite 2 comes in four color options: black and gold with a matte soft-touch coating and Purple Blue, Purple Green with a glossy IML coating. The previous model, INOI 2 Lite, was available only in two variants – black and gold. Of course, gradient colors look much more interesting and more your cost. This phone will appeal to young people and anyone who likes to stand out. We on the review of the classic black model with a matte soft-touch coating.

In the box with the phone is:

The smartphone looks stylish – smooth transitions, rounded edges and nothing more.

The manufacturer has equipped the device with a 5-inch screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9 with a noticeable part. Below is the control buttons on the main menu. Top is the front camera, earpiece, light sensors and proximity. On the topside headphone Jack and micro USB on the bottom speaker. The volume rocker and lock button on the right.

The smartphone lies in the hand comfortably and securely. Frosted surface creates a pleasant tactile feel and simultaneously protects against vyskazyvanii and scratches. Another plus matte housing on it is almost invisible fingerprints, so you can't even buy a case.

We were pleasantly surprised that despite the price the device is built qualitatively, no gaps or squeaks. Rear cover INOI 2 Lite 2019 removable, but to remove it Oh so easy! In the lower right corner there is a recess for a finger to pry the cover off, but even with it cover not really wanted to do. But the lid fits so firmly that the phone is not scattered and not off into separate parts in case of an accidental drop off the table, as is the case with similar gadgets with a removable battery.

Under the hood found a place for the battery and three separate slots for cards, two for SIM and one for micro-SD. By the way, for such a budget smartphones a separate slot under a memory card – a rarity, so here INOI 2 Lite 2019 pleasantly surprised.

On the smartphone established a budget TN-matrix with a resolution of 854×480 pixels. For such a cheap model – predictable. In this case, the pixels on the screen almost not visible and color reproduction is good. Only, of course, at an angle the review is much worse. Well, these are features of low-end models, so will have to accept.

A long time to watch movies on the INOI 2 Lite 2019 is not very nice, but watch the video on YouTube you can. The screen is enough for work tasks: menu icons, text, images – everything is readable.

На касания смартфон реагирует с небольшой задержкой. Но OS Android Go smooths the lack of RAM. Android Go takes up less memory, and offers optimized applications from Google (Files Go Gmail Go MapsGo, AssistantGo), which is already preinstalled on the smartphone. Due to this, INOI 2019 Lite 2 running smoothly and not freezing.

a Lot of apps on a smartphone, but do not establish – because the memory of all 8 GB, but you can put a memory card of 64 GB then it will fit a lot more. And still need to constantly close unnecessary apps and tabs on the Internet, otherwise the phone will begin to slow down.

With regard to basic functions for which the actual apparatus conceived, — everything works fine. Sounding good in the headphones, and without. At conversation of the interlocutor are heard perfectly — the sound is loud and clear. The incoming call is also audible even if the phone is in another room or in the bag. A sound speaker mounted on the bottom panel, so if the smartphone is on the table, the sound is not blocked.

The battery 2500 мА*ч. Заряжается смартфон довольно быстро. На тесте смартфон полностью зарядился за полтора часа. Вполне хватает на целый день использования.

In the INOI 2 Lite 2019 cameras 5 MP main and 2 MP front, but the image quality smartphone for the price, you do not fit the definition. The camera here is clearly for video and Amateur photo/video. Can I take a picture text or something important. Stabilization cameras are almost there, so for good photos you have patience and completely freeze in the moment you press the «remove». Sample photos can see for yourself.

INOI 2 Lite 2019 — the smartphone качественной сборки с минимальным функционалом для базовых задач. Смартфон не для требовательных пользователей, возможно в качестве первого устройства на OS Android. INOI 2 Lite 2019 для тех, кто не хочет переплачивать за лишние функции, когда нужны только звонки, интернет и приложения. Особенно хочется отметить дизайн – аккуратный и лаконичный. Смартфон выглядит намного дороже своей стоимости. Матовый корпус очень необычные, но приятный на ощупь – смартфон буквально не хочется выпускать из рук.

Will INOI 2019 2 Lite is also popular as its predecessor? I think, Yes. The smartphone was «Amateur», but as shown by the sales INOI 2 Lite in 2018 – he has found his audience. When for the same price, the choice is between push-button phone and a smart phone with ability to download apps and much broader functionality, still tempting to take the smartphone.

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