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Summer – time for vacations and outdoor activities. To spend time interestingly and usefully created a lot of interesting things that you can buy on Aliexpress and not only.

Any person with the arrival of warm summer days looking for a way to have fun. Not all affordable holiday by the sea or in the mountains, but do not interfere not to spend boring time even in the city, and the best in the country or in the nearby woods. To simplify the lives of citizens during such events by Chinese craftsmen have created many useful devices. Why Chinese – because often the goods with Aliexpress are cheaper than in USssia. And in addition to find you what many ordinary people did not even know.

In this rating we have gathered for you several products for the summer that we believe may be of interest to everyone.

the Fountain pump to the solar panel

The price: from 644 rubles.

For those who want to make their country a small fountain the perfect solution is this pump from China. The device is powered by a solar battery with a size of 11*11 cm with high efficiency. Already after 3 seconds of being on the sunlight it will start to pump water. Included are several nozzles. The height of the water flow – up to 50 cm, hose length – 3 m, capacity – 150 liters per hour. Weight – 250 grams. The manufacturer promises that the battery will last at least 10 thousand hours.


Led flashlight solar bug Zapper

The price: from 656 rubles.

Led flashlight with LED lights blue and white light. The device is made of safe ABS plastic and a metal grill that static electricity kills insects flew to the light. Model easy to place in the ground, a pointed metal leg durable enough to last for one year. Lamp is designed for 100 thousand hours of service. The Nickel-cadmium battery with a capacity of 600 mAh provides 8 hours of operation. Form the traps are made in such a way that insects will not be lying around the lantern, and will remain in the funnel where they are easy to clean. The device is protected from moisture according to the IP65 standard, i.e. to remove it from the area during the rain will not be required. On and off by pressing the switch on the case.


A portable hammock

The price: from 750 rubles.

A relaxing hammock to relax in nature made of lightweight material easy to wash. Included carrying case and a convenient carabiner for attaching to the tree. When open size is 275*140cm. Hammock is capable of withstanding loads up to 250 kg. Weight folded – 485 grams. Available for purchase in lots of colors.


Telescope for smartphone

The price: from 830 rubles.

For travel lovers, hunters and fishermen, Chinese manufacturers have created a telescope capable to bring the object located at the distance of 9.5 km. it can be used to watch sports, to watch a concert and just enjoy the scenery on a halt. The model has a special coating on the lens, which improves color reproduction and makes it possible to consider something even in the twilight. The device is optimized for smartphones with different screen – provides convenient and secure fastening. The set includes a stand, safety cable, clamp, cloth, carrying bag and user manual. Small size (length of the lens 15 cm) make it easy to carry – it will not take much space in your backpack.


Folding table for camping

Price: 955 roubles.

With the arrival of summer everyone wants to spend more time outdoors. Folding table for camping will not only help yourself to a stay when the nature of the trip, but to sit with a laptop at the cottage in the garden. The base of the table is made of aluminum alloy, making it reliable and easy. Worktop – nylon, this non-slip material is used to facilitate the design, and in addition it is easy to wash – just wipe with a wet cloth. Size in the unfolded form — 56*43*37 see the included bag for storage and carrying.


accessory Kit for action Cam

The price: from 1 to 116 rubles.

Surprise in 2019 someone action Cam hard. They have become so affordable that is almost all fans of extreme sports and not only. As a rule, the owners of these devices face a problem when buying accessories. Especially for them, Chinese manufacturers offer full sets holders, чехлов, наклеек и поплавков для любых занятий – от езды на велосипеде до погружения под воду. Помимо этого, не забыли продавцы и о кейсе, где все эти полезные устройства будут храниться. Accessories универсальные и подойдут не только для дешевых китайских камер, но и техники от именитых производителей – GoPro, Xiaomi and others.


Universal wireless Bluetooth speaker for Bicycle with a lantern

Price: 1 199 rubles.

Universal Bluetooth speaker with mount for bike not only provide the user with music, but will also act as a lantern. The battery capacity is 4000 mAh in music mode it will last for 6 hours. It is possible to use a column like external battery pack. The device can play music from your smartphone via Bluetooth or through the 3.5 mm cable as well as with memory cards (microSD to 32GB), has FM radio. The device has received protection from moisture and dust, and he is not afraid of bumps and falls. Weight – 260 grams. Complete Bicycle holder, carabiner and USB cable for charging.


Keychain-Navigator for tourists

The price: from 1 800 roubles.

Is a compact GPS Navigator housing made of ABS plastic can be a good companion when walking through the woods or in the mountains. The device allows you to set waypoints (up to 16) that will help to return to the original position at the end of the walk. Tracker is easy to control the backlight. The lithium-ion battery pack is enough for 10 hours of work. The model has a convenient fastening in the form of a carabiner and virtually weightless (40 grams). In addition to the waypoints and directions, the device displays the longitude and latitude of the location, distance to the next beacon, as well as time. Operates at ambient temperatures from -20 to 55 degrees.


External battery pack with foldable solar panel

The price: from 1 800 roubles.

To talk about the benefits storage is not necessary. Probably every second smartphone owner is such a device. This device is different, so it has solar panels, so will be a great help in nature. The device has a capacity of 8000 mAh, which is enough to charge your smartphone and tablet. Model released with a different number of panels, you can choose from 3 to 6. The latter option provides the fast-charge the battery. Power output current – 5 V/2 A. According to user reviews the accessory is made of quality plastic material, has a stub USB ports to protect from moisture. Included is a USB cable. The battery can be charged both from a network and from the sun. The case has indication of charging and capacity, two USB output, MicroUSB, led light and loop to secure the panel to the backpack and charged, without interrupting traffic.


an Intelligent system of irrigation of potted plants

The price: 2 160 rubles.

the irrigation System controlled from your smartphone. Syncing the device via Bluetooth, the user can set the on-time of the pump to facilitate irrigation of plants. To install the application, you can scan a QR the code in the instructions. The app is developed for iOS and Android, currently available in English and Chinese >


Electric BBQ Teppanyaki

Cost: 3 425 rubles.

For those who like to cook outdoors great purchase will be an electric grill. The model is quite compact, has power from the usual outlets, equipped with anti-skid feet. Easy temperature adjustment allows you to choose the optimal mode for cooking. Power – 2 kW. Size — 48*29.5 cm complete grille and drip tray. There is protection from overheating.


Electric scooter S3 Kugoo

Cost: 15 949 rubles.

Electric scooters are becoming the most favorite means of travel of urban residents. The model is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it quite lightweight – 15 kg, but durable. Wheel in the third version of the scooter is made of new material, more wear-resistant than previous generations. The battery capacity is enough for 70 km, speed up to 60 km/h. the Model is designed for riders weighing up to 120 kg. the Case is waterproof. The advantage of the vehicle is foldable design, several colors (suitable for girls and boys), the lamp front and rear display, 3 speed.