KaiOS: «operating system» for push-button telephones

With the advent of «OSes» KaiOS sale push-button phone I went up. What are the advantages of the new OS?

As in just 2 years to become a 3rd force in the market of mobile operating systems and attract investments worth more than $ 70 million? For sure can someone tell Sebastian Caudwell, who, being a Director of the company KaiOS Technologies, is actively developing a product that promises a real revolution in the mobile market – the operating system KaiOS. Thanks to this "OSes" sales push-button phone for the first time in many years, went up.

That represents the KaiOS?

KaiOS is an operating system built on Firefox OS, so easy that in order to use it, just 256 MB of RAM. KaiOS put on push-button phones, thus extending their functionality and making them semi-smart phones. A distinctive feature of IOS is also energy efficiency.

Of the companies that have already signed with the KaiOS of the partnership agreement, it would be possible to make a real Hall of Fame. These include Facebook, Google, Twitter, Qualcomm, AT&T, T-MOBILE.

C Google KaiOS share much more than a partnership. The giant of Silicon valley since the mid-2018 is the main investor of the company KaiOS – then he has invested in the development of the new operating system 22 million dollars. Later cocky rookie received 50 million dollars from the Fund Cathay Innovation – again with the support of Google.

Experts are wondering what makes Google so much to worry about the fate of the company, which, in fact, his competitor. Built a lot of different guesses – including conspiracy. There is, for example, the view that Google, realizing the enormous potential rival, sent him a "Trojan horse" — and what KaiOS Technologies took the money, still leaves her side. Although the most probable is the version that Google just wants to promote their many services, integrating them with the new "OSes".

That offers KaiOS?

You are unlikely to visually distinguish the phone on the basis of the KaiOS from the usual "dialers". The interface "Kai-backgrounds" is exactly the same as the push-button "brothers". We can say, classic – 9 icons located in 3×3.

Phones KaiOS, of course, not touch — the control is performed by using the navigation keys. But then what is the benefit of the vaunted KaiOS? Explain in order:

  • KaiOS has its own app store, which already has Facebook, Twitter, What's App. However, even if this store is still pretty poor, but gradually the number of applications is growing.
  • KaiOS позволяет обладателям push-button phone «юзать» такие полезные программы, как YouTube и Google Maps. «Операционка» интегрирована даже с voice assistant Google Assistant — which is especially important when you consider the torture is the set text to on the keyboard.
  • The system has support for 4G and 3G as well as Wi-Fi and GPS navigation. Phone running on KaiOS, it is theoretically possible to use as a Wi-Fi router to give the mobile Internet. However, in practice, not every device with the Cayos has this feature.

Even the phone component of the apparatus on KaiOS, judging by the user feedback, worked better. Phone book and other routines are more comfortable and look modern.

Top 5 phones on KaiOS

Mid-2020 there is a pretty impressive list of videonow who work on the Cayos. However, in the limited number of available devices.

INOI 283k

The most current phone with KaiOS in USssia – a INOI 283k. It offers users the screen is 2.8 inch with resolution of 320*240 pixels, capacious battery 2000 mAh, chipset MTK 6572, 512 MB RAM and 4GB ROM, and support microSD up to 32 GB. There is cameras 2 and 0.3 MP. Wireless interfaces presents Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth 2.1 and GPS.

The model is made in a classic form factor, has a comfortable keyboard and voice input via Google Assistant. In addition, the novelty supports YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Maps and games and apps that you can download from a corporate store KaiStore.

Is INOI 283k only 1 990 rubles. Taking into account this affordable price tag is a very interesting push-button phone with smart functions.


240 Nobby LTE

Yet another phone with KaiOS, which is officially in USssia – 240 Nobby LTE. The model has a screen of 2.4 inches with resolution of 320*240, battery 2000 mAh, support for LTE (can work as access point), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1. The device works on the processor with four cores (manufacturer not specified) and has 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM, and support microSD up to 32 GB. Camera just one — 0.3 MP.

GPS module in the phone is not provided, so use Google maps without Internet will not work. The rest of the list of applications is standard for KaiOS – WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and others.

8110 Nokia 4G

the Legendary "banana", which at the turn of the Millennium, boasted neo from the famous trilogy "the Matrix", back in business! Company HMD Global, which now has a brand Nokia, relaunched the model in 2018. However, it's not a simple "dialer" — thanks to KaiOS Nokia 8110 gained access to the social networks, as well as support for LTE. In the days when they filmed "the Matrix", about the speed of 4G connection could not even conceive the followers of science fiction.

However, the phone has one drawback – price. The gadget costs about 4 thousand rubles – for the money you can easily buy inexpensive, but a true smartphone. Uparatna part of this is almost similar to the above mentioned competitors — a processor with four cores, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB ROM, the battery is 1500 mAh and the camera is 2 MP.

it is not clear what is the demand and what the market expected in Global HMD, but so far the updated "bananas" are popular only among collectors of rarity.

JioPhone 2

JioPhone number 1 blew up the Indian market – maker sold 25 000 000 units of the smartphone. Therefore, the appearance of JioPhone 2 was quite expected – we were only the appearance of the device. The company Reliance Jio has decided to please those users who are nostalgic for the old BlackBerry, and released the phone in the form factor of the candy bar with QWERTY-keyboard. Still no other phone with KaiOS in this form factor.

JioPhone 2 with points view the functionality is stronger, "banana" Nokia. In addition to 3G and 4G there is support for NFC – то есть при помощи этого симпатичного фичефона можно расплачиваться в магазинах. И price у аппарата разумная – 44$ (или 2800 рублей). Впрочем, без подвоха не обошлось: JioPhone 2 официально не продаётся ни в России, ни в странах Европы – только в Индии. Сами индийцы к международной экспансии не очень-то стремятся – у них и внутренний рынок почти безразмерный.

Alcatel Go Flip

Alcatel Go Flip – a kind of "space monkey". This apparatus, which began with the story of KaiOS, as Flip first videonow got a new "OSes".

Go Flip Alcatel released in the form factor of the "clamshell" — these phones have been wildly popular about 10 years ago, but now almost completely disappeared from shop Windows. He has a very robust design for a push-button device characteristics – hardware, in particular, would be able to launch even Android Go, and the camera takes pictures with a resolution of 5 megapixels. Go Flip works in networks 4G, and even has modem mode – it is possible to distribute Wi-Fi.

It is worth noting that Alcatel Go Flip in 2020 received the update to 3rd version. Go Flip 3 received cosmetic changes and works exactly the same filling as the first version. The difference is in appearance — took the name and left the logo, and in addition there's the app store, which in the first telephone was not provided. In USssia the model is not presented.

prospects for the development of the operating system KaiOS

may 2019 KaiOS Technology announced that there are already more than 100 million mobile devices with KaiOS. To understand this a lot, imagine that in USssia, 2 out of 3 would go with "Kai-Backgrounds". Judging by the fact that the number of major players in the market, signing a partnership agreement with the KaiOS, multiplied exponentially, we are seeing a Renaissance of videonow.

The current "giants" Android and iOS will remain in his – "OS" KaiOS it is not a competitor, otherwise Google would not have invested money in it. KaiOS cover the demand in that segment of potential consumers, which highbrow geniuses of Silicon Valley somehow forgot. This category includes people who can't afford the cheapest touchscreen smartphone – or simply do not need this type of device. For many was the discovery that this segment includes the entire cities and even countries.