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Top accessories for smartphones in 2020

The smartphone is without a doubt the main gadget, which each of us uses every day. While there are many devices that can significantly extend its functionality.

we invite you to consider the most interesting and useful mixers, which will add comfort when using the most popular mobile devices and make life a little easier.

Fitness bracelet — Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Price: 1 990 rubles

Smart bracelet Xiaomi 4 Mi Band is an extremely useful accessory even for those people who don't exercise on a regular basis. He has a lot of features that will find application in everyday life. For example, this is a wonderful and extremely convenient alarm clock with vibration, which will help in time to awaken from sleep, not awakening the household.

Another advantage of Mi Band 4 is the ability to indicate an incoming call. Even if your phone is constantly on silent mode, you won't miss an important call when the condition is worn on the wrist bracelet.

You can use the bracelet, you can obtain information from instant messengers and social networks, to find out information about the weather and current time, to control the music playback on the smartphone without taking it out of his pocket. And this is not a complete list of options fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 4, compulsory modern accessory for the owner of a mobile phone.


Внешний аккумулятор с поддержкой wireless charging — Xiaomi SOLOVE W5 Power Bank

Price: from 1 890 rubles

Poverbank — that in itself is very useful and necessary in everyday life the device, and if it still supports wireless charging, as Xiaomi SOLOVE W5 Power Bank, then it just isn't there.

Capacity storage is 10,000 mAh, which is not too much by today's standards, but enough for a couple of times to charge the smartphone from wherever in this moment you were not.

If your mobile phone supports wireless charging, you just need to place it on the surface of the poverbank, and then begin the process of replenishment of the battery. In addition, there are two USB ports for regular wired connections.


Car holder with wireless charging function — Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger

Price: 3 290 rubles

Install the car panel holder Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger и вы сможете комфортно разместить ваш смартфон, который может выступать для вас в качестве навигатора и средства общения. Вы не будете скованными в движениях, сможете следить за дорогой, а ваш девайс не только будет в надежных «руках», но также сможет подзаряжаться при условии поддержки им wireless charging.

The holder is able to provide wireless charging power of 20 Watts, you don't even need to get a mobile phone from the case.

The front surface of the device is made from a solid 2.5 D glass for effective heat removal. In addition, you use your own fan for cooling the connected device. To use this accessory not only convenient, but absolutely safe.


Monopod tripod for smartphone — Huawei AF15

Price: 1 490 rubles

To create spectacular portraits or shooting with a stable image, you just need this accessory, like Huawei AF15. It is a two in one device in assembled form is beautiful monopod, and should spread his legs, as you get a reliable tripod (the tripod).

Complete with Huawei AF15 is a Bluetooth button, so you can remotely start the camera on the smartphone. No longer have to leave someone behind-the-scenes as a photographer at the party!

The tripod can be adjusted in length and tilt, so you can customize it to your liking and create portrait frames to remove the sky and so on.


Waterproof case for smartphone — Guildford Mobile Waterproof Bag

Price: from 990 rubles

Externally, the waterproof cover Guildford Mobile Waterproof Bag can remind you of zip package, but the design is not important in this accessory. With it, you can easily dive under the water, to make high-quality pictures in the pool or the Waterpark, without worrying about the health of the smartphone.

The case is transparent, so nothing will prevent you to create spectacular photos under water. In addition, it allows you to answer calls and complete control touch screen.

the size of the case is universal, so it can accommodate a compact cell phone, as well as a phablet.

Inexpensive and very useful accessory, which will not interfere with the active lifestyle.


tri-axis stabilizer for smart phone — Snoppa ATOM

Price: 9 890 rubles

Video is becoming more and more popular. Almost every second person has a blog or social media profile, so the better the quality of your video, the greater the response of the audience. To help you in this difficult matter can stabilizer Snoppa ATOM.

The device is equipped with three-axis stabilization, a convenient remote control on the handle and integrated battery which can act as poverbank for a smartphone. The holder on a single charge can work for 24 hours.

Forget the trembling hands and problems with image stabilization with Steadicam Snoppa ATOM your video will correspond to a cinematic level.