Review BQ Strike Forward: on the cutting edge of the latest trends!

The popular series Strike of the company BQ continued. Model Forward the characteristics is one of the most promising in the budget segment.

A line of budget devices Strike manufacturer BQ became popular to the users liking "superavtonomnoe" Power Max, model Selfie with an excellent front camera and other devices of the same series. Therefore it is logical that BQ this line continues to develop.

The new device Strike Forward for the announcement of the producer and the published specifications looked very intriguing. To just 6 990 rubles smartphone metal case with display, made by technology IN-CELL – utopia, not otherwise. As far as a really good Strike Forward and what are its main pros and cons, describe in detail in this review.


  • Materials: metal, plastic, glass
  • Operating system: Android1 Oreo
  • CPU: is a 4-nuclear MediaTek MT6739WW clock frequency up to 1.3 GHz
  • Accelerator: PowerVR GE8100
  • Operational / user memory: 2 GB / 16 GB (free around 11.6 GB)
  • Slot memory cards: has, максимальный объём 128 Гб
  • Display: Is 5.45 inches, resolution 1440×720 (HD +)
  • Camera: 13 m
  • Front camera: 8 m
  • Fingerprint: has
  • Navigation: GPS
  • Wireless modules: Bluetooth0, Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
  • Battery: 3200 mAh
  • Size: 71 × 148 × 8.9 mm
  • Weight: 146 grams

content and design

Strike Forward comes in a cardboard red-and-white box. The packaging is quite usual for a manufacturer — if you've been dealing with smartphones BQ, probably imagine what she looks like.

In the set in addition to mobile device:

  • the MicroUSB Cable.
  • power supply at 5V.
  • Manual and warranty card.
  • a Coupon giving the right to purchase branded accessories BQ at a discount of 20%.
  • screen protector (already pasted on screen).

To describe the design Strike Forward is best suited the epithet neat. There are no frills catchy and innovative solutions – but the gadget is in your hand so that all of the smartphones that were used before, begin to seem imperfect and clumsy. Experience the pleasure of feeling like a metallic cover cools the palm. Due to this there is a feeling that holding a solid camera, not plastic crafts, which will crumble at the first drop.

Despite the fact that the gadget has a large screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9 they can be easily operated with one hand. The thickness of the phone (8.9 mm) seems to be optimal: before the Slim model too far, but other "Bugatti" with their "9+" behind. Let's not forget that the Strike Forward battery who is in a slim case, probably it would not fit.

The location of the mechanical elements by and large standard. The headphone Jack on the top end. Two buttons (on and volume) on the right side. Bottom connector for charging. The left face is completely empty. Traditionally there is a slot for SIM, but Strike Forward back cover is a removable card placed under it. By the way, remove the cover – that's a toughie. Girls, before you begin this procedure, it is better to book a manicure session.

The obvious advantage of the model is that it is available in 5 color options: black, red, gold, grey and purple.


Ecran смартфона Strike Forward with a diagonal of 5.45 inches covers 81% of the front surface, has a matrix S-IPS and is made by technology IN-CELL. This means that the "sandwich" of matrices and glasses is much "thinner" between the elements there is no air layer. It has a good color saturation on the display and wide viewing angles – the advantages, not typical for smartphones in the budget category. A device to use outdoors even on a bright Sunny day.

"Fly in the ointment" looks minimal number of settings screen. In fact, you configure only one is brightness. Parameters such as contrast, sharpness, saturation, adjust will not succeed.


The manufacturer claims the device's camera to Strike Forward as one of its main advantages. Indeed, the quality of the recording, at least, does not disappoint. The image remains clear even when summerwash to the limit.

Here is a list of unique advantages rear camera Strike Forward:

  • Aperture f/2.0 lens captures more light, making photos taken even in low-light are high quality.
  • Phase focusing is a real "must-have" for any camera. Reduces the risk of getting blurry picture to zero.
  • High resolution (13 megapixel).
  • a flexible quality settings shooting (governed by parameters such as sharpness, brightness, contrast).

Photographs taken on the main camera Strike Forward:

the Front camera has a resolution of 5 megapixel and interpolation up to 8 megapixels. Removes the main expected worse – when you zoom you can see pixels. But it has a flash and supports HDR.

Performance and

In terms of performance Strike Forward phenomenal results not showing. Although the "miracles" he did not expect, because of the characteristics it was clear that the device is equipped with a budget CPU from MTK and a small amount of memory (2 GB).

New from BQ our expectations soon surpassed: scored more than 45 000 parrots in AnTuTu. Other "budgetcom" directory BQ even mark of 40,000 had not been reached. Performance enough to play in the arcade, the "lungs" of the game – say, "Subway Surfers"and "Homescapes" does not exist. But to torture the opponent in a 3D fighting game "Mortal mortal Kombat X" will not work – reason is so often that patience is simply not enough.

Strike Forward работает под управлением свеженькой Android 8.1 Oreo – лёгкой и дружественной пользователю операционной системы. Фирменная оболочка отсутствует, поэтому с интерфейсом запросто разберётся любой, у кого has опыт обращения с «зелёным роботом».

The traditional lack of smartphones BQ – a large number of pre – installed applications, unfortunately, and the models Strike Forward also typical. However, useful programs preinstalled is becoming more. Now, in addition to icons apps casinos on desktop you can find the icons "Yandex.Property», «Yandex.Zen», «Yule" and even a book with the intriguing title "7 laws of life».


Важной особенностью смартфона Strike Forward является то, что он поддерживает 4G сразу на обоих SIM-слотах. То has заведомо определять, какая из карточек — для выхода в сеть, а какая — для звонков, нет необходимости. Пользователь может выходить в интернет с любой из двух установленных симок.

The protection of personal data stored on the smartphone, is designed to provide a fingerprint scanner. Dactyloscopy accurately recognizes the correct fingerprint, but the phone from "sleep mode" displays with some delay. However, such "sins" can be forgiven, because analogues of the budget segment of the fingerprint sensor isn't there.


The music the speaker phone located on the back surface is not the best location. The motivation of the manufacturer to move the speaker there, it's hard to understand at the lower end of space a hectare. The sound is somewhat muted when the smartphone is "on the back". Although if you put in a call to something in the genre of German industrial, you can't miss a call as a gadget nor put himself Forward with a loud Strike.

"A pack-a-punch" sound on the smartphone acts as the traditional products BQ BesLoudness.


Forward Strike — not a "marathoner", but off-line operation of this device above average. The battery capacity of 3,200 mAh allows smartphone to hold on without recharging:

  • 1 day with moderate use (4G is enabled, conversations with a total duration of 30 minutes, viewing multiple videos).
  • 6-7 hours of active use (games or watching movies in HD).
  • 25-26 hours – in standby mode (when the smartphone is used as a piece of furniture).

As a smartphone with impressive battery capacity, Strike Forward supports OTG – то has с его помощью можно подзаряжать другие гаджеты. А вот функция быстрой подзарядки на устройстве отсутствует.


Advantages of the apparatus B. Q. Strike Forward are:

  • are Attractive in their design rigor.
  • Bright screen with wide viewing angles.
  • - Aperture rear camera with phase focus.
  • Fresh Android 8.1 Oreo.
  • Support 4G in both slots for SIM.
  • Powerful battery.
  • Fingerprint sensor.
  • Modest price.

Disadvantages no less an example, and they are more from the category of "NIT-picking":

  • Many pre-installed apps (will have to spend time removing them).
  • A small amount of RAM.
  • Disadvantageous location of musical dynamics.
  • No support fast-charge.

The strike, the Striker will be popular among users who value technique not for a catchy logo and for convenience and functionality – in the budget segment, this gadget looks nearly the most interesting. What is important from the point view the marketing, the smartphone is equally suitable for both ladies and gentlemen, as it has compact dimensions and is available in several color options.

To buy the BQ Strike Forward


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