How to delete Instagram account?

A set of instructions for those who always turns out badly in the photo.

Instagram is considered the most dynamically developing social network. No joke, back in 2013, the database of active users of Instagram included only 90 million people. By 2019, the number of users increased to 1 billion – more than 10 times. It turns out, every 8 inhabitant of the planet at least a little, but Insta-blogger.

However, even among young people there are those who speak strongly against Instagram. Not only that, the social network steals a lot of time. Crumbs of useful information in Instagram are drowning in the ocean of meaningless posts and stories that generate unrestrained number of so-called Insta-bloggers. It is believed that the social network promotes parasitism and generates envy in the world. If you think so, perhaps our instructions to remove the account in Instagram are useful to you.

How to delete Instagram account from computer?

To delete an Instagram account have to go through a real adventure, whose goal is the search for secret links. This to clicked and deleted, will – hid the social network "exit from the matrix" is pretty deep.

As we need to act to remove the page?

Step 1. On the main Instagram page, find the link "Help" at the bottom and click on it. So you pass in "Help center».

Step 2. In "Help center " go to the "Manage your account».

Step 3. In the next step, select the "Deleting account».

Step 4. , Expand "How to delete your Instagram account". Here you will find the secret link, which I have mentioned. In the screenshot below, it is indicated by the arrow ("Delete account»).

Step 5. Specify the reason you want to remove your page.

For each of the possible reasons for removal of proposed alternative (1). For example, if you specify that the social network interferes, distracts and generates a lot of noise, you will be prompted to remove the app from your phone and try to live without it.

If the alternative you are not inspired, enter the password in the blank box (2) and press the red button "Permanently delete my account" (3). The account will be erased immediately.

Instagram can be quite harsh with people who decided to leave and not give them any "probationary" period for account recovery. Deleted – so once and for all.

Moreover, after removal of the login account is not exempt, so if you want to start a new page, you need to promote your "mini-brand" to be recognizable. So before you decide to delete, think about it with a cool head and weigh all the "pros" and "cons". It is a decision that cannot be taken hastily.

How to delete Instagram account on phone?

To remove Instagram from your phone using the mobile app is impossible – there simply does not provide such a function. If you are going to work through the phone because of access to a PC or laptop you have no need to go into my account through the browser.

removal Procedure through the mobile browser also comes down to finding links, but the path is somewhat different. Here's what you need to do:

Step 1. Click on the icon " Settings" in the upper left corner.

Step 2. In the settings find the "Information" and go to the "Help center».

Step 3. «Help center" we are already a little familiar. Here select "Manage your account».

Step 4. Next you need a reference "Deleting account».

Step 5. Reference "Deleting account" expand "How to delete your Instagram account».

In the text, find the link "Delete account" and proceed for.

Step 6. Enter the reason for deleting the account (1). You can choose one from the list or to prescribe another. Next, enter the password of your account (2) and press the red button "Permanently delete my account" (3).

Step 7. The social network will ask you to confirm the action – click the "OK».

You can be sure that got rid of Instagram when you see on the phone screen the following record:

How to temporarily block a profile?

For those who want to recover from dependence on social networking and stay offline, the administration proposes to block Instagram account. In the future it can be recovered at any time. "Instagram" recommends that you do not "shoot from the hip" and choose lock instead of complete removal, stating that a huge number of users requested the recovery.

If you choose to lock your profile, you need to act like this:

Step 1. Go to your page and click the "Edit profile».

Step 2. Scroll through and click on the "to Temporarily delete my account».

Step 3. On the next page, indicate what prompted you to lock the account (1). If none of the proposed social network options is not suitable, select the "Else". Next, enter your password (2) and press the blue button "Temporarily suspend your account" (3).

Step 4. , a window will Appear prompting you to confirm that you have decided on the lock. Hit "Yes».

After that, access to the social network Instagram will be temporarily blocked.


Are removed from Instagram – the decision serious. The user should understand that then no amount of persuasion will not help him to restore the account. Period during which you can change your mind, the social network does not provide. Actually, this is one of the reasons that it is necessary to remove the hidden deep. If the user will be able to get to her, so it will hard to convince him to stay is unlikely to succeed.

For those who just want some time to distance themselves from the world, it is better to choose deactivate account. The deactivated profile can be enabled at any time, so selecting this option, the user saves himself from further painful awareness that all efforts on the promotion page in the Inst turned to ashes.