Smartphone BQ

BQ — USssian smartphone brand, offering a wide range of models, mostly in the middle and budget segments.

The best tablets BQ

The catalogue of tablets BQ less extensive than the range of smartphones. However, there is still a lot of decent budget models, about them we will tell.

Overview of BQ-5515L Fast

How much should cost smartphone with dual camera, fingerprint scanner and IPS-display, made by technology 2.5 D? If you call a five-digit sum...

Overview of BQ-5707G Next Music

Smartphones brand BQ one can not exactly blame – in a quiet sound. Alarms on devices BQ is better not to put on full volume, because you can Wake the neighbors,...

Overview of BQ-5508L Next LTE

The Next series from the BQ received the update, which cannot be called long - awaited- after all, the first of the series of smart phones is not a year. What are the differences between the new BQ-5508L from "predecessor"...

Overview of BQ-5700L Space X: just space!

the Company BQ regularly pleased with new interesting gadgets, but Space X fans of the brand have been waiting with great trepidation. Still - because the device has a unique advantage:...

Overview of BQ-5008L Brave

The main advantage of this model BQ Brave, which can withstand a load of 30 kg and falling from a considerable height.