How to make a beautiful selfie?

To create a selfie just move the front camera of the smartphone itself and press the shutter button. But if you want to get a cool selfie, it is all the more complicated. In this case, you will need to follow our advice.

Shooting so-called "cebasek" was coined many years ago. However, the popularity of such a style found only with the development of smartphones. The first time, many people did not understand why these devices front camera — video calls then cost a lot of money. Only later smartphone owners realized that with a small lens above the screen to take a photo of yourself. Our tips will help you if you don't reach a new level, then at least to impress friends and girlfriends. You will quickly realize that to make a cool selfie, you can easily.

Natural light is the best

There are a few rules perfect selfie. Search natural light is one of them. Even professional photographers with equipment for a few thousand dollars prefer to shoot outdoors as natural light will not replace anything. In nature you will be evenly illuminated, the contrast of the picture will be perfect.

But be careful! If the sun is shining, it is possible the appearance of lens flare. It would be better if the Orb is on the right or left. In any case it is impossible that the sun was behind you — then you can save even mode HDR.

Rate the artificial lighting

Of course, I want to take pictures not only outdoors but also indoors. In the case of artificial lighting, you need to spend preparing for the shoot at least a couple of minutes. Go to the light source a little closer and see how it affects your skin tone. If the result is not like it, then go to another light source.

The most important thing — face the lamp. Otherwise, your face will be plunged into darkness, the smartphone can cope with his lightening. You can also either to the right or to the left of the light source — this will make the image more bold. You can further enhance the effect of slightly tilting the device. These frames are perfect for ava. But do not overdo it, people don't have to view the picture tilt your head to one side, almost breaking his neck.

Tilt can not only smartphone

When taking a selfie have to rely on the device itself and on the head — the rest of the body in the frame, usually not visible. But this does not mean that every frame must be fooling around, making faces. No, to achieve diversity, you can just slightly bowed his head to the left or right. Turn it harder until you get the perfect angle.

Do not hold the smartphone above the head, unless it's a group photo. And it is not necessary to look into the lens — try to look somewhere to the side. All this allows to get very interesting shots, sometimes even mysterious.

is Not empty your lips

At one time was very popular when taking a selfie with compressed lips and literally rip them out. In people, this the facial expression is called "dachas". For some reason, to them such photos like. But now even they understand that such expressions are far from normal. Much better usual smile.

If you can't smile in front of the camera, then remember some funny moment of life. In the result you if you don't laugh, we'll smile.

detach the camera from your face

If you want to make a cool selfie, then you need to figure out how to fit more in the frame space. To do this, you can get a smartphone with a a wide-angle camera. But if your budget does not allow it or you simply have attached to his device, then get yourself a monopod. With it, you can push the smartphone from his face about half a meter. As a result, the picture becomes more clear — a person will be able to review the background and determine where you are. This will allow you to stand out from the huge amount of repetitive selfie.

In a separate article we wrote, how to use a selfie-stick. Nothing complicated about it. Of course, it is not necessary to bring a monopod is absolutely everywhere. Practice shows that good images are obtained without it. Selfie stick will be useful somewhere on holiday, when you want to get perfect pictures.

note: you can use the monopod can take pictures of themselves on the main camera. And it takes often much better than the front.

Use the alternative to the shutter button

If you have a monopod, the more often you will remove the phone by pressing a virtual shutter button. Thus, you cause some shaking, because of what the photo may turn out blurry. Most often this happens under artificial lighting when the shutter speed is increased up to 1/15 of a second. Right to remove in such conditions, using an alternative button. In particular, you can click one of the buttons adjust the volume level. On some smartphones you can press on the power key — this will also lead to the creation of the snapshot.

There are other alternatives. You can purchase Bluetooth button, which will enable you to remotely press the shutter button. Some devices allow you to give a voice command. For example, a Samsung perceive the word "photograph". There are also special applications for selfie-shooting, which make the frame almost automatically, when your face will be located in the right place. And sometimes this functionality and get the standard application "Camera" — this applies not only Korean products, but also Chinese smartphone.

Adjust the white balance and exposure

the Digital camera very bad work with light and colors. Artificial light can be some problems. Also, the smartphone has some difficulties at twilight, if there is a large amount of snow. If you notice that your skin has an unnatural color, change the white balance. Now to make this allows any smartphone.

with regard to the exposure — this word mean, how light or dark it turns out the. This parameter can also be adjusted. And many people do not know, trying to shoot on full automatic.

Edit your images

Don't assume that experienced photographers have a masterpiece immediately after pressing the shutter button. No, they edit their photos in various graphic editors. That and your selfie, you can also handle third-party applications. It does not need to turn on the computer, now many such programs exists on the Android operating system. Make sure that you can by reading articles "the Best graphics editor". By using such applications, you can turn an ordinary selfie into a very unusual image that will definitely stop on his view of the man, flipping Instagram.

Apply filters

Many of the pictures are good in themselves. A selfie can also highlight a successful application of the filter. In particular, it should help those who are wondering how to make a beautiful selfie budget smartphone. The simplest cameras shoot with different artifacts, they are not able to give a clear picture. The filter can hide technical flaws.

Now the function of laying of filter have a preset "Camera"and "Gallery". Filters are available in Instagram and many other clients social networking. Not do without them and the art.


This is a list of our tips came to an end. The most important rule when taking a selfie — be creative more. Believe me, your picture, much of which is a person, no one will appreciate. Try to invent something new — take a trip somewhere, take a photo for the background sights, will do something unusual... Surprise the viewer! And try not to abuse the front camera — no need to take a selfie every day in large quantity. Their value only drops.


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