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Overview of child smartphone INOI kPhone

INOI kPhone — children's mobile educational apps and a parental control. The device lets you know where is it and what does the baby during the day, to monitor how he uses a smartphone and to phone even in silent mode.

For children of school and preschool age, the company INOI released dedicated smartphone with useful educational content and non-deletable apps parental control. INOI kPhone, you can connect to any smartphone on Android and iOS and control at a distance: to limit the time of usage, to approve and block downloadable applications to set safe search in the Internet and YouYube. Kids smartphone sends notifications to parents when a child leaves the yard or school shows where he is during the day and allows you to listen to the sounds around the child to understand what he was doing. Parents can also see how much battery power is left in the child's phone and calling him even in silent mode, to remind you to put your smartphone on charge. INOI kPhone provides recommendations useful children's content in 4 categories: "Training", "Games", "Books" and "Video". Children will love the trendy design of the model. The smartphone features a large and clear 5.5-inch screen with convenient an aspect ratio of 18:9, non-slip matte coating and it comes with a bright, stylized case. The model comes in two versions: INOI INOI and kPhone kPhone 4G. To us for review were the model with the function of high-speed 4G Internet.


  • Materials: polycarbonate, glass
  • Operating system: Android 8 Go
  • CPU: MTK6739
  • Operational/user memory: 1 GB/ 8 GB
  • Slot memory cards: есть, максимальный объем 128 GB
  • Display: 5.5 inch, resolution 1280×640
  • Camera: double, 8/0.3 m
  • Front camera: 5 m
  • Navigation: GPS, A-GPS
  • Wireless modules: Bluetooth: 4.0 Wi-Fi: 802.11 b, 802.11 g, 802.11 n
  • Battery: 2850 mAh
  • Size: 149.4 x 71 x 8.9 mm
  • Weight: 165.6 grams

content and design

INOI kPhone came to us packaged in a neat cardboard box of white color with a glossy finish. Packaging design is modest and minimalist: white background, image of smartphone and inscription INOI kPhone. On the reverse side characteristics.

, complete with a children's smartphone go to:

  • the charger and USB cable brand purple color
  • user's manual,
  • flyers with promo codes for month subscription at the "ivi" for kids and online school Foxford, 30 free books from Litres and a year's subscription to the service "Where are my children",
  • styled silicone case.

The smartphone also looks very neat. Case pleasant to the touch with a matte finish of soft-touch polycarbonate. This coating protects your smartphone from sliding on smooth surfaces and reduces the likelihood of slipping out of your hands. We came up with a model in a black casing. Also the smartphone is available in red, gold and blue color options.


Back cover the model has a removable. Under it: removable battery, 2 разъема под SIM и один разъем под карту памяти micro-SD до 128 GB. Качельки громкости расположены с правой стороны. Разъемы для зарядного устройства и наушников — сверху. На задней панели находятся объектив dual cameras, flashlight and audible speaker.


The device is equipped with a rather large 5.5-inch screen with a suction 1280×640 pixel. HD IPS матрица обеспечивает широкие углы обзора и передает яркую, четкую картинку. Сенсорный слой на нажатия реагирует точно. На смартфоне удобно читать, играть и смотреть видео. Дисплей имеет вытянутую форму с an aspect ratio of 18:9. Благодаря таким параметрам смартфон удобно помещается в руке.

Ecran устройства покрыт стеклом 2.5D с округлыми гранями. Прозрачная a protective film in the box with the phone is not provided. To further protect the display from fingerprints and scratches, I advise you to buy safety glass.


The rear camera in INOI kPhone has 2 modules: the main resolution of 8 megapixels and an additional 0.3 MP. Additional module serves to blur the background while shooting, although INOI kPhone is a blur not too noticeable. Shooting quality is sufficient for Amateur photo and video.

Front camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels allows you to communicate via video links with parents.

Below you can see examples of photos and video made by INOI kPhone.

(photo on the selfie-camera)

Performance and

For the performance INOI kPhone 4G answer 4-core chipset MediaTek MTK6739 and lightweight Android 8 Go. Android 8 Go is an optimized operating system for smartphones with RAM of 1 GB. The advantage of this platform is that it takes 2 times less memory, increasing the speed of the device. The amount of RAM in INOI kPhone is 1 GB. The smartphone is not working too quickly but smoothly. Speed is quite enough for comfortable work and download and download kids apps.

Объем встроенной памяти модели — 8 GB. Чтобы на смартфоне можно было хранить больше файлов и приложений, лучше дополнительно установить карту памяти объемом до 128 GB.


The audio quality of the smartphone is excellent. The ringtone can be heard even when the device is in a bag or pocket. Through headphones the sound is quality and clear. And still pleased with the trick that to the child can call even in silent mode. Parents can send a loud ringtone on the smartphone of the child, if he forgets to turn on the sound.


The manufacturer has supplied INOI kPhone battery with a capacity of 2850 mAh. With average use battery lasts for a full day of use. In continuous mode, the smartphone can withstand 4 hours. Parents can remotely monitor the battery level on INOI kPhone. If the child is too active to use a smartphone during the day, parents can call him and remind him to put the phone on charge, the child is not left without communication.

Parental controls

One of the main advantages INOI kPhone for parents to monitor children's smartphone remotely. To INOI kPhone can be connected to any smartphone operating system Android or iOS. Parents can limit the time children use your smartphone or completely turn it off during lessons in school or homework. When the child loads on the smartphone new games and apps that parents have the confirmation. You can also set safe search on the Internet to which I did not go to adult sites.

INOI kPhone sends to smartphones parents information about the child's location. Within a year after purchasing a smartphone, parents can use the free app "Where's my babies". The application can view the history of movements of the child during the day and his location in real time. It is also possible to configure alerts that the child has left the yard, school or other institution. Parents can connect to INOI kPhone and listen to the sounds around the child to understand what he was doing.

Important feature INOI kPhone that the application of parental control is built into the firmware of the smartphone, so you can't remove them.

Child content

On the main screen INOI kPhone made icons for quick access to children's content in 4 categories: "Training", "Games", "Books" and "Video". Each section contains a constantly updated list of recommended apps to download. Among the recommendations, a lot of educational applications and educational games. In the section "Books" children's tales, fantastic stories, encyclopedias and textbooks. Even the first month after purchase of the smartphone free app books Foxford, watch cartoons online cinema "ivi" for kids and free to download 30 books for Litres.

are Also on the main screen INOI kPhone pre-installed assistant artificial intelligence Alice от Яндекс. Alice может рассказать историю, почитать сказку и ответить на любой вопрос.


В INOI kPhone действительно все максимально продумано для ребенка школьного и дошкольного возраста. С одной стороны, ребенку должен понравится модный дизайн смартфона, который похож на настоящий взрослый гаджет, яркий чехол и огромный выбор игр и приложений. С другой стороны, родители оценят возможность удаленно контролировать, как ребенок использует смартфон, узнавать о его местоположении и занятиях. По техническим характеристикам устройство вполне оправдывает свою цену 5490 рублей. Смартфон собран качественно, в руке ощущается надежно. Есть все необходимые функции: связь, скоростной интернет 4G, камеры 8 и 5 Мп, 2 разъема для SIM-карт и отдельный слот для memory cards объемом до 128 GB. Порадовал крупный качественный экран с удобным соотношением сторон и нескользящий, очень приятный на ощупь матовый корпус.

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