Smartphone Motorola

Firma Lenovo, which is the copyright owner of the mark Motorola, even in 2015, it was announced that the brand is likely to return to the USssian market. In March 2016, you can talk about the return as a fait accompli – line of Moto devices will be sold in several retailers, however, need to warn you: the prices will be "biting".


Line Motorcycle: overview of the

In sale 4 smartphone Moto:

  • X Force is positioned as a gadget with unbreakable screen is the main reason why the cost of the smartphone is close to 50 thousand rubles. However, the functionality is at a high level – the gadget is equipped with a rear camera resolution of 21 megapixels that can shoot videos in 4K format, and 3GB of RAM.
  • X Style is the image the flagship of the with different aesthetics. Experts call this mobile phone Moto the most ambiguous of the line: any "chips" in addition to the ability to change the appearance of there for CTA buyers have to pay 40 thousand rubles, not very clear.
  • X Play is considered to be a "workhorse", however, is the price of the flagship Chinese company, "middling" – about 30 thousand rubles. Of the features include two removable panels of different colors in the kit and a certificate of protection IP52 (from splashes).
  • Moto G the most accessible gadget from the line. It features the model protection standard IPX7, the smartphone can be immersed in water for up to half an hour. In addition, customers Moto G I have the opportunity to choose the coloring device through the service Moto Maker.

is it Worth buying smartphones catalogue Moto?

The build quality and functionality of the devices Moto no complaints; the problem is one of cost. International users the price of Moto more than palatable, because the smaller model costs about $ 180. However, the USssian user would have to pay a minimum of 17 thousand rubles for a smartphone that offers nothing revolutionary. Even in the line of the right holder Lenovo are more worthy and interesting devices that are cheaper.

Motorola introduced the Moto cameraphone, G8 Plus

In addition to ultrabudgetary models E6 Moto Play, Motorola introduced a new competitor Redmi Note 8 under названиемMoto G8 Plus. However, the price tag of this new product is more expensive.