All about the voice assistant Bixby

Samsung Galaxy S8 differs from its predecessors not only in appearance and the screen, which changed the aspect ratio. This smartphone is the first to have received the support of a brand-new of the voice assistant Bixby. Let's find out what Korean voice assistant apart from the competition.

Samsung Bixby was definitely not developed from scratch. Its design manufacturer of smartphones and tablets focused on private S Voice. This voice assistant is already a few years installs on all smart devices from Samsung. Even smart watch from the Gear have its support. However, the massive popularity of this helper is not found. The reason is that in terms of functionality it is virtually no superior to a similar project from Google. The competitor gradually learns about the user more and more information, so working with them becomes easier. As a result, the South Koreans decided to completely rework my idea. So was born the assistant Bixby.

Main features helper

Samsung another presentation Galaxy S8 has announced that the new voice assistant will be exclusive for long flagship. In the future we need to support not only smartphones, but also different appliances. In particular, the intelligent assistant is going to be introduced in the device operating under control of operating system Tizen. And this, for example, some new refrigerators from Samsung. The result Bixby, when you are in the supermarket, will be able to tell what exactly products is not enough in the fridge. Or at least show a picture of his interior space. But all this is in the distant future. What features the service has now?

To call the Bixby is a separate button. we Can say that it makes the assistant more readily available. Although many smartphone users would say that there is nothing easier voice commands. The impression that a separate button the Samsung Galaxy S8 dedicated only to as quickly as possible to popularize new of the voice assistant. In future devices, when Bixby will already be well known, from the button for sure get rid of the assistant will be called the usual voice command, or some special gesture.

The management of the smartphone using voice. is Actually Bixby can completely replace the touch control. Assistant for you can click on any menu item to open "Gallery" of your desired image, and perform other such actions. It is not capable of any other voice assistant. But while it is unclear whether the service will be the right to communicate with third-party applications. Yes, and it is clear that it is much faster to click on a menu item with your finger than to say its name out loud. But this functionality will be useful to people with disabilities — who simply do not have hands.

object Recognition. This function is borrowed from some other services, including those created by Amazon. However, the possibility Bixby turned out to be much broader. The assistant recognizes the photos are not only things that are sold in stores. And not just barcodes. In theory, the voice assistant Bixby ready to recognize any more or less interesting object. For example, it may be a monument or a building. The assistant will instantly try to find online information about the photographed object. And thus in real-time translated text in an unknown >applications translators for Android.

Understanding the natural > Many voice assistants are still very limited in their vocabulary. So they understood you, you need to say some special phrase. Bixby understands natural speech. At least in English. Only in an extreme case, he asks the interlocutor. Most of all it will be noticeable once the voice assistant will become very popular. After all, the service should actively explore natural speech, only then he will really learn to understand it. And this takes time.

Reminders. Расширена у of the voice assistant и базовая функция, касающаяся напоминаний о тех или иных предстоящих событиях. Пользователь имеет возможность попросить ассистента напомнить о чём-то, когда он будет находиться в определенном месте. Опять же, предполагается, что команда будет произнесена обычной разговорной речью: «Напомни мне взять документы, когда я окажусь неподалеку от Чапаева 42».

How to use Bixby?

Как уже сказано выше, пока сервис работает только на Samsung Galaxy S8 и его увеличенном собрате. Установить голосовой помощник на какие-то другие устройства нельзя (по крайней мере, по состоянию на апрель 2017 года). Грубо говоря, покупатели нового flagship пока тестируют этот сервис. Когда южнокорейцы поймут, что их творение работает практически идеально, они предоставят возможность его использования и владельцам некоторых других смартфонов Samsung. Ассистент поступит с очередным обновлением прошивки, заменив собой S Voice. Скачать его где-то на стороннем ресурсе вряд ли будет возможно. Хотя создатели всевозможных модов вполне могут как-то это реализовать.

It should also be noted that the first buyers of the new flagship will not be able to play with Bixby. The fact that the South Koreans took a little more time to Refine their service. He becomes active only at the end of may or early June 2017. It is not known yet and speak whether Bixby immediately in USssian or it will have to wait months or even years.

To use the voice assistant is very easy. Simply click the corresponding button and speak a question or command. Also after pressing the button you will see start screen of the assistant. It brings together all sorts of hints and other useful information. For example, it will contain notification of the action of friends in social networking, the number of carried out steps, and more. The order of blocks on the screen will be constantly changing, depending on what information you have at the moment is more important.


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