The best stabilizers for smartphone

The fans to take pictures and videos to your smartphone eventually realize – even the best cameras with optical and electronic stabilization are not coping well with shooting. To improve the video and photos were created by special devices – stabilizers for smartphone.

Initially, the Steadicam was a simple targetelem. With the development of the industry, such accessories are better equipped technically. Today in their design a mechanism that tracks the position of the smartphone in space and dampens any vibration that ensures great quality pictures and especially videos. In the selection below, we offer the best models of stabilizers.

A little bit about the selection criteria

When choosing a stabilizer, consider the number of parameters:

  • the Supported diagonal Steadicam should be designed for the screen size, considering the increasing diagonals, not all stabilizers suitable for devices from 6 inches.
  • Weight – держатель со стабилизатором должен быть легким, так как вместе со смартфоном масса увеличится и может оказаться, что долго вести съемку будет крайне некомфортно.
  • The battery life is frustrating to face a situation in which the battery of the stabilizer will sit down and the device will be completely useless.
  • The control on the handle – high-quality Steadicam for smartphone has a control unit, the best models it not only allows you to take a picture, but to carry out zooming, to change the mode, switch the camera to change the position of the device.

It is important to understand that in today's market there are two types of steadicams – manual and automatic stabilizer. The first option does not provide any mechanisms to stabilize and actually performed, as monopod no retractable parts. Automatic models have a special mechanism that aligns the camera on one or three axes. The last type is the most effective.

So, a good stabilizer should be light, with good battery life, a universal mount for different diagonals, user-friendly controls and three-axis stabilization.

Zhiyun Smooth 4

  • The number of axes: 3
  • Weight: 547 gram
  • Time working 12 hours

Price: 6 350 rubles.

A three-axis stabilizer for smartphone for a long time was positioned as the best in terms of price and features. At the moment the Steadicam from Zhiyun lost this status, but due to the low cost remains one of my favorite customers. The model is designed for devices with a width up to 8.4 cm and weighing up to 210 grams. Works with devices on iOS and Android, although the connection device has only the MicroUSB connector that is already negative, as most modern phones are equipped with Type-C, not to mention the technique of Apple, which has Lightning. Before use is required to calibrate the holder so that the calculated center of gravity. This can be done through applications for the gadget or on the computer.

The retention mechanism is able to rotate 240 degrees horizontally and vertically. Managing stabilization provides 4 modes of operation. You can switch between them using the button on the remote control. For full control using a Steadicam requires syncing via Bluetooth and installing the application ZY Play. The remote has 12 buttons. Built-in modes quite a lot – Time Lapse, panorama, lock the axis, object tracking and others. The device has a battery capacity of 2000 mAh, which is enough for 12 hours of work. Full charge in 2.5 hours. On the case there is indication of work. The model is designed to work at temperatures from -10 to 40 degrees, which in General is typical for most stabilizers.


  • Support for large diagonals.
  • copes with the main task of stabilization.
  • Large number of modes.
  • Convenient operation.
  • The set includes tripod and carrying case.


  • Is not the best application.
  • Is not working with every device on Android.
  • Can charge smartphones only with microUSB.

DJI Osmo Mobile 2

  • The number of axes: 3
  • Weight: 485 grams
  • Time working: 15

Price: 10 300 rubles.

In contrast to the previous models of this Steadicam for phone is positioned as an Amateur, meaning it is designed for those who do not wish long to figure out something to adjust and calibrate. The manufacturer claims – put the smartphone, connect Bluetooth, set of accessories — DJI GO and started to shoot. Management is extremely simple – three buttons. For reviews this is true, it works quickly and simply. The main disadvantage – high cost for Amateur models and an English->

The holder received three axis stabilization, simple controls, works with iOS and Android devices, is charged via a microUSB connector and has a normal USB output for charging all devices. Here it should be noted immediately is quite useless, as the battery capacity of 2500 mAh is too small for the power of modern phones. A full charge takes 2.5 hours. Maximum weight – 202 grams. The angles of tilt and swivel to 170 degrees. Users report a large number of modes – Motion Lapse, Time Lapse, Hyperlapse, landscape and other.

The model turned out to be expensive, but buy it wants those users who hate to read instructions, to understand complex management, and in General to grasp the essence of the work.


  • Quality stabilization.
  • A good autonomy.
  • Large number of modes.
  • Simple operation for novice users.
  • In the included carrying case.
  • A handy app (but in English).
  • to the vertical location of the phone.
  • Easy configuration and quick start.


  • Is too sensitive mechanism of stabilization – if during operation, touch the attachment, it begins to spin rapidly.
  • the Function power bank is useless because of the small capacity of the battery, additionally, the mount is designed so that devices with a USB cord for charging do not connect.
  • High price.

Moza Mini-MI

  • The number of axes: 3
  • Weight: 543 grams
  • Time working 10 hours

Price: 6 500 rubles.

Budget Steadicam with a function wireless charging devices that already sets him apart from the competition. The model received a complete tripod and storage case. An interesting point is that on the body there are four threads for mounting on a tripod, that is in fixed use options to put the holder of the lot that extends the capabilities of shooting video. The Steadicam is designed to work with iOS and Apple allows you to set the gadget width 92 cm and weighing up to 300 grams. The angle is 310 degrees, the angle of rotation of 360 degrees. On the body there is a status indicator, control buttons and a joystick to control the position of the smartphone.

You'll need to install the application Moza Genie and sync via Bluetooth. It offers a large number of modes for shooting photos and videos. We have mentioned that the model supports wireless charging of devices, but if the phone is such a function does not possess, it is possible to connect the USB cable connector is located on one of the axes of the stabilizer, which is much more convenient than going out to the body.


  • A large number of supported diagonals.
  • Good equipment.
  • the Function wireless charging.
  • The vertical location of the device.


  • Users report that the management will have to get used to, it is quite complicated.
  • The application is not too correctly works on the Android, affect the fact that initially it was written only for iOS.
  • Is not the most capacious battery.
  • Quite a lot of weight with a small battery.

Xiaomi Mijia Smartphone Handheld Stabilizer

  • The number of axes: 3
  • Weight: 476 gram
  • Time working: 16 hours

The price: from 7 000 rubles.

the Chinese company Xiaomi traditionally bypasses its competitors, offering excellent characteristics product with an affordable price. The device has a 3-axis stabilizer, a light weight and a capacious battery to 5000 mAh, which will provide work for 16 hours. With the possibility to charge smartphones, this volume looks more convincing than the above competitors.

Allowable weight of the devices 200 grams, width – 86 mm, the holder provides the opportunity to consolidate action camera. Steadicam has convenient control buttons for switching functions and the trigger for changing the position of the phone. The case has indication of charging. The tilt angle is 175 degrees, to rotate horizontally 360 degrees. The interaction with the gadget is through an installed app and sync via Bluetooth. Users report a large number of modes, including object tracking. Given the price of this stabilizer can be considered the best in features.


  • Great stabilization.
  • Simple controls.
  • Understand the application, in fact, is the altered software, which is set to smartphones Xiaomi to use.
  • Excellent battery capacity.
  • The ability to charge phones.
  • Can work with action camera.
  • Little weight.


  • Sparse set against the background of competitors.


Snoppa Atom

  • The number of axes: 3
  • Weight: 440 gram
  • Time working 24 hours

Price: 9 800 rubles.

One of the most compact models on the market with very nice performance. Steadicam is really unusual and it's not just that he's the smallest on the market. The device can operate for 24 hours and can charge smartphones wirelessly. If the device this feature is not supported then come to the aid of a cable connection. Included is a cord Type-C Lightning, and a carrying bag. The charging time is 3 hours.

The model has a convenient control and a large number of modes. To use them you will need to install the branded app. Stabilizer supports smartphones up to a width of 90 mm and a maximum weight of 310 grams, it is also possible to set action camera. Another positive point is the angles of 330 ° and rotation of 360 degrees. The case has a 3.5 connector to connect third party microphones.


  • Quality stabilization.
  • Foldable design makes the device very convenient for storage and carrying.
  • light weight.
  • Convenient operation.
  • Supports large diagonal.
  • Great autonomy.
  • Good equipment.
  • Great angles of rotation and tilt.
  • The microphone output.
  • Wireless charging smartphones.


  • The deficiencies have not been identified.