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the Best fitness wristband with GPS module

Not everyone fitness tracker has a GPS module. As a rule, it is quite expensive models from famous brands.

The built-in GPS module, you need an exact calculation of distance traveled, route planning, effective analysis of the results of the exercise and will not take on a sport smartphone. Today fitness bracelets GPS are not as common, and many of them do not cope with their functions. So below are the best models on the market.

If you decide to buy such a tracker then don't forget that continued use of GPS running leads to a rapid discharge of the battery, therefore, enable the module only when necessary.

KingWear KR03

  • Display: Of 0.96 inches, TFT, 160*80
  • Battery: 140 mAh
  • Moisture resistance: IP68

Price: 2 700 RUB

Fitness bracelet KR03 from Chinese brand KingWear was developed quite a long time. The company is serious about its creation, which resulted in a functional, interesting looks, and a pretty good app available for iOS and Android. Unlike most trackers, this model was simply a metal case and leather strap, which implies it is the logical carrying not only casual but also strict clothes. Functionality in addition to standard functions, pedometer, display of notices, taking of pulse, calories burned and sleep monitoring includes a Multisport mode, which is suitable for running, Cycling, swimming, climbing and walking.


  • A functional.
  • A handy app.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Moisture.
  • Convenient charging.


  • Faded display.
  • Is not a very clear interface.



  • Display: of 0.96 inches, a OLED, 160*80
  • Battery: 120 mAh
  • Moisture resistance: IP68

Price: from 3 500 RUB.

Fitness wristband GPS with SMA B5 can not only accurately track the distance traveled, but will count the steps, blood pressure, pulse and calories burned. In addition, it monitors sleep and can Wake up at the most appropriate time for this. When you connect to smartphone tracker will display information about calls, SMS and notifications from apps and also allow you to control the camera. The battery standby lasts two weeks, and in active use (with GPS enabled) for three days.


  • A handy app.
  • Clear interface.
  • Protection from moisture.
  • a Function for measuring pressure.
  • A good autonomy.


  • Some users have problems with syncing.
  • The tonometer is not very accurate, but still allows you to track the dynamics.
  • The display is difficult to read in the sun.

Huawei Band 4 Pro

  • Display: 0.95 inches, AMOLED, 120*240
  • Battery: 100 mA*h
  • Moisture resistance: WR50

Price: 3 600 RUB

Best bracelet GPS module in terms of price, capabilities and quality of execution. The maximum autonomy of the device reaches 12 days, but this is largely dependent on the use when enabled, the GPS battery will last for only 7 hours. The model is available in several colours and have different themes allowing you to customize the interface for themselves. Among the features – sleep monitor, smart heart rate monitor notification exceeds a threshold, an accurate count of distance traveled, determining the level of oxygen in the blood sport modes (running in the hall or on the street, velotta, exercise bike, walking, rowing, swimming, etc.). When synchronized with a smartphone, the user is able to find it, control your music and camera, as well as notifications about calls and SMS.


  • Many useful features.
  • The accuracy of the information collected.
  • high-Quality display.
  • Convenient and nice interface.


  • Uncomfortable charging.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

  • Display: 1.5 inch, AMOLED, 432*216
  • Battery: 200 mAh
  • Moisture resistance: WR50

Cost: from 10 500 RUB

is Quite old bracelet from the company Samsung, which today is able to compete with competitors. The device running Tizen OS, has a configurable desktops and widgets. The tracker boasts a large and high-quality an AMOLED display, the presence of GPS with the ability to create routes and follow them while Jogging, as well as its own memory 4 GB (free 2 GB) that allows you to download music and connecting wireless headphones listen to it during a workout. There are sleep monitoring, heart rate monitor, calorie count, search phone, player control, displaying the user activity, sport modes and compatibility with third-party applications for data analysis.


  • Removable straps.
  • A functional.
  • The exact calculation of the indicators.
  • The opportunity to listen to music without a smartphone.
  • A high-quality screen.
  • Clear interface.


  • High price.
  • The bracelet is massive – constantly cling to something.
  • Even without GPS enabled autonomy does not exceed 4 days.


Garmin Vivosport

  • Display: TFT 77*144
  • Battery:
  • Moisture resistance: WR50

Cost: 12 500 RUB.

The fitness tracker with GPS from Garmin is an expensive device that is not only a brand name, but also functional. The battery capacity is not specified, but according to the manufacturer, in standby mode it will last for a week, when the GPS is switched on 8 hours. Among the functions of sport modes with the subsequent analysis of indicators and setting targets, counting steps and calories burned, sleep monitoring, route mapping, the content of oxygen in the blood, heart rate monitor display areas. In addition, there are notifications for calls and SMS, managing player smartphone, the find my phone feature or a bracelet. The model is able to sync with devices on iOS and Android, and ANT+sensors.


  • The accuracy of all measurements.
  • A huge number of functions.
  • A high level of protection.
  • A handy app.


  • Strap quite often breaks and cannot be replaced.
  • A very high price tag.
  • Display inverts the colors even from low angles.