The life of modern man is unimaginable without a mobile device since the mobile Internet became widespread, users began before screen smartphone more time than a computer. However, as a rule, the gadgets we know as much about our bodies – a little more than nothing.

Thanks to the articles from this section of the website Setphone you fill the knowledge gap – experts in the field of mobile technology will tell you about the structure and components of smartphones about the current novelties of the market, will help you find the best solution of household questions. Reading materials Setphone you're going with your smartphone to "you".

External data storage: how to choose

the Cloud is the most modern, but not always available storage. If the Internet will disappear, will disappear, and access files. And portable external storage from the availability of the Internet is not...

What is SSD?

Low probability of failure, endurance and high performance are the main reasons why people today choose SSDs rather than traditional hard drives.

the Mobile VR: the patient is more dead

Millions of people met the technology of virtual reality, thanks to hats for phones. But today, the era of mobile VR gaming can be considered completed.

the Best alternative to Google Play Store

On the Play store knows every owner of an Android smartphone. This is the best (and for many the only) place where you can download games and useful programs.


SomeBox is one of the largest online stores specializing in the sale of RC equipment. What stands SomeBox against the competition?