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a Review of Huawei Mate X: First look

Huawei X Mate — it foldable smartphone, which was the subject of dreams for many years, but now it's happening, since the device is finally revealed at MWC 2019.

We've tried Mate X, and I can say that it has a solid hinge, whereby the device can transform from a 6.6-inch and of 6.38-inch phone into a full-fledged 8-inch Android tablet.

The gadget has a display with a smaller FullView framework that makes it better than Samsung Galaxy Fold, a direct competitor of the product from Huawei.

Huawei Mate X also has support 5G, the new Kirin processor 980 and impressive battery, the capacity of which is 4500 mAh.

What is it? It will be like a smartphone? Richard Yu, Executive and CEO of Consumer Business Group, told about the new device during the MWC 2019.

Price and release date

Mate X was introduced at the MWC 2019. Price of the device is quite large, making his background even the newest iPhone looks available. Huawei, a company that was once associated with budget devices definitely feels comfortable in the so-called "top League".

Mate X with 512 GB of internal storage and 8GB operational will cost about 170 thousand rubles (2299€).

as for the release date, as reported by TechRadar Huawei, the smartphone will be officially released in June, July or August.

This does not mean that Mate X will appear everywhere. According to representatives of Huawei, the company has no plans to enter the US market.

Design and screen

A 6.6 inch screen completely covers the front of the phone, which contrasts sharply with the modest 4.6-inch display Samsung Galaxy Fold decorated front panels, powerful.

So that this stands out Mate X. the Only external screen on the Samsung in the folded mode takes us back to the days of frames and small displays. Huawei ascend a step higher thanks to the 8-inch display FullView.

X Mate turn and see the back of display, namely a 6.4-inch screen, which is slightly thinner, which is pretty cool when you watch movies in 21:9 format and maybe to conserve battery.

the Reason why this feature can save battery, connected with the technology of the screen Mate X. Since is OLED display, then the screen illuminates only a few pixels, leaving the unused pixels with black. As for the old LCD displays, they require that the entire panel (i.e. all the pixels) was illuminated at the same time. Huawei is benefiting from this energy-saving capabilities inherent with OLED technology in the basic design Mate X.

to the Left of the rear screen is a vertical bar. It is through this panel the user controls the phone: system with three cameras to the combination of a power button/fingerprint scanner. The underside of the device includes a port USB-C for charging.

The moving parts scare us, especially when they are present in the gadgets, which cost more than $ 2,000. However, Huawei assured us that bendable screen smartphone withstood 100 000 different tests in the laboratory. But the most important thing is that the device looks safe and beautiful, despite how thin it is.

greater fear is that the mechanism responsible for the bending of the phone will eventually wear out. Huawei has mentioned that this mechanism is needed for full extension of the smartphone, but perhaps in the next iteration of the patented hinge system Falcon Wing device can do without that.

Is another key problem — it's scratch resistance, or lack thereof. Flexible displays made of plastic, which scratches easier than glass. It is worth Recalling Moto Z Force, which was advertised as a smartphone that has the shatterproof screen can survive a fall from a small height, but at the same time scratched quite easily.

In this respect, there is a high probability that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be more reliable than Mate X.

The good news is that representatives of Huawei said that Mate X actually it will be a few of the durability test and in the smartphone there will be some minor changes before the device goes on sale.


We know very little about the camera on the Mate X, except that it is a system with three modules.

Во-первых, на телефоне отсутствует передняя камера – он имеет только основную тройную камеру на задней части. Однако если вы являетесь заядлым фанатом Instagram, то еще не все потеряно, поскольку задний экран служит в качестве видоискателя, что на самом деле делает съемку еще лучше, учитывая тот факт, что задние камеры почти всегда превосходят по качеству selfie-камеры.

Second, the screen can also be used as a dual viewfinder — one on each side of the phone. This allows you to use the preview function when someone is taking pictures of you on Mate X.

We were able to test the functionality of selfie camera and it worked well. On both sides of the folded phone appeared a living image of what is in the frame, so the photographer, the person photographed can be seen by all.

Imagine a world in which no-one will ever say: "Mmm … you can take a picture again?" Both in this situation can see what is in the frame, and act in accordance with their wishes.

Actually there are many reasons why Huawei is silent about the characteristics of the camera on the smartphone, because it can contain the technology of the future — what the brand wants to announce with the release of his new smartphone Huawei P30, which is expected in late March.

Of course, this is all conjecture, and, if lucky, sooner or later Huawei will clarify the situation.

The battery and features

the Only thing in Huawei gladly told — it is a power, because that Mate X has a large battery. In fact, the device has two batteries, capacity of which amounts to 4500 mAh.

The battery is slightly larger than the Samsung Galaxy Fold, but Mate X also has a bigger screen as a phone and tablet, so most likely consumes more energy.

The 55W SuperCharge technology company Huawei, which is making its debut on Mate X, not only exceeds the charge at 40 W 20 Huawei Mate Pro, but also can charge Mate X to 85% from 0% in just 30 (!) minutes.

The phone is equipped with a processor Kirin 980 in combination with a modem Balong 5000 5G. The smartphone is not only fast charging, but the 5G network is very fast: download a movie 1 GB in just three seconds.

However, we are unlikely to see such a performance, but now we know that X Mate is designed for the future with the points view data transfer rate.

as for internal memory, the device has 512 GB of memory and supports additional storage via Nano Memory – private memory card from Huawei, which holds up to 256 GB.

How it works

In Mate X has a special version of Android, and despite all of the bends and expand, the interface is optimized for the orientation of the tablet or phone in milliseconds.

On Mate X installed EMUI, Huawei user interface based on Android.

The General Director of Huawei Richard Yu said that the tablet is ideal for connecting your mouse and keyboard to edit documents, potentially hinting at the style EMUI Desktop in the future, I would suggest, on full Windows?

early Verdict

After spending some time with Huawei Mate X now we see once wild idea about folding the phone is much more reasonable. Hybrid smartphone and tablet that looks like it came straight from the future.

Here we have a well-constructed, folding the phone is incredibly thin, with a minimal framework. Moreover, it has a nice design: the user can easily pull the device out of your pocket and make the tablet not look the most stupid.

Of course there are some worrying signals, especially in relation to durability and moving parts, and nothing can beat them except for a month or two of real use. Also one of the main obstacles to the purchase is price — for most people it is prohibitive.


  • Is formed with two large external screens.
  • set in an 8-inch tablet.
  • The hinge feels reliable in the hand.
  • Powerful features.


  • Very expensive.
  • The fragility of the mechanism responsible for the bending device.