HDR camera: what is it?

You've probably heard that modern smartphones support shooting mode HDR. This article will give you understand what is its essence.

The HDR was not invented yesterday. However, its emergence could not happen in the era of film cameras. And even the HDR mode could not be present in the first digital cameras and smartphones — they just did not have enough power to process images at the right speed. It is now such devices allow you to take a couple of shots in a matter of seconds. So, let's have to deal with that, what is HDR in camera of the smartphone.

When you need to enable HDR mode?

Any digital camera, including built-in phone, has a limited dynamic range. This means that when the frame very bright areas of the problem starts with the dark objects. For example, you are photographing a building being in his shadow. Most likely, this will lead to one of two versions of the resulting image,:

  • A cloud in the sky will be well visible, but the details of the building will be almost indistinguishable;
  • will never be detailed, but the sky will turn into a white slurry — in some cases, it hides in its colors, and the roof of the building.

In such cases saves the HDR function. This mode allows you to basically make two frames with different exposure, then combining them into one. As a result, the picture will be very dark areas and too bright. Detailing will increase significantly — distinguishable will be absolutely all objects. But you shouldn't use this mode on a regular basis. The fact that HDR photography often look a little unnatural. Activate mode is that if the camera is not doing its job. For example, you shoot against the light of the sun or in the shade of the building — then you can use HDR.

Note the area in the shade: it was bright, and the details are well visible

Noticed that the owners of the budget smartphones is used the HDR mode much more often than owners of top-end devices. The fact that expensive machines are equipped with more high-end camera having a wide dynamic range.

How does it work?

When you activate HDR be prepared for the fact that the camera will take several shots — two or even three. Therefore, do not take pictures in this mode, moving objects, they can split in two, becoming a kind of Ghost or blur. The pictures are created with different shutter speed and exposure. Specific exposure values depend on the aperture of the optics, sensor size and many other parameters. That is why high-grade cameras cope with this task much faster.

On received frames merge into one. More powerful than a camera or a smartphone equipped with a processor, the less time this process will take. Although we must not forget about the resolution matrix. Needless to say, 24 megapixel images processing is harder than the frames with a resolution of 8 MP. In any case, even on budget devices you will see the result after a couple seconds.

Another example of a HDR-picture

When creating photographs, the focus is concentrated on areas with different characteristics of brightness, contrast and distance from the camera. When overlaying frames on top of each other, the system analyzes their quality, selecting the region with the greatest clarity. The final image will consist of areas with better saturation and less noise.

The High Dynamic Range technology in different smartphones can be implemented in completely different ways. Somewhere images just overlap each other, and then lightly "zamylivaetsya". A more powerful and new devices occurs above process.

How to shoot in HDR mode?

Now the corresponding function is endowed with almost all the Camera that is equipped with modern smartphones. This means that to install any extra applications for photography is not necessary. Icon HDR can be in menu mode. And in many cases it can be found directly on the home screen, "Camera", next to the flash. Whatever it was, but you are required to touching this icon.

All just

Then you do the familiar touch of the shutter button. But if a normal picture is generated in a split second, in the case of HDR mode, you will have some time to wait. Try one or two seconds to hold the smartphone still. It is important! Otherwise, you have nothing happens.

, Some third-party applications provide settings HDR mode. That is, you will be able to choose how to change exposure when you create multiple frames. Freaking Camera such settings is usually not.

The difference between the normal photo and the HDR is obvious.

That's all, HDR photography is ready! Nothing complicated!

Disadvantages HDR

Let us briefly summarize. The main advantage of the HDR mode you should be clear: all regions made in this frame will be equally detailed and bright. What drawbacks have such a regime?

  • The shooting of several scenes take time— and the worse the built-in smartphone camera, the more chances to obtain the output image with the blurred objects.
  • Unnatural lighting— a reality resulting picture is far from what you have seen with your own eyes.
  • You can seize the moment— processing images in HDR mode takes at least a couple of seconds. Continuous shooting, therefore, excluded.

Do you understand now, what delights HDR shooting, as well as its main shortcomings. Hope you learned something new. Be sure to share your opinion in the comments, do you use HDR function, and whether it is implemented in your smartphone.