5G in USssia: what will give us the Internet of things?

About the imminent arrival of 5G "trumpeting" all over the world. What additional features will bring the users of mobile gadgets new technology?

In the last day of fall 2017 there was an interesting news: two major USssian mobile operator "MegaFon" and "Rostelecom" expects to create cooperation for more rapid deployment of 5G networks. In a press release the company said that the partnership will allow them to minimize the technical costs – for example, the installation of new towers.

The news surprised many USssians. Surprising was not the fact of cooperation – the majority of domestic users do not know that there's any work on 5G. In fact abroad, the arrangement of 5G networks is one of the most discussed and relevant topics related to mobile communications. It's time to bridge the information gap – in this article we will explain what is different about 5G and when it is expected in USssia.

What is a 5G, and what are his characteristics?

5G is the 5th generation of mobile communication. We talked in detail about all the standard from 1G to 4G – the new standard will be much faster than the existing ones. The speed of 5G connection, according to preliminary data, will be 20 times higher than that relevant to today LTE. What opportunities it gives to the user, it will be clear from the following schema:

Impressive speed of the Internet is just one of the advantages of 5G. It is noted that the connection will be characterized by a minimum signal delay (latency) – just 1 millisecond. Verify that the 4G delay is 10 MS and the 3G – and at 100 milliseconds. Low latency 5G network will allow more effective use of technology augmented reality and even as they say, will help to make a big step in the development of mass unmanned vehicle.

Is of the view that 5G-smartphone can boast the best battery life due to the fact that the "sleep" mode on them (in which gadget does not connect to the Internet) will be improved. However, the experts to this assumption extremely skeptical – saving charge in this case will probably be offset by the fact that the user will perform on 5G-smartphone more energy intensive operations (like watching videos with high resolution).

why we need 5G Internet?

Standard 5G will provide users with a huge number of additional possibilities:

  • The mode of the Device-to-Device – will allow data to be exchanged bypassing stations of the mobile operator. This means that smartphones will be able to work similarly to the radios – that is, to transmit encoded signals at a certain distance. For the user will not be a problem to send SMS, even if it is outside the coverage area of mobile communication.
  • Stable operation of the Internet when driving at high speed. Now problems with connection stability test those users who, for example, traveling by car on a country road with a speed above 100 km/h – phone in this case is forced to switch between different "towers" of the operator. 5G will work perfectly, even if the user with the gadget moves at the speed of 500 km/h – it is obvious that the development of 5G taken into account the proliferation of high-speed trains in the future.
  • the Internet of things. 5G aims to unite all of the wireless objects in a network. Now it is impossible, because portable devices are controlled via Bluetooth, home devices — via Wi-Fi, other gadgets – just a few protocols. 5-JI will lead the technique to a "common denominator" and will allow the user to remotely control any device from your smartphone.

With the advent of 5G will significantly expand and opportunities in the field of virtual reality. The new standard will be a boon for, say, gamers – they will be available for multiplayer VR game.

Someone is already working to develop 5G?

develop 5G for quite a while, since 2008 – and there is nothing strange, because the creation of each generation of mobile communication took about a decade. Works on 3G, for example, began in 1990 at the time when talking about mobile phones unit known.

At the end of 2017 over 5G work:

  • The research laboratory. In the German city of Dresden, for example, has a lab that deals exclusively with the 5G technology.
  • Major mobile operators from different countries – including the world-famous Verizon and AT&T and Vodafone. USssian service providers, too, "finger on the pulse" – what was said in the beginning of the article.
  • Manufacturers of mobile electronics and Telecom equipment – Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson. Without the participation of the Telecom companies intermediate testing practices would be impossible. The greatest zeal shows Nokia, which has already entered into cooperation with many operators including with USssian MTS, Tele2, MegaFon.

The IT giants are not directly related to mobile electronics, also make a useful contribution. For example, Google is testing a 5-g drones.

When the 5G network will appear in the world and in USssia?

5G in Japan and South Korea will appear in 2019 – this has already been stated the operators of these Eastern countries. Later on a similar initiative announced and Hong Kong. In mainland China, as in Europe, 5G expect to launch in 2020. Curiously, the first European state, which will be a new standard that will become a tiny country of San Marino. The point here is not that of the tiny state have outstanding minds or any unique resources – just from San Marino the most loyal to the law, restrictions on the use of radio frequencies is not here.

to Test 5G in the coming years will be on major sports events – the Olympic winter Games in 2018 (Korea), at the summer Olympic Games 2020 (the capital of Japan, Tokyo) and the football World Cup 2018 in USssia.

Full-5G-Internet in USssia, alas, will appear soon – the exact date of exit, of course, no one calls, but the experts are saying about 2022 year. In USssia and LTE covers only 30% of the territory – it is logical that operators first need to work on the standard 4-th generation.

Why not run 5G right now?

The Ministry of communications of USssia gives a more optimistic forecast of the representative of the Ministry in may, said the portal "the Newspaper.US" that in 2020, 5G will be present in 8 USssian cities-"millionaires". However, while this forecast looks unrealistic – and here's why:

  • Is not defined frequency. For 5G will have to use higher radio frequencies than those used by operators now. They say that 5G will capture 28, 37, and 39 GHz, while 4G is range from 700 to 2100 MHz.
  • is Not built rigs. Existing equipment do not succeed, you will have to build a new "tower". Market experts say that 5G operators will be forced to spend not less than 4G – and this despite the fact that USssian providers spending on LTE is still not paid for. There is an assumption that 5G coverage will not be universal (at least in USssia) – the station will put near roads and major shopping centers.
  • No suitable smartphones. Users who yearn for the advent of 5G, somehow overlooked a serious point: devices that can work with this standard, no. ZTE at the beginning of 2017, of course, showed Gigabit Phone, dubbed his first 5G smartphone, but this device has not yet entered the mass market.

the Results

5G will be a truly breakthrough technology that will give users a lot of new possibilities – for example, you can centrally control various wireless devices and to download 4K movies for a few minutes. However, expect the advent of 5G in USssia naively – too many obstacles standing in front of the mobile operators. The main question, of course, financial: providers did not have time to recoup 4G, but here is a new expenditure. Ordinary users it is hoped to decide this question will not be at the expense of their wallets – that is to say, not by increase in prices for communication services.